2822 Lemoyne Ave, Syracuse, NY, 13211-1730 

Pacific Restaurant, opened in 2009, is a favorite place for many people living or working near Lemoyne Avenue, Syracuse. The 3000-foot restaurant can seat over 80 customers. Mr. Lin, the owner of the restaurant is quite enthusiastic about his work and always pursues the best.
Pacific Restaurant serves primarily Thai, Japanese, and Chinese food. Each dish is exquisite with different flavors. The signature dishes are General Tso’s Chicken, Sweet & Sour Chicken, Vegetable Rolls and Sushi. There are a lot of selections for customers, but the most exciting is that the restaurant has lunch specials every week. Now Mr. Lin is considering offering more kinds of food to customers. 
The lighting, paintings and the wooden tables and chairs make the place trendy and lovely. The first step the customers get in the restaurant, they will be impressed by the superior decor. At the same time, the beautiful music is welcomed by all the customers.
The excellent service matches with the tasty food here. The staffs are friendly and serve dishes at a fast speed. Customers are never tired of returning to Golden Dragon again and again. “Customers’ satisfaction is what we are pursuing all the time” said Mr. Lin.