5052 West Lane, Stockton, CA, 95210 
Full service

Since its opening in 1999, China Palace Restaurant has been spreading the knowledge of traditional Chinese culture to Stockton residents and tourists. Quality is definitely of importance at China Palace Restaurant in Stockton. The 8,000 square foot restaurant seats up to 400 people and specializes in dine-in and take-out service. Because China Palace Restaurant serves both dine-in and take-out customers, it attracts both business people with just a small amount of time on their hands and people looking for a casual, leisurely dinner. According to owner Mr. Yep, take-out orders are filled in less than ten minutes to save customers as much time as possible; and the service is always efficient and friendly for the customers looking to dine in. Either way, no matter where you eat it, the food at China Palace is delicious. The two most popular dishes on the menu are the Peking Duck. But no matter what customers order, they can be sure they are being served food that is always fresh and healthy. “We update or dishes daily, and customers can recognize how fresh our food is,” says Yep. With more than a decade’s worth of managerial experience, Yep knows that to manage a restaurant well, customers need to be treated perfectly and the staff should always be respected.