Grand Buffet


5228 North Main Street, Springhill, TN, 37174




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At first sight, Grand Buffet is different from its name implies. The glass made windows fall to ground, together with the maize wall, ceiling, and the red furniture, giving customers an atmosphere of warm and comfortable. But the Great Wall, the pines and cranes lie on the paintings will give you some hints that you are dining in a Chinese restaurant. Once you take a seat, you will find every table a marvelous microcopy of Chinese landscape. Among the hundreds of dishes, you are recommended to have a try on the Taken Chicken, the crispy, spicy and sweet taste will be sure to lick your chops. Moreover, much attention is paid on the sanitation and service, as long as you dine in this restaurant, your favor and birthday will be remembered, and surprises will come constantly to please you.
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