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Reviewed by: leannhooper on: 2020/2/27 18:50:52
Ordered a #1 and got a #12. No sauce included for the sweet and sour either.
Reviewed by: erin.miguel21 on: 2020/2/26 20:32:01
Chicken rubber ...eggfooyung not cooked thru... noodles taste weird. Rice is unedible.... Ordered 4 #10s and same on all. Ordered #21 it was gross as well. Called basically your out of luck haha you are out the money for boxes of garbage ..Save your money. Dragon inn is our usual shouldnt have tried different.
Reviewed by: weinerdogs3 on: 2019/12/6 20:55:01
The food has gone down the drain over cooked noodles can’t tell what kind meat it is taste is bad the egg drop soup taste like water over priced for bad food never go back
Reviewed by: tarrobby on: 2019/11/11 10:12:41
We ordered from your menu last night (11-10-19), and we were truly disappointed! We have eaten in your valley location MANY time over the years, and always thought you served the best Chinese food in Spokane. However, last night will be the LAST time we order from you! The food was cold when it arrived, and almost tasteless. Also, it was very salty. Your prices are becoming too expensive for the type of food.
Reviewed by: tarrobby on: 2019/11/11 10:12:28
We ordered from your menu last night (11-10-19), and we were truly disappointed! We have eaten in your valley location MANY time over the years, and always thought you served the best Chinese food in Spokane. However, last night will be the LAST time we order from you! The food was cold when it arrived, and almost tasteless. Also, it was very salty. Your prices are becoming too expensive for the type of food.
Reviewed by: donbond456 on: 2019/9/11 11:43:42
We have ordered from here before and it was great, last night we ordered and it was hands down the worst food my husband and I have ever eaten, Almost $50.00 worth of food and we threw it out because it was so bad!!! Will NEVER eat or order form them again .
Reviewed by: deannat678 on: 2019/8/6 19:59:29
Terrible food! Would never be order from there again!
Reviewed by: ddanner311 on: 2019/6/21 18:54:51
Just had dinner there tonight This food was awesome and quick To pay my bill I gave the waitress $100 bill She came back with $10 shy As soon as I stood up from our booth She goes oh I must’ve dropped $10 Before I even said anything Sorry but she screwed herself out of a tip because she tried to screw me I don’t tip crooks
Reviewed by: rainyjooo on: 2019/6/15 20:27:50
Effing pist !!! They changed the noodles on my palace lo mein!!! And charged me for sauce and soy sauce! Wanted to give delivery guy a couple bucks, but couldn't because they charged me extra for the sauces! I've ordered this meal often and never been charged extra for sauce!!! Hate those speghetti like noodles !!! At least the delivery driver was cool !!!
Reviewed by: krishna.toner on: 2019/3/29 10:21:39
Where are the drinks on the website?
Reviewed by: aliviameeker79 on: 2019/3/11 18:35:04
Horrible. Not even remotely what i ordered online. Order a seafood combination got chicken and pork. The fried rice was brown rice with stripped chicken some kind of stuffing patty. Wtf wont order again
Reviewed by: illest_87 on: 2019/3/4 20:00:55
Delievery was quick but food was disappointing they replaced my chow mein with some kind of soup.. food was kinda flavorless should have just went to safeway
Reviewed by: jodi55belden on: 2018/12/26 15:13:37
You’re in Spokane Valley I’m in Spokane Valley & you cant deliver to me? Really?
Reviewed by: thepuzzledrose on: 2018/12/21 20:48:35
I had food delivered tonight! Delivery was quick, driver pleasant! The food was awesome! Better then I expected!
Reviewed by: a88pete on: 2018/11/4 20:11:36
The food was fatty we ordered the general's chicken and it was Bland at best. The rice had no vegetables and was overcooked. The egg rolls were greasy had no egg and were filled with just cabbage. I would not recommend this place for Asian food gross. I honestly feed my dogs better than this. There was two of us and we only got one fortune cookie. Definitely overpriced for the food that we received we will never return.
Reviewed by: tsdbafp on: 2018/8/5 11:15:59
Called in an order to go was told 15-20 minutes for it to be ready.Thought price a little high but splurged anyway.got to restaurant paid for food was told just a couple minutes at time only patron in building other customers came in Sat ordered 20minutes later their food arrived I was still waiting. When my food came out after asking what hold up was very simple order almond chicken and fried diversified had no response asked to speak to manager got a answer that New cook same greasy scum from last comment or long beard and hair hanging to his belt bottom line no discount no sorry just a song and dance by the time I got home rice was cold 10 minute drive home I will never go there again!!!
Reviewed by: 250nw on: 2018/7/31 20:43:25
Just walked out of Peking Palace. We sat down to be welcomed by bugs on our dinner table. Food showed up and we were very disappointed. Almond chicken was greasy with not much flavor. Sweet and sour pork was mostly breading. Rice had little or no flavor. Egg roll was filled with cabbage and had a taste of dish soap. I forgot to mention our table was sticky. The cook had a long uncovered beard clearly visible from our second table. They will be getting a visit from the health inspectors soon. Worse Chinese we have ever had. Left most of it on the table.
Reviewed by: jodisclayart on: 2018/7/14 15:04:00
I have been getting deliveries from this place for years and I just have to comment that the delivery fella is a true gem for Peking Palace. Keep up the great customer service fella- you make a difference!!!
Reviewed by: rainy70 on: 2018/7/1 20:17:01
grrrrrr !!! it took 1 hr. and 54 miniutes to arrive. then my soup had hair in it and last time i ordered it i didnt even get it. asked for soy sauce, to only get 1 tiny packet of it. no seeds either. my shrimp appererd old and food was really cold. i dont think i wanna have delivery anymore unless im desperate to eat !!!
Reviewed by: lahobbs89 on: 2018/4/16 11:35:04
We ordered Chicken Fried Rice for delivery on Saturday and it was terrible! The rice was so overcooked and mushy that I couldn't eat it. I was very disappointed.
Reviewed by: auntiegrama118 on: 2018/4/9 20:30:07
I usually have positive experiences with my delivery orders. It's not the best Chinese food in my area but the best spot that delivers. Tonight I ordered and was quoted a time that was 45 minutes out. I have been waiting an hour and 45 minutes! Canceled my order! Internet will NOT order again !
Reviewed by: drakea93 on: 2018/4/6 21:24:22
Service was awful. Had to ask the waitress where our appetizers was after 30 min. Didn't receive any drinks until I asked where they were as well . General tso was bad,tasted like microwaved chicken wings.bbq pork was cut so thick you could barely chew it. Horrible service and filthy environment. Wait staff needs to be reevaluated as they seemed a bit messed up.
Reviewed by: tylerf on: 2018/1/30 22:34:24
I ordered carry-out 1/29/2018 for the first time. I ordered the combo #12. I wish I would of looked at the order before I left, because there would of been NO way I would of left with that food or paid for it. All the sauce was in a cup as if it was on the side (which I never asked for), allowing the chicken and pork to be dry and hard by the time I got home. There was also no MAIN course. The Pork Chow Mein which is why I ORDERED it. Instead, I got some warm celery-like dish with some pink crumbs. Needless to say I threw the whole thing away after eating the rice and some of the dry "put it together yourself" almond chicken. Very disappointing will never eat here again.
Reviewed by: sharifields31 on: 2018/1/28 23:35:18
Restaurant closed at 11pm I ordered at 10:30 it's now 11:34 and still no food I live only a couple miles away, to top it off I tried calling to see what's going on there's no way to get a hold of them cause there's no answer but the money already pulled off my card. To top it off it didn't even tell me when it's be delivered. I'm so annoyed
Reviewed by: jeanesmart80 on: 2017/12/23 15:18:20
In my opinion best Chinese in Spokane. Love this place. The only thing I wish is that they had an order soda or tea option for delivery besides that no complaints. Highly recommend!
Reviewed by: kerrywburgess on: 2017/12/17 18:55:36
Pathetic service. What is the point of ordering online if I have to then call them on the telephone just to get my order?
Reviewed by: Watchmanoflord on: 2016-11-06
Confused, I ordered the beef lo and was VERY Happy with my order. I would recommend 100%
Reviewed by: jhgipson2 on: 2016-02-28
Your food blows your waitress is an IDIOT to be fair to the other wait staff, this was Saturday at around 12:30 2/27/16. I Picked up my food and my new truck stunk by the time I got home (about five blocks)the guys that cooked my food must not know how to fix fresh food. NEVER NERVER NEVER AGAIN. Everybody that read this. Save your money, taste buds and your sanity. Again the waitress might have the mental capacity of a earth worm.
Reviewed by: cstevens254 on: 2016-02-25
Ordered takeout. Arrived in time frame given. Food was hot. Driver was very pleasant. Employee on phone also very pleasant.
Reviewed by: lakhijaadu on: 2016-02-14
Had a coupon for Valentine's day. Specifically said for Valentine's day only and they would not hono
Reviewed by: Housebadproductions on: 2015-12-05
This place has fallen off the map! Service sucked. 4 in the afternoon, place was a mess. Asked for
Reviewed by: gbug517 on: 2015-07-16
Terrible service, terrible food. Waited over a half an hour for our food. 1 Waitress for whole restaurant. Men's bathroom flooded by stopped up toilet. Will never go back
Reviewed by: gbug517 on: 2015-07-13
Terrible service, terrible food. Waited over a half an hour for our food. 1 Waitress for whole restaurant. Men's bathroom flooded by stopped up toilet. Will never go back
Reviewed by: dalyjulz on: 2015-05-08
Spent 55.00 not including tip for delivery for dinner for myself and son last night. This was... by
Reviewed by: brittaniescalf on: 2015-03-28
I had a very horrible experiance with these guys. they gor my order wrong and when i called to let t
Reviewed by: kennedyhenderson66 on: 2015-03-14
the almond chicken is not very good anymore. it would be better if you could order all white meat
Reviewed by: brk on: 2015-03-11
This place is really good, first time to Spokane and very impressed
Reviewed by: nickhoke2014 on: 2014-10-19
I love almond chicken there today. I ordered delivery which was fast and food was pleasures.
Reviewed by: zhangjie0303 on: 2014-10-18
I ordered delivery tonight from Peking Palace. It was fast and food was steaming hot! I always want to know what the recipe of the gravy is, love it!
Reviewed by: zhangjie0303 on: 2014-10-18
I ordered delivery tonight from Peking Palace. It was fast and food was steaming hot! I always want to know what the recipe of the gravy is, love it!
Reviewed by: borntoski0919 on: 2014-07-20
WE worked all day Saturday July 19, 2014 and on way home stopped in to order to-go. when we got home the almond chicken was like a cut up leather shoe!! the egg-foo-young was compared to a rubber boot, the kung poa chicken had maybe 3 very small pieces of chicken in it but the hot n spicy soup was alright!
Reviewed by: csehorn1625 on: 2014-07-19
My boyfriend and I ordered at the Spokane valley restaurant. We paid $25 for 1 combo dinner, 2 egg
Reviewed by: fatsoundstudio on: 2014-07-14
Save your money. I should of taken my $20 dollars down to safeway and bought myself some frozen entree's cause they would of tasted better and more authentic. took almost an hour for delivery and I had to reheat it cause it was cold. Mind you I live 5 minutes away(should of just went in and waited an hour instead.) Never ordered from Peking and I will never order again.
Reviewed by: hannahkora on: 2014-04-25
VERY disappointed. Paid $30 for 2 entrees, and didn't get them delivered for TWO HOURS. And I live literally 3 minutes from the place. I ordered at 1 pm and around 2 pm I got a call from a woman named Jamie saying she just got in to start her shift, and was handed my order to do by her supervisor. My order sat there for an HOUR - completely ignored. I FINALLY got my food around 3 pm, and not only was it cold, it was borderline disgusting. I got a combo meal that included almond chicken, shrimp and teriyaki almond chicken - it was just unappealing deep fried chicken with no sauce, even on the side. I got TWO shrimp, under cooked and there was a nice topping of grease floating on top of the teriyaki chicken. I also ordered a entree of just Kung Pao chicken. Not only was most of the chicken undercooked, it was all barely room temperature. Not to mention my stomach obstruction. When I was called by the restaurant, telling me my order will get to me in TWO HOURS, I expected at least a discount. I wasn't even offered one, and no one seemed to even care. VERY DISAPPOINTED. Will NEVER eat here again!!!!!!!!!
Reviewed by: jodywestplz on: 2014-04-06
I love this Chinese food don't understand all the complaints. the only problem I have is the egg flower soup is too watery on most of my visits there. and I go there at least once a month.
Reviewed by: jklein on: 2014-04-04
The worst meal i've ever had on top of not getting what i ordered! Will never eat there again,
Reviewed by: smallmeg21 on: 2014-02-18
I did like going here, where is the health department at?
Reviewed by: aprilclane18 on: 2014-02-11
Wow I will never ever go here again my food was so bad it tasted spoiled all of it. Then when I called to complain and the ladie that answered the phone was so rude to me and was yellin at me on the phone. So I asked to speak to her manager or the owner so would let me. So I went down and took my food back to get my money back and first thing she came out of the back and tryed to fight me and was calling me names like fat and really bad names that I can't say but there were bad right in front of the manger and he did nothing I had to call the cops on her so so crazy. Also she was doing all of this in front of other customers. I wi have to say that If you not want spoiled food don't go there and also if you don't want to have to fight and I mean like really fight don't go there it was the worse I have ever seen any one act like in my life.
Reviewed by: kodiak0303 on: 2014-01-29
We were there last night for dinner ( 1-29-14) My husband & i have been going there for many years, quality food, customer service, good prices. The experience last night was very nothing experienced before. Seafood raw, charged for an item never ordered. Quality of foodhas gone down but price went up. Well to say the least I am not sure we will be coming back. Very disappointed
Reviewed by: seasonalselect on: 2013-11-02
Surprised! Not good food! Certainly not fresh and overcooked. ordered three family style to the tune of 45.00 and barely had enough to feed 3. Maybe had 3/4 cup rice between all 3 orders. Not happy)-; Done!
Reviewed by: tnkfranis on: 2013-08-24
My friend and her daughter went there last night and the food was horrendous. When they talked to the owner/manger about it she tried playing it off that.the food was good. Even though my friends didn't eat their food because so bad, they wouldn't refund their money. My friends called them into the health department and they said they would fallow up on Monday. All I can say is that it is a shame that a once reputable,great place to eat has become a hit or miss experience.
Reviewed by: Jennifer G. on: 8/11/2013 9:30:26 AM
I ordered egg flower soup online for delivery and after an 1hr 20min I called to see when my food would be here (I live 6mi from this restaurant) and the lady told me it would be 30-45 more minutes. They said they didn't get the order from the online website. They didn't try to comp me or give a discount. I canceled my order and will not be ordering from there again!
Reviewed by: Annelisa W. on: 7/15/2013 6:12:15 AM
This is the perfect choice if you're looking for some authentic and inexpensive Chinese food. Cozy and peaceful atmosphere, and large variety of dishes, and friendly service!
Reviewed by: Linda L. on: 7/8/2013 10:12:28 AM
If there was a NO stars review they would get it. My son and daughter in law went there last night for a take out birthday dinner. The food they brought back was absolutely inedible. The sweet sour pork was so tough and rubbery that no on could bite into it. The "gravy" for the almond chicken was pasty and flavorless. The barbecued pork smelled "off". the noodles were actually slimy. The egg foo young was full of grease and looked like rubber. I managed to eat half of my spring roll and I was sick all night long. I have likely eaten in a hundred Chinese restaurants around the country and this is the WORST meal I have ever had..... anywhere. We spent $100 on this meal and the Chinese buffet at Safeway would have been better (at least you can eat it). I will never eat anything from this place again. It was so bad, I don't even want Chinese food again. Absolutely the most disgusting meal experience of my life. Save yourself and your money. Just stay away!
Reviewed by: Mike R. on: 7/8/2013 8:35:19 AM
This was by far the worst food I have ever paid for. The sweet and sour pork was so dry and crusty I couldn't even get the sauce to soak into it. I tried to give a piece to my dog and she wouldn't even put it in her mouth and we ended up throwing the entire takeout order away and went to get something else to eat. How this place sees fit to put that food in a box and charge you for it is amazing.
Reviewed by: Ron B. on: 7/9/2013 9:44:41 AM
My wife and I were in there this past Sunday evening and all I can say is RUN for your life. This is the absolute worst food I have ever eaten. Not just the worst Chinese food but the worst EVER!! I'm a trucker and I've eaten some scary stuff. Nothing compared to the mono-toned brown goo that was on my plate. I could not tell the shrimp from the chicken from the pork. The sauce was so pasty that the spoon stood up. I would have returned the take out to the restaurant and demanded a full refund but figured it wasn't worth the trouble. On an even more delightful note: The only thing marginally edible was the spring roll. My wife ate half of it and was ill all night. Just stay away from this dive. I can't believe they can put this in a take out box and accept money from people with a straight face. I think they serve better fare in prison!
Reviewed by: Linda on: 2013-07-08
My son and daughter in law went there for take-out for a birthday party and when they came home with the food it was quite literally inedible. The sweet sour pork was so overcooked and crisp that no one could bite into it. The almond chicken gravy was so thick and pasty and flavorless that it was also tossed. The barbecue pork smelled "off". I ate my spring roll and was ill half the night. I have eaten in 100 Chinese restaurants over the years and this was the worst meal I have ever had. NEVER going back there again.
Reviewed by: kitbr.5 on: 2013-06-21
please send extra sweet and sour sauce
Reviewed by: tarot_princess86 on: 2013-03-03
This is my all time favorite restaurant! You will not find a better almond chicken, sweet and sour pork (sweet and sour anything, really, the sauce is to die for) or egg flour soup! Always fast, friendly and clean. Has a nice banquet room for large groups, a bar and of course, they deliver!
Reviewed by: joyce0303 on: 2012-12-14
I like their chef's special which has good amount and good price. I like the almond chicken the best.
Reviewed by: firebug10 on: 2012-10-28
This was the most disgusting food I've ever eaten. The food had an ammonia smell and taste. We sent back multiple things. Dont waste your time trying this place.
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
Very authentic cuisine. Food served hot and very tasty. Prices very reasonable. Great take out and delivery service ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2004-01-15
one of the best chinese style restaurants in spokane...excellent service and foods....large portions seating is a slight issue and they could use more room but the more business must mean that people and their stomachs get treated right ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2004-02-15
Incredibly good, after you go here any other chinese restauraunt pales in comparison. Just wish I lived in Spokane again lol. Definitely a must if your in for chinese. Can be crowded though is only downside. ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2004-03-03
My family has enjoyed eating at this reasturant several times. We are very pleased with not only the service but the great food. I have even enjoyed sharing a few very special moments with my wife at this establishment that we both will ...?
Reviewed by: A TripAdvisor Member on: 2008-06-11
I found this place 5 years ago by accident. I got the scallops and broccoli because it's hard to find scallops at all in spokane. I keep coming back. The dishes are beautifully seasoned and presented. I have been back a dozen times. ...?
Reviewed by: Jeffrey B. on: 2008-11-07
This is a place our family goes over every holiday vacation. We usually take a big group of us and have a meal here before going out to the movies. The food is always excellent and the wait staff is always kind and patient with our large ...?