275 Southside Mall 
South Williamson, KY, 41503-6000

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Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2000-02-10
I have the buffet for lunch.The food is standard and the taste is good. Seven dollars for lunch and nine dollars for diner. This establisnment has wonderful sald and desert bar...not quantity, but good quality.The fruit salad combination is ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2001-01-19
I used to think this place was great but after eating at Peking in Pikeville, the've got some improving to do. The food is good but could be much better. The service is lacking. ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2001-08-29
I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who loves pepper steak, they have the best in town! Also love the donuts. Service is great as well as the price. ...?
Reviewed by: nightwolf952 on: 2005-04-23
I have been to alot of chinese rest over the years. Some put buffets out like more entrees some have been good and bad. But over the 4 years i have ate here its always been a good place for atmosphere and just have a great family outing ...?
Reviewed by: Amie M. on: 2005-10-03
This is one of my favorite places to eat. The buffet is always the best choice. Service is great and it's all at a really good price. I definently recommend this place, especially if you like chinese food. PROS: All you can eat buffet ...?
Reviewed by: Irene M. on: 2005-11-21
This is a great place to eat,They have an all you can eat buffet, the staff is friendly and the place is really clean.Their prices are cheaper for lunch,than fast food restaurants.When you leave there you can say, you got your money's worth. ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2005-12-20
Their food is very good. i like there peppered steak and some of their chickens that they have. i could eat their food every day. have never tryed their seafood though. ...?