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Seattle, WA, 98109-4805

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Reviewed by: N. S. on: 2/25/2013 1:24:00 PM
hours of operation for Sunday say 4-10 but when I called at 4p for a delivery, they told me to call back at 5. That's totally fine, I get it..they're busy...except that the food took an hour and a half to get here and there was a hair in my orange chicken. this black curly follicle did not belong to me... gross. My food was cold and the sauce was separate off the chicken which made me feel like they literally threw my food in a bag- with no napkins or utensils.I do however appreciate the no delivery charge with a reasonable minimum purchase. I'm certain other people have had a better experience but for $40 this wasn't wort it and I wont be calling again.
Reviewed by: John H. on: 1/22/2013 4:30:00 PM
Been coming here for many years, always dependable. Delicious hot & sour soap and GREAT Moo Shu Pork. The drinks are well crafted and BIG!
Reviewed by: Bridget B. on: 1/15/2013 8:01:00 PM
This place offers generous proportions at reasonable prices. I'd say the food is excellent, fresh and the atmosphere is equally as inviting. Another nice feature is the parking lot--exceptional in Queen Anne!I would eat here again with any of my friends who like Chinese as I'm not a huge fan of it myself. As I have mentioned before I'm a BIG fan of Mexican food :)
Reviewed by: Brad S. on: 12/30/2012 4:08:00 AM
As far as quality goes, Uptown is far superior to any other chinese restaurant that I have tried in the area. The mongolian chicken is absolutely fantastic and they have a delicious array of appetizers as well. The only bummer is that they charge a minimum of $25 for a delivery order, which means too much food for 1 person.
Reviewed by: Emmanuel M. on: 12/17/2012 10:44:00 PM
I had so much food!!!It was so good.The only thing I did not lake is the area it's in it was so hectic to find parking, but that wasn't the restaurants fault.Try the the Mongolian Beef which is pretty tasty.
Reviewed by: Dave P. on: 12/1/2012 8:36:00 PM
I've used Uptown China for catering group events for a number of years. The continue to deliver great food, value and flavors. Thanks!
Reviewed by: Nick H. on: 11/21/2012 10:18:00 PM
I am not a Chinese food expert. That said, I love Uptown China and if you follow my tips I think you will too.Tip 1: Sit in the bar. It's more funner here! The bartenders are jovial, friendly, helpful and they serve big, stiff drinks.Tip 2: If you like eggplant, even just a little, order the crispy eggplant. It's so good! If you like pot stickers, order them--they're house-made and delicious. I'm also partial to the Singapore noodles.Tip 3: There's a ton of other great stuff on the menu (and seasonal specials), but if you need help deciding ask for some suggestions. They're very accommodating with special requests too--in case there are vegans in your party, someone has allergies or you just have to have extra broccoli. Or tell them what you like and they'll make a special dish just for you!Tip 4: Watch out for game night. If there's a Sounders game it will get crowded in here, so show up early.I've seen other reviewers complain about Americanized Chinese food. Whatever. The food here is good, the service is friendly, the atmosphere is fun and there is something on the menu for everyone. It's hard to go wrong here.
Reviewed by: Jackie Turner T. on: 11/2/2012 9:52:00 AM
The best American Chinese food I've found in Seattle! They do a very tasty sweet and sour chicken.Great spot for lunch or dinner.Always quick, friendly service.
Reviewed by: John M. on: 10/22/2012 5:02:00 AM
Been here many times. The food is pretty good, and consistent. I generally go with the Mongolian Beef which is pretty tasty. Overall this place has a really nice ambience for the price point.
Reviewed by: Blair R. on: 10/20/2012 7:39:00 AM
You can't go wrong with Uptown China!From the friendly atmosphere to the amazing food, this place rocks. I'm consistently pleased by the quick service, huge selection, and awesome specials. If you can't figure out what you want just ask Yu-mei (the Owner) who is usually there, but look out, she might just come up with your new favorite dish!Go to Uptown, you will not be disappointed
Reviewed by: Katie M. on: 10/19/2012 5:58:00 PM
I have been a regular here for the past seven years. I have introduced MANY people to this restaurant and no one is ever disappointed. I absolutely love the food and service. It feels like a second home to me. I go here for many special occasions and I will be having my dress-rehearsal wedding dinner here. If you love hospitality and great food, this is the place to go.Some of my favorite dishes: honey walnut prawns, curry cashew chicken, almond chicken, and salt and pepper pork. But EVERYTHING is delicious.
Reviewed by: Annie B. on: 10/14/2012 3:33:00 PM
Very nice experience. Quiet, and yet a good amount of people. Food was prepared fresh and served hot. Would come again.
Reviewed by: Nathan R. on: 8/26/2012 4:46:00 AM
Average. Their lunch is a bit sketchy. Very American. I could wish they were a bit more unique.
Reviewed by: Alissa V. on: 7/26/2012 5:04:00 AM
With so many Thai, Vietnamese, and sushi restaurants around, Uptown China is a great Asian dining option in QA. Not the most authentic dishes, but I prefer my Chinese food a little Americanized, anyway.I can only hope that the recent negative reviews do not sway newcomers away from trying for themselves---unless they once lived in Shanghai and are craving dishes you can't find at the Southcenter mall food court. (I mean that in the nicest way possible.)Small won-ton soup, Mongolian beef, General Tso chicken & fresh orange slices alongside fortune cookies for dessert. I was already looking forward to leftovers as I filled out my bill.
Reviewed by: Andrew W. on: 7/15/2012 1:35:00 AM
A great go-to when the tummy demands Chinese food Sorta wish they delivered past 9:00 though. No biggie as it is a quick jaunt down Queen Anne Ave. The hostess is very polite. The atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable. Standard menu items are consistently good. Admittedly I am somewhat of a PITA b/c I ask them to remove a specific vegetable from a favorite dish of mine, but they always accommodate. The pot stickers are super tasty. It would be great if they offered more than 6 per order since they are smaller than your average dumpling. It's smart on their part b/c now I get 2 orders those tasty little badboys.
Reviewed by: Dana R. on: 5/18/2012 10:23:00 AM
Enough .... I've endured the declining quality of their food and lack of service for too long now (particularly for the price) ... today is the last straw. Today, this restaurant lost many thousands of dollars in annual business from me today by refusing to stand by the quality of their product. All I asked for was a credit ($15.95) for my crispy (flaccid) honey walnut prawns. They refused to do so. The shrimp were overcooked, yet floppy, and drenched with a paste-like sauce. Usually this dish is very good -- crispy, with a much thinner and more sparingly applied sauce.The chicken moo shu (which I ordered without mushrooms) was greasy and full of mushrooms ....The small hot and sour soup was delicious, but was about 1/2 the size I'm normally served when I order that size ...I explained, to someone (PJ?) who translated to the chef (who was the supervisor on site while the manager was away) that I have been a loyal and good customer of theirs for more than 10 years and was surprised that they would lose my business over a very small sum of money (I didn't even mention to him the small soup portion or the greasy moo shu). He said he understood that it made no sense but that the chef steadfastly refused to refund my money for the dish that was inedible and that since the manager wasn't there, they couldn't help me. What well-run business doesn't authorize someone on the floor to give food refunds????I am going to miss the hot and sour soup (the only item on the menu that I've had in the past year and half that's been consistently very good) ... but it's become a matter of principle.I strongly recommend eating elsewhere if you desire good service and properly prepared food.
Reviewed by: Danielle C. on: 5/17/2012 4:56:00 AM
This place was rather disappointing. First of all if you are craving authentic Chinese food, DO NOT GO HERE. You can tell because the menu has mostly Americanized dishes (despite having Chinese names next to them), and most of the clientele were Caucasian (it's true, you have to go where the Asian people go for good Asian food).My boyfriend got the halibut and he couldn't stop complaining about how awful the food was. The fish was not cooked right and had the consistency of chicken. Fish should fall apart pretty easily but his was pretty tough. He was still hungry afterwards.I got the Sizzling Chicken (Tie Ban Ji Pian) and that was okay flavorwise, but it still kinda felt like the cheap chicken you can get at those takeout Chinese places --- except this one was significantly more expensive than the takeout places.Also they charge you $1-$2 extra for rice. Rice should come with Chinese food for free.
Reviewed by: Ninette C. on: 5/2/2012 12:31:00 AM
I came here for a work lunch. The place looks sketch on the outside, but the decor is surprisingly nice on the inside, especially for this kind of Chinese restaurant.I had the lunch special which come with hot and sour (mine) or egg flower soup, a vegetarian spring roll or shrimp toast (mine), an entree (I had scallops with vegetables) and white, brown or fried (mine) rice. The food is pretty typical of Americanized Chinese places. Too much sauce but alright. The second visit was what knocked it to 2 stars for me: I had the curry with shrimp. This wasn't curry-like!! It was a really icky oily thing with lots of pepper. It wasn't even a yellow cream. I fished some pieces of shrimp and veggies out and ate the rice separately. :(The prices were $7.50-8 for a lunch combo.
Reviewed by: Julie P. on: 4/13/2012 3:22:00 AM
Decent chinese food in your in need of a quick fix. We ordered mongolian beef, mushu pork and beef broccoli. It all tasted like your normal greasy chinese takeout and kinda expensive too. There menu is kinda limited to the few standards and I was hoping to get at least a couple of "authentic dishes" but even the specialties didn't sound like anything speical.Even though I live only 2blocks from Uptown China I think I'll spend the extra time and drive down to chinatown to get my chinese food even if I'm madly craving it.
Reviewed by: Kinsey E. on: 3/4/2012 2:21:00 AM
I used to hit up Uptown China about once a month when I was living in Queen Anne. The food was pretty standard for an Americanized Chinese place, but the prices were incredibly high. When I go out for greasy Chinese, I expect to pay around 8 or 9 bucks, depending on what I order. It's more like 13-15 here. The food is no better, just more expensive. Since it's the only Chinese place within walking distance, I usually just sucked it up and went anyway. They deliver, but I lived within a few blocks so I never took them up on that offer.There is some street parking available, but if you don't want to pay there is a little parking lot in the rear. WARNING: You may get stuck. The lot is so small, and it gets crowded so it is almost worth parking down the block and walking.Food is pretty standard, but three stars for being overpriced.
Reviewed by: Chris D. on: 3/3/2012 5:54:00 AM
Generally speaking, I have to eat Chinese food every couple weeks. I don't know what it is, but I rarely make it to a month without eating the predictable wonderfulness that is Americanized Chinese food. Eating it, albeit not THAT frequently, is a part of who I am. So, image my hankering after moving to Seattle two months ago and not finding my way into a plate of pork lo mein or beef and broccoli.We ended up at Uptown because of a luke warm recommendation, based on location, and because it was on the way home from happy hour. Originally planning to carry out, we decided to sit and enjoy an un-rushed meal. The restaurant definitely has that sparse, aged feel that can sometimes mean what awaits is a surprisingly awesome meal... but this decor lied.The wonton soup was decent and the "Chinese shrimp ravioli" (whaaa?) were not at all what we were expecting, in a good way. My wife enjoyed her Hunan Scallop dish, especially since they were nice enough to tone down the heat at our request. Unfortunately, they seems to also turn down the heat on my Beef and Broccoli... as in it was cold. Not like "oh this isn't really hot" but more like "this is room temperature." Since the scallops came out piping hot, I suspect that means they forget hers and let mine sit. It tasted okay, but it was disappointing.It wasn't a horrible experience, so I was going to give them 3 stars. Then we got the bill and saw there was a $2 charge for brown rice, which my wife had with her meal. Since they asked us if we wanted white or brown and there was no mention of the up charge on the menu or from the waiter, I was surprised. To add insult to injury, we realized on the way out we were charged $20 for the scallops instead of the menu price of $16. Normally I'd give them an opportunity to fix the problem, but we'd already paid and were walking out so it wasn't worth the hassle. Instead, down a star you go.The worst part is I still don't feel like my craving has been satiated. :-(
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
Great starters but the entrees weren't remotely spicy - not even the General Tso's chicken - which is marked as spicy on the menu. more ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
Ordered a take out and was very disappointed in the quality and quantity of their lunch special. I ordered hot&sour soup was acceptable, c ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
I have been trying to get good chinese here for over a year now. Uptown is close. It is good quality food, albeit a bit expensive. Service i ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
This is probably my favorite Chinese restaurant in town. Great food---especially the lunch special. Nice people. Excellent service. Good menu s ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
This is a really nice, really unassuming place we're the food is consistently good, the prices are reasonable, and the service is (in my experience) the ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
It's an unassuming and humble little spot to enjoy some yummy Chinese food in. I went with the Singapore Noodles, that were a spicy kick in the pants. My ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
Colorful paintings line the walls of this casually contemporary restaurant. The chefs take pride in expertly preparing updated Szechuan and Mandarin cuisine. When you taste the food, you will know that everything is made from scratch ...?
Reviewed by: Contributor on:
Anne spot offers Chinese delicacies in the The Scene The interior is nothing out of the ordinary--nondescript white walls and early '90s accents mask what feels like a former office space--but it doesn't detract from the experience. While the bar side fills with revelers before ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2000-06-24
The resturant is located in the Queen Anne area. The mixed veggies are great. Fresh and tender. Clean lobby and restrooms. The service is very slow. Opens at noon on sunday. Try it..you'll like it. ...?
Reviewed by: Toni on: 2002-05-24
This is the best Chinese food in Seattle. All the wait staff are great, and the two bartenders, blend good drinks with great personalities! The food is consistently outstanding and always, always fresh. They will prepare things even if ...?
Reviewed by: ILoveAsianFood on: 2002-10-31
I really think this was a nice returaunt, nice atmosphere, usually great people and very close to the Key Arena! I like going to games and coming back to the solemn crowd that still remain after a game. Quite nice, although if you didn't ...?
Reviewed by: lotsayachts on: 2002-11-02
Since our first date, my wife and I have probably dined-in (excluding take-out orders) at over 250 different Asian restaurants across the country. Uptown China's friendly service and wildly immaginative menu are, at least to us, unsurpassed! ...?
Reviewed by: gherzbe on: 2002-11-09
I only know Uptown china from delivery and I think its the best of them all for the downtown Seattle area. My favorites are Mu-shu shrimp or Singapore noodles. I love all the appetizers too!! I'm a little disappointed tho, I've recently ...?
Reviewed by: nealbooth on: 2002-11-12
We love the new menu items (not that they needed any). It just makes our ordering choice all that much more difficult. The Ying and Yang Prawns are TO DIE FOR. Two words: GO THERE. You will enjoy the food. ...?
Reviewed by: jill g. on: 2005-05-09
so when i moved to seattle almost a decade ago, i did so from an area in downtown new york that bordered on chinatown. so i had some damn good chinese food back east. cut to present time: took me a long time to find a good chinese ...?
Reviewed by: Angelina L. on: 2005-06-13
Out of all the Chinese Restaraunts I have tried, I definetely would reccomend Uptown China as the first best restaurant specializing in Chinese food. They offer wonderful varieties of seafood, chicken platters, chow mein, noodles, and more. ...?
Reviewed by: Tara W. on: 2005-06-15
We moved to Seattle almost a year ago and were struggling to find good Chinese food in downtown Seattle. A friend suggested Uptown China and it is now one of our favorite places. The food is excellent - we sometimes get it several times ...?
Reviewed by: Elizabeth P. on: 2005-06-29
Uptown China has wonderfully spicy, fried, breaded chinese food and it is so good! The menu is pretty limited (mostly staples like sweet & sour, etc.) but everything I've had is good. I especially like mongolian beef & general tso's chicken. ...?
Reviewed by: christie d. on: 2005-09-14
Uptown China is an excellent Chinese restaurant. The food is great and you can dine in, carryout, or have it delivered. The service is fast and the food is piping hot no matter which option you choose. The food is authentic and tastes great- ...?
Reviewed by: jill g. on: 2005-12-19
and i mean that in a good way. pf changs is ok, but it's a chain and it's huge and not so authentic. and uwajimaya is a great place to shop but it's japanese, not chinese.i LOVE uptown china, and i'm a new yorker who used to live a few ...?
Reviewed by: Aileen O. on: 2006-07-31
Uptown China is hidden in lower Queen Anne on Queen Anne Avenue between John and Thomas (about 1 1/2 blocks north of Denny). This is my favorite chinese restaurant. The food is consistently of high quality. I can venture out and try new ...?
Reviewed by: rob_ert on: 2006-09-08
Great, provided one does not mind sharing their plate with the lost hairs of the restaurants staff. I found a hair swimming in my sweet and sour sauce. Needless to say I will never return and would advise others to exercise caution. ...?
Reviewed by: bubbleandsqueak on: 2006-10-09
Now this is what Chinese food is supposed to taste like! Finally, a place in Seattle that can actually do Chinese food. Now, where this somewhere other than Seattle, I would not say this with such utter surprise or delight but I have ...?
Reviewed by: buggie0 on: 2006-11-18
Uptown China is a good and clean place to eat compare to other chinese restaurants. I had visit the kitchen and it was very clean (that to me to very important). Food was also great, staff are nice and friendly. ...?
Reviewed by: TenshiEmi on: 2007-03-10
I went for lunch with a coworker and was not impressed. I found the food to be comparable to cheap Chinese in the U-district at close to twice the price. The vegetables were cut into very large pieces that were difficult to eat and the ...?
Reviewed by: BrianR on: 2007-03-27
This is the best Chinese in Seattle. No deep fried nuggets of mystery meat here. Large menu, quick service, nice atmosphere, and really great food. They deliver in the area for orders over $20. Do yourself a favor.. ...?
Reviewed by: nedglass on: 2007-09-01
We have been eating at Uptown China since before my 14 year old daugther was born. They are GREAT with kids. They love having them there and children sense this so they seem to behave very well. The food is fresh and delicious. ...?
Reviewed by: rmcmahon on: 2007-11-09
I have been trying to get good chinese here for over a year now. Uptown is close. It is good quality food, albeit a bit expensive. Service is good. Parking is a big plus. Food has generous portions of meat, and is freshly made. ...?
Reviewed by: juliosoy on: 2008-03-08
This is probably my favorite Chinese restaurant in town. Great food---especially the lunch special. Nice people. Excellent service. Good menu selections. I always look forward to when my schedule brings me to this part of town so I can have ...?
Reviewed by: happagalinthecity on: 2008-10-03
Best place for american chinese food outside of Chinatown. It not that far from my apt. Staff is always so friendly. I love the almond fried chicken. I never had a problem ever. This place is great. My company came here once for a ...?
Reviewed by: R1der on: 2008-11-09
After reading through the reviews here I decided to give Uptown a try for a date night. The reviews I read here to not match the experience we had. In short, we were quite disappointed with this establishment. We arrived to a nearly deserted ...?
Reviewed by: asianexpertcuisine on: 2008-11-12
Ordered a take out and was very disappointed in the quality and quantity of their lunch special. I ordered hot&sour soup was acceptable, chang sa chicken - partially raw (is it ok to eat partially raw chicken?), vegetables were soggy and the ...?
Reviewed by: Fay C. on: 2009-01-03
Don't miss this place just because it isn't in the ID. The food is always great. We especially like the dry sauteed string beans and the crispy prawns with walnuts. And of course the potstickers are not to be missed. Now if they would ...?
Reviewed by: Matthew on: 2009-02-18
Over the last ten years, I have ordered dozens of times from Uptown China. I always either get my order to go or have it delivered. Today was the last time. Uptown China is one of those places where an otherwise good meal is ruined by ...?
Reviewed by: Dave on: 2009-04-09
I love this place. The food is excellent and the drinks are fantastic. I recommend experiencing dinner in the bar with Fred the bartender- he's great. Yu Mei, the owner will likely hang out and chat during her free moments. ...?
Reviewed by: D S. on: 2009-08-06
Oh yes... this is a must visit! General Tso's Chicken and the Mongolian beef are excellent. Exquisite cuisine for relaxing dining with friends or family. Don't miss! ...?
Reviewed by: carol b. on: 2009-08-15
When your office is on Elliott, there are few places close for lunch. Uptown China was always a favorite to take groups. They have fast service, so we could get in and out within an hour. They have enough variety, that everyone could find ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2009-05-29
I've only ever ordered delivery and I've always been happy with the service and the food. I LOVE the H&S soup - esp when I've got a cold and the BBQ pork fried rice great, too. Everything else I've had has been very good.?