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Reviewed by: Av A. on: 3/1/2013 3:38:00 AM
Went for dim sum early one saturday recently.They don't have carts like usual, instead you get a piece of paper in which you write how many servings you want of each. They've got a picture menu for the items, so that helps a lot. Its a little different when you're ordering from a paper rather than a cart cause all you see are a lot of '1's and some '2's next to your favorite dishes -- but we ordered way too much, in the end we had 18 plates x___xOne thing I will say is that they have MSG in their stuff here, definitely felt the MSG headache come on towards the end of our meal -- aiyiyi. Overall it was a pretty good first visit, the servers were attentive and nice. If you're coming on the weekend get there before 12noon to beat the rush.
Reviewed by: Joey H. on: 2/17/2013 5:45:00 AM
This is one of our favorite Dim Sum restaurants in the East Bay..Typically on Saturdays and Sundays, you'll have to wait for your seat if you arrive after 12 pm. The food is good, the service is good. The prices are excellent. We've been frequenting this restaurant for the last 4 year and the food has been very consistent.
Reviewed by: Michelle L. on: 1/27/2013 9:55:00 AM
1.5 stars?I think this place is more for dim sum than dinner... but we came for dinner and was royally disappointed. When we walked in, there was only one other table on a Saturday night... didn't look promising at all. Then we proceeded to order food off the chef's specialty menu (prices were reasonable). The food came out super quick, but it was very disappointing. All the dishes looked similar and tasted pretty much the same. Every dish came with the poor quality meat (the type you see at fast food restaurants like Panda Express, and large amount of filler, cheap veggies like bell peppers and bean sprouts). The dishes were either too bland, too salty, or just downright disgusting. I mean I feel bad for this restaurant, but it's not doing so well. I'm actually surprised by the 3 stars, as this place doesn't really deserve it. I guess there just aren't good Chinese restaurants in the East Bay.. unfortunately - besides Koi Palace, of course. The staff was extremely nice and attentive, but I would never come back...
Reviewed by: Keven W. on: 1/13/2013 11:53:00 AM
I think this place is okay and the chow fun wet with the spare ribs, calamari, dim sum and other things. Prices was okay, but the price I was expecting it. I think I am spoiled by my end with San Jose with dynasty and mayflower. Service was okay though and food was okay too.
Reviewed by: Paula O. on: 1/8/2013 9:34:00 PM
Went here with 2 girlfriends. I thought the customer service here was just urgh!. Unhelpful and parking sucks.The food just okay. not impressed. I will not be returning. Customer service isn't cutting it and why bother with the parking if the food is not worth it.Sorry Prince Dim Sum I'll be dim summing somewhere else, even if it means I have to drive farther.
Reviewed by: Caroline S. on: 12/29/2012 6:56:00 PM
Dimsum here is good, especially enjoy their green tea fried dough with black sesame filling. First time I've eaten a green colored dimsum dish. Definitely very unique.
Reviewed by: Frank L. on: 11/26/2012 6:36:00 PM
Prince Dim Sum House, you've disappointed me and G-Ma. Yes, I call my Grandma, G-Ma because that's gangsta. G-Ma and I arrived at Prince at 12:50PM on Monday which was Veterans Day. At that time the place was still packed and there was still a mini line by the entrance. Just right when you walk in the door you can feel the essence of a Chinese restaurant. It feels like a shouting match between each table and it seems like no one is giving up until the last table leaves. Wait time wasn't terrible; it took around 10 minutes before we were seated.I was starving and G-Ma didn't have breakfast either so we order 7 dishes of dim sum for just the two of us. The prices are fairly reasonable. A small dish was $1.80; medium is $2.60 and large is $3.20 which is reasonable prices. However, the wait for our dim sum was horrendous. The order was placed at 1:05PM and the first dish didn't arrive until 1:35PM. I've never waited this long for dim sum. The worst part is that it was cold. The other ones that followed were nice and warm but geez. Can you guys amp up the level on the steamer? The quality of the food wasn't too bad either but I'm certain they use a decent amount of MSG in their dim sum just like most Chinese restaurants. You know MSG is involved when you feel the need to down a gallon of water just to quench your thirst.Perhaps I'll give Prince another chance in the future but at the meantime I'll search for a better dim sum house in San Leandro. I would like to see some improvement next time. For example, a lot of the tables were left unclean for long periods of time and some efficiency in delivering dim sum to table within a 15 minute time frame.
Reviewed by: Robert E. on: 11/18/2012 9:52:00 AM
The food here is quite inexpensive. $12.95 for a whole lobster fried noodle is unheard of. However, there are enough staff to serve and cook for about half the patrons; therefore, the service is lacking and the food is sloppily prepared during peak hours. Also I do not like the waiter touching the lid of my tea pot or serving food right after clearing out other tables.
Reviewed by: Pat D. on: 11/17/2012 10:27:00 PM
I can't believe this place averages to 3 stars...the food is very clean and tasty and cheap. The dim sum is great. BUT...BUT...Singapore noodle, anyone? YES! Some of the best in the bay. AND...AND...Lobster noodles, anyone? YES! Homeade noodles and fresh lobster (sorry lobster). This is the place in San Leandro to get your noodles and dimsum. Seating excellent.I guess the place could be cleaner and nicer to look at. Not much for ambiance, and sometimes it is hard to order in English. But, still - check it out for fresh, clean and tasty.
Reviewed by: Lorianne L. on: 11/6/2012 1:12:00 PM
I wouldn't drive all the way from San Jose just to eat at Prince Dim Sum House, but if I was in my old neck of the woods (San Leandro), I'd go there to get my dim sum fix on. It just so happened I was near my alma mater and met up with my mom for lunch. Prince is not a traditional cart dim sum joint, but they do have some authentic items that you wouldn't find in a to-go counter place. You check off what you want on the order form, then the waiters bring you your choices as they are cooked. The quality was okay. Like I said, I wouldn't make a special trip there, but Prince Dim Sum House can definitely satisfy a dim sum craving for locals. The place was filled with Asians when we were there. That's always a good sign.
Reviewed by: Scooter L. on: 10/8/2012 5:07:00 AM
We went for dim sum on a Friday...really liked the Yee Mein Lobster for $12.99...would just go back for this dish that easily feeds 4 and is more than enough for two. The lobster was sweet and fresh tasting....almost all of the tables had this for lunch in addition to dim sum.Also had the Salt and Pepper Fried Eggplant...which came out hot and tasty....I think their specialty items are better than their steamed dim sum items. The custard in their Baked Custard Buns are also a bit saltier and runnier than other places...the way I like it but others may not.Prince is roomier with tables spread out and a high ceiling that results in a quieter restaurant than other dim sum joints. San Leandro is lucky to have two very good dim sum restaurants (Delight Garden and Prince).Keep dim summing!!!
Reviewed by: Richard V. on: 8/24/2012 3:27:00 PM
I said it before... if you see Chinese people eating at a Chinese restaurant it has to be good. I went here with my wife and our two little ones because the wifey was craving Dim Sum and she wanted to try this place.The price is fairly reasonable for Dim Sum and the food itself was pretty good. Would it compare to my usual Dim Sum haunts? I would say it's close but I would say it fell just a bit short but not by much. I think part of it is because I'm not used to ordering my choices from a menu instead of a nice Chinese lady pushing a steam cart that insists you try her item and for some reason forgets her english when you say "no thank you",leaving you in her wake saying "ok bye bye".
Reviewed by: Eric W. on: 7/16/2012 4:33:00 AM
One of the best places in San Leandro , my favorite dish due to the texture of the rice noodle, and there are good dim sum restaurants in the Bay Area. Service is okay. and the quality of the food has always been pretty good. XO chow fun and steamed pork buns are good.Just one thing: but They charge for tea per person
Reviewed by: Ha T. on: 7/3/2012 8:41:00 PM
If I want to the avoid the long lines and the parking in Oakland Chinatown, I come here for dim sum. I've been here several times and the quality of the food has always been pretty good. Service is okay. You have to really try to flag them down to get more tea or your bill. Most days you can order items from their check off menu but when they are busy, you can only order off the carts that are pushed around. For the newbies, they do have a picture menu. I hear their XO chow fun is pretty good. I have yet to try it.
Reviewed by: Noe O. on: 6/8/2012 4:01:00 PM
Four stars for 4 reasons:1) Sea bass cheung fun, this is currently my favorite dim sum dish due to the texture of the rice noodle and fish. I find the combination mouth watering and this item isn't available at most places so kudos to Prince. However I've found it hard to order during regular dim sum hours when they are doing cart service but I don't speak Chinese and don't like to demand things soo...2) Scallop and chive dumpling, Im not sure of the actual Chinese name of this dish but this is another one of my favorites that also isn't served at most dim sum spots that I have visited.3) Prince Dim Sum House serves dim sum until 5pm which is the latest I have yet to find in the East Bay. They end their cart service at 2pm and switch to ordering off of a full menu. I love this for two reasons: (1) I like dim sum during off peak hours so I don't have to deal with the crowds. (2) I don't like carts, I like ordering off of a full menu.4) It's in San Leandro only minutes away from home. I don't have to pay a toll to get here *talking about you Peninsula dim sum spots*. Also I don't have to circle the block 5 times looking for a paid parking spot and this neighborhood is chill *talking about you Oakland Chinatown*.So to dim sum it up this has become my go to dim sum spot in the East Bay... But only from 2pm to 430ish-pm after the carts service ends.
Reviewed by: Peggy L. on: 5/31/2012 7:43:00 PM
One of the best places in San Leandro if you're craving dim sum on a sunny day! Interior is clean & the dim sum is yummy for the prices.Must orders: Lobster Chow Mein & Fried Shrimp Dumplings are amazing! The surrounding area doesn't have that much, but if you go down E14th, you'll hit Bayfair Mall with Target, Kohls, etc.
Reviewed by: Harvey K. on: 3/31/2012 4:32:00 AM
My friend and I started our restaurant-hopping adventure last Friday at Prince Dim Sum House. We decided beforehand that we were only going to sample a few things and then move on to the next restaurant. We ordered the following: har gow (shrimp dumpling), shumai (pork dumpling w/ shrimp), deep fried spring roll (chicken and wood ear mushroom filling), steamed pork buns, steamed chicken buns, and haam sui gok (salt water stuffed dumpling). I was disappointed that all the steamed items were lukewarm. However, the spring roll and haam sui gok were near perfect, which totally saved our meal.A few things to remember if you decide to go there:1) Parking did not seem to a problem that day, but we were there early and avoided the lunch crowd.2) They charge for tea per person. The tea we had was straight from a tea bag.3) Dim sum there is charged by its size (small, medium, large, and special). Most of the dishes are medium or above.IMHO, there are many other good dim sum restaurants in the Bay Area. In a pinch, this would do. If you have more time to explore and enjoy, go somewhere else.
Reviewed by: Claire Y. on: 3/29/2012 10:47:00 PM
Prince is a decent place for dim sum in San Leandro I am giving it an extra star for being pretty close to my place. :) I love their crab soup and fried chicken wings, yum!
Reviewed by: Carl Z. on: 3/18/2012 7:45:00 AM
At times, I'm a stickler for quality. Other times, I'm more accepting - it really depends on the situation. 2 stars for Prince Dim on a cloudy day for lunch with the fam. Why? Read further.Pros:Attentive customer servicePlenty of parking space in the parking lotClean men's restroomCons:VERY long wait time for dishes to come outOne male waiter wore jeans and casual shoes - tacky and inappropriate dress attire for restaurant serviceFood too greasyUnpleasant smell in the restaurantUncomfortable spacing of chairs and tables being too close togetherOnly 1 sink and 1 urinal in the men's restroom, so not enough sinks and urinals for crowdsOverall was worth trying, but I don't believe I'll be returning here again.
Reviewed by: Shannon L. on: 2/7/2012 4:43:00 AM
If you're in the East Bay, this is a solid dim sum restaurant with good prices. If you're in the mood to pay too much, you can go to Asian Pearl in Fremont or Willow Tree in Dublin.There's an easy ordering process so if you don't get here at the "ideal" dim sum time, you can just indicate what you want on the order sheet.The surrounding area isn't fancy but our family loves this place. They don't make fancy variations but your normal dim sum dishes --siu mai, har gow, cheung fun, lo bat go, etc.-- are all solid.
Reviewed by: Henry C. on: 2/4/2012 1:14:00 PM
been here for both dinner and dim sum. If i had to choose between dinner or dim sum, i would go for the dim sum, but dinner is good too.If your thinking every time i go to dim sum, i find it hard to tell the waiters what i want b/c of the language barrier, have no fear because this place has a picture menu with all of the dim sum items! you just have to ask them for it, so if you have been ordering items and hoping for the best, u won't have to do that any more at Prince dim sum.Also if u go on a week day its pretty empty and you get your food fast...If you go during the weekend parking is going to be a problem, the lot is very limited.
Reviewed by: Angela M. on: 1/7/2012 4:09:00 PM
I was super impressed after my visit to Prince Dim Sum House. I went with my boyfriend and his family for dinner and we were seated immediately. We started with the corn soup, which was brought out very quickly, and after the soup everything else came just as fast.For our meal we got an order of steamed pork buns, mu shu pork, black pepper beef chow fun, kung pao chicken, and bbq pork fried rice. The pork buns were moist and delicious, while the black pepper beef had a great flavor and good spice. The kung pao chicken was just the right amount of spicy, with chunks of juicy bell pepper and whole peanuts. I'd never had mu shu pork before and had a great first experience with it; served with rice paper wraps, hoisin sauce, and the pork mixed with shredded vegetables, you wrap everything together like a spring roll. Quite tasty.The service was so quick and the food was so good, with large portions, that I wouldn't hesitate to come back here and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. Dinner dim sum is available, albeit from a limited menu, for anyone interested.