720 14th St 
San Francisco, CA, 94114-1106

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Reviewed by: Dani S. on: 3/25/2013 8:12:00 AM
Decent Chinese fast food choice when you are on the run.The food was decent, nothing impressive, taste like any other take-out joint. The tables are kinda greasy and sticky, just like most chinese restaurants. The prices are higher than the average, but it is located in the middle of SF, so adjusted for high rent prices.Parking was a nightmare, no bathrooms.
Reviewed by: Britt C. on: 2/2/2013 5:26:00 PM
Mega-value play... Great food at a very fantastic price. I apologize to all my regulars-friends that love the low-prices for great food, but I love my folks at the restaurant more!The Orange Chicken is outstanding, with a fantastic crisp crust under perfect sauce even after running it home several blocks. VegiChow Mein fantastic, and their Fried rice puts a certain Noe Valley E-restaurant to shame.Again, I hope all of my faithfull followers don't discover (as I have that around dinner time the food is coming out of the kitchen barely fast enough to keep up with demand (all those haters that reviewed complaining about the heat lamps should go 4:30-7 ish.. How late are they open again? Welcome to one of my favorites!
Reviewed by: Daniel A. on: 1/12/2013 3:36:00 PM
Surprisingly good for cheap and fast
Reviewed by: Alice Y. on: 1/3/2013 1:05:00 PM
Good spot to grab something fast and cheap. They have a hot bar that you can pick and choose from, including all the Chinese-American staples.
Reviewed by: La-Rae A. on: 11/12/2012 5:31:00 AM
I remember going to this place as a teen and not really realizing if I was too high off the green or too drunk off the cheap liquor, but this place was a good spot to get cheap Chinese food fast. They have a hot plate area ready to serve orders to go. The lady is very friendly but why in the Asian community most think MSG is OK to have in food? I asked her" is there MSG in your food?" "We only put it in some of the food." She says," what do you want?" I said ,"some shrimp, veggies and steamed rice." She said, "Oh Oh We don't put MSG in the shrimp, but the veggie we do!" I was like," OK give me the small order."( This place gives snack size portions to go which is great.)As soon as I knew I wasn't gonna make it to the house with out eating a little something- I started to eat. My bags from Safeway were too heavy so I opted for a cab . I waited and waited and figured -I better eat something. Once I finished it Ms. Cathay Express food; I started getting tired an a headache induced. I was like damn this lady or was it the chef." Who knows! All I know, when wanting Asian food; I'm gonna make it myself. Self control no matter what and stay away from these restaurants that don't have quality ingredients . Suspects! I Hope I don't pass out. This is what it comes down too! SMH
Reviewed by: Mel P. on: 10/11/2012 8:11:00 AM
I came here on a whim as I was trying to look for something fast and cheap. Not the best choice if you want to go healthy but it did hit the spot. I didn't do a sit down but got food to-go. I LOVE their salt and pepper fish. It's the only thing I've tried there and probably the only thing I'll have. It's my favorite. Cheap and ready to go. Love.
Reviewed by: Allen L. on: 4/26/2012 12:25:00 AM
Do you like Panda Express? Do you like Chinese fried chicken drumsticks? For $8 you get all-you-can-eat quality Chinese food. No, this isn't the best, but it is pretty solid. Easily compares to the party trays from any place in Chinatown. When an item runs low they have the kitchen whip up a fresh batch, just like Panda. If they had the seasoned drummettes like Chinatown I would be in heaven.Bad part is that sometimes you get some less than pleasant smelling customers.
Reviewed by: GabV. on: 2009-09-16
I'll admit that this is one of the two chinese restaurants that I'll order delivery, fast and friendly. I love the fried chicken legs here with chinese hot mustard, it's cheap, like $3.50 a pound, the singapore style noodles are good too. ...?