3319 Mission St, San Francisco, CA, 94110-5008 

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Open 7 Days A Week
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Less than $5.99
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Main Stream Americans
Chinese Americans

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Reviewed by: marcus o. on: 3/5/2013 7:41:00 AM
Not gonna lie this place is......... Yuck!After a long night out partying the previous night you want something that taste good for delivery food. This place was not it. Boom done. Review over. Order from here if you don't believe me.
Reviewed by: Tanya L. on: 2/21/2013 3:41:00 AM
There are many Chinese joints around here to choose from but I was attracted by the clean restaurant, lunch specials Til 5pm, and the name. I came in about 2pm, very friendly staff allowed me to get take out and eat in (generous portions). I order the egg and shrimp special over rice. Very straight forward, real egg and tasty shrimp without the tail. They also served an egg drop type soup that was very good along with chicken in it. So glad I'm not a vegan anymore! They have great hot tea and a relaxed environment.
Reviewed by: Whitney B. on: 11/8/2012 2:11:00 AM
Okay, so I read all these bad reviews and assumed that these people must have high standards for their Chinese takeout. Surely it couldn't possibly be that bad, worse than the takeout I endured in school. Nope. I can't even begin to describe how bad it was. I ordered Sesame chicken, egg rolls, pot stickers, pork chow mein, and a coke.First of all, the coke never made it here. So glad I ordered it. The noodles were thin, like cheap instant lunch ramen noodles; not like the denser chow mein noodles I had anticipated. The egg roll was flat awful, first bite was disgusting, my hands were laced with grease. The pot stickers were FAIR, but I like my pot stickers on the doughy side. The filling wasn't particularly pleasant however. Very mystery meat. Lastly, the sesame chicken wasn't terrible, but it wasn't fair either. Bearable might be a decent way to describe it, which should indicate you should not order it.I ended up eating 1/2 an egg roll, one pot sticker, a few bights of noodle, and about half the chicken before the rest went to the bin. Disgusting.To top it off the fortune cookies were stale.
Reviewed by: Manuel S. on: 8/23/2012 2:29:00 PM
This food was close to eating human waste. Honestly, the chicken was 75% fat and red meat. Am I the only one who had eaten here? I think this place should be shut down by the health department. I mean honestly gross!!
Reviewed by: Bob J. on: 8/1/2012 9:05:00 PM
Superior tasty food, fast delivery, reasonable prices. Better than several other nearby more expensive Chinese deliivery places. Good and generous all white meat snow pea chicken, pork fried rice, egg rolls, chow fun. We wil continue to order from here!
Reviewed by: Rusty H. on: 7/20/2012 10:56:00 AM
I have seen their menus left at my door for so long that I thought I'd stop in for lunch of a change. My mistake. Should have gone to Jasmine Tea Room.The soup was too salty. The paper-wrapped chicken was more like paper-burned chicken; the chicken was burned to the foil/paper and not very tasty (although it was a generous order size). I ordered a chef's special entree of sizzling beef with honey sauce (which doesn't seem to be on their online menu). It took forever to arrive, and when it came, it was indeed on a sizzling plate. But it was overcooked and super-tough. Like overcooked frozen steakums. I ate one or two pieces of the beef and mostly ate the bell peppers, onions and rice in the sauce.... because the beef was unchewable.The vegetables were OK. Maybe their vegetarian stuff is good. But avoid the beef for sure.My total for a coke, paper wrapped chicken and the chef special and brown rice (not included, costs extra) was $20!!! Mind you I was there at about 3:30 on a monday and the lunch special was over, and they did give me a large order of paper wrapped chicken. I hardly ate any of it, and didn't want to take it to go.The staff was friendly.
Reviewed by: Kendrick L. on: 7/6/2012 6:30:00 AM
I highly recommend an item not offered on the menu. They offer meatless sweet and sour chicken however they do not of meatless general Tso's chicken on the menu. Their veggie egg rolls are they best in the city. This place is friendly and I'm sure they would love a visit from you. So to all of my veggie friends this place worth checking out. It's best if you dine it! There are fairly cheap and their lunch runs to 5:00 pm!
Reviewed by: Derek J. on: 6/12/2012 10:07:00 AM
When will these restaurants learn that the vast majority of people in this city do NOT appreciate coming home to see that their menus are hanging on our doorknobs? Very annoying, and well deserving of a 1 star rating
Reviewed by: Alan M. on: 3/19/2012 6:43:00 AM
Amazing chicken wonton soup!
Reviewed by: R. J. on: 3/6/2012 7:43:00 AM
Worst food ever. Peking pork chops were all bone and the sauce was watery and vinegary. Pot stickers were all doughy and the filling couldn't even hold together. Taste and consistency were awful. They also "forgot" the free sodas. I won't eat there again. This is what I get for not checking Yelp first!
Reviewed by: Carl D. on: 3/2/2012 8:01:00 AM
Monday 2-27-12 9:49pmPersonally, The best food I have EVER tasted is from Nulite Kitchen!!!I just happened to pass by a year ago and stopped in. I had great service & food then and now! I was unable to figure out the business name or address till I found the flyer on my door recently and placed the delivery order.I am very glad I did!. Everything about the transaction was exceptional...1.--I called at 9:49pm and their delivery stops at 10pm. The lady was polite and took the order without a hitch-she did NOT tell me sorry we are closed like other places would in the situation.2.--The meal was only 35 minutes from order to door with a long 10 block distance. she called when she was outside as agreed. I buzzed her in and she came directly to my front door as agreed. I have a door bell that is actually a loud painful buzzer so these simple requests go a very long way for me when my door is not "buzzed" as requested. Other delivery restaurants have been given the same request and the buzzer always seemed to wake me up out of a stupor even after numerous orders from the same place with the same address and same request. Kudos to Nulite on the very first time!!3.--The lady who answered the phone was the same person who delivered the meal. She was just as polite, personable and thankful for my business. She said to me Oh, you are a new customer and thanked me a numerous times.5. -- The order was correct: 4 egg rolls, 4 cans of pepsi & the House Chow Main Special. Inside the main box was my House Special Chow Mein stuffed in the box as much as could be without breaking the box. The box remained secure and all the food remained inside during delivery! I was pleasantly surprised by the effort they must have taken to make sure the box was filled.6.--ALL the food was VERY good tasting! The food was fresh with the right balance of quality ingredients. It seems to me the cook must be professionally trained. Whether or not this is true, my perception is that they must have the high standards and the years of experience required to deliver such an exceptional dining experience.Thank you Nulite Litchen!
Reviewed by: Violet M. on: 1/15/2012 5:26:00 PM
" your body is not a garbage can" is all I can say.
Reviewed by: amabowah on: 2011-09-11
a delightful little restaurant that serves tasty food..the lady that wks there all the time is professional, helpful and friendly
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2000-03-10
this place has the best ever beef won ton soup.lt's a small place, been here for ever.but the service is fast the food is allways good, did i tell you about the soup?do try it you will like it. now if you don't make it to the mission verry ...?
Reviewed by: panda1 on: 2004-12-04
Nulite Kitchen serves Szechuan Hunan cuisine and delivers. The food was all right -- not great -- the service was good, and the atmosphere was low-budget (not much of an atmosphere, certainly not to impress someone on a date). ...?
Reviewed by: timskyscraper on: 2005-06-21
This place serves up significantly better Chinese food than most of the other joints in this part of town (meaning that it isn't just re-heated frozen chicken nuggets), plus they deliver. For the money, I'd highly recommend Nulite. ...?
Reviewed by: Johnson on: 2006-07-05
Singapore Rice Noodles delicious. Salt and Pepper Pork horrible-terrible quality meat and flavor. Basil Beef was somewhat edible but far from good. Delivery 1.25 hours. Did not tell me there would be an additional $3 delivery charge but ...?
Reviewed by: daylong on: 2007-03-06
(take out) The food was good and might have been better if the order was taken correctly and we received our full order. That would have been fine if the lady had not argued with me when i called back. I wrote down the order seperatly, ...?
Reviewed by: Gian I. on: 2008-07-21
It's a nice small place with pretty good chinese food. The mongolian beef is pretty good, but the chow mein is not so great. I would recommend it to at least those that are looking for some place convenient, healthier than fast food, ...?