3319 Mission St, San Francisco, CA, 94110-5008 

Nutile Kitchen has been a local standout in San Francisco for over 60 years. Having witnessed the ups and downs of economic climate, the restaurant has outwitted tough competition and managed to stay afloat. So what is the key for making it a long lasting brand?  

“Word of mouth, definitely,” owner Lisa Chen reveals, “we cater to customers’ every single requirement and always look to see if we could make further development to customers’ wishes.”

This is not lip talking. To better suit the customers’ needs, Nulite Kitchen offers a plethora of Americanized Chinese food and other ethnic culinary delights, creating a distinctive experience that is both culturally inspired and comfortably Asian.

Among a bevy of delectable offerings, the Sesame Chicken, Mongolian Beef, Five Spicy Roast Chicken, and Grilled Pork Chop are some of the crowd pleasers. These are seemingly standard dishes, while the experienced chef has the knack to turning the ordinary dishes into flavorful culinary renditions.
Dedicated to the consistent concepts of “Fresh, healthy offerings”, the restaurant always tries to select fresh and supreme ingredients available, such as top notch beef and branded healthy guaranteed oil. It has also emerged with a sense of vigor, eagerly promoting the numerous “healthier” choices on Nulite Kitchen’s menu. That translates to the boiled and steamed dishes, along with assorted fresh vegetables.
“We don’t skimp on quality just to make an extra buck,” says Lisa. “Preparing healthy and delicious dishes means that sometimes you just have to pay more for ingredients.”
Catering to a diverse ethnic background of Mexicans, Spanish and Asians, Nulite Kitchen now brings in dim sum and Pad Thai, which is a piece of exciting news for people with exotic food cravings.