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Reviewed by: Stu E. on: 3/27/2013 10:57:00 AM
We went there with my cousin who lives in the city. We had the salt and pepper crab. It was awesome. The soy sauce chicken was tasty, and the baked black cod was huge and delicious. Overall we loved the restaurant and the experience.
Reviewed by: Duane C. on: 3/26/2013 9:16:00 AM
The food is really, really good. You must get the Salt and Pepper Dungeness Crab, trust me. The R&G Special Beef was so good, we ordered seconds to go. However, the hot and sour soup was below average. We indulged a little and got a live rock cod with ginger/onion. Really expensive, (the fish) as expected, but OMG!Kind of hard to get to, and super busy. Some of the dishes are pricey, but the quality of the food is more than worth it.
Reviewed by: Maria V. on: 3/26/2013 5:36:00 AM
Well be ready to drop some cash here.It's pricey for Chinese food and the portions are relatively small. Everything came out fresh and tasty. The special beef was over salted, but it was still yummy. It was the first time I've ever had steamed clams in egg and I wouldn't mind getting a second taste :p Delicious!The restaurant itself is nicer than most asian restaurants and service was good. Food came out fast and teas refilled immediately. No complaints
Reviewed by: Bo C. on: 3/24/2013 3:56:00 PM
2 stars not for the food. The food was quite good. The value however was terrible. Prices were way over priced for the portions. You could get the same food down the block for 25% of the price. Service was pretty terrible. $15 for a plate of friend rice I would expect it to be huge and with service. Same goes for the 1/2 duck that was more like 1/4 duck for $20. So for a real chinese restaurant in Chinatown, the prices are like downtown NYC.Hard for me to recommend. Maybe once to "experience" it. But I won't be going back. Ever.
Reviewed by: Peggy D. on: 3/21/2013 1:26:00 PM
If you have any dietary restrictions this is not the place for you. They were not accommodating at all and I left here hungry my friends that were able to eat thought the food was just OK not great. I am sure there are better places for Chinese food in SF
Reviewed by: B R. on: 3/20/2013 8:24:00 PM
Came here for lunch on a Tuesday when there was not much business. This restaurant was recommended by guide books as a great place. I would like to tell you what we thought about the food but.....we were ignored totally by their wait staff. They promptly served the tables on either side of us (all Chinese) who came in after us and just walked around us ignoring us.....please come take our order......please.... just ignored. Gave me a good sense of what discrimination feels like. After waiting 25 minutes, we just walked out. They didn't care a bit. i recommend avoiding this place.
Reviewed by: KaeRae Art C. on: 3/20/2013 7:51:00 PM
Salt and pepper fried crab is delicious. Entire table could not praise the food enough. Too bad my shell fish allergies are acting up.
Reviewed by: Scott L. on: 3/18/2013 7:56:00 PM
The best Chinese food. Bring your appetite.
Reviewed by: Arash H. on: 3/18/2013 3:05:00 PM
I have had this type of food in SF in other restaurants. I would say this place's food is average quality in SF. The salt and paper crab that everyone has posted the picture of is good but not awesome. in my opinion it was too oily... I had better ones in other places like PPQ Dungeness Island. Then we got the mushroom noodles and their Black Cod. Black Cod was amazing!!! a bit pricey at $38 but amazing. the total for two with one drink for each was $127... so this place would be just okay considering the bill, the food quality and the fact that in SF there are other places with better bang for your money.
Reviewed by: Ernesto P. on: 3/17/2013 10:37:00 PM
Went here once after reading the rave reviews and hey, even Bourdain (and Zimmerman?) has been here apparently as we saw an episode of his featuring this place.After our one visit, I don't think we'll be coming back. This is all from memory. The place looks nice and you go downstairs to be seated. I think they tried too hard to make it seem like you were being exquisitely taken care of and eating fine dining. Just give me great tasting food dammit!! We had their famous crab and well, NOT IMPRESSED. Our other dishes MEH.We might give it another try in the future and after seeing Bourdain oooh-ing and ahh-ing, I can't help but feel we ate at different places.
Reviewed by: Katie D. on: 3/17/2013 12:50:00 AM
I take it from the reviews of this place that it's cool or trendy to eat here and write a good review. Well, I'm not interested in being cool or trendy, just honest! This place is TERRIBLE! We we're looking for a good place to have dinner in Chinatown. So, I see the 2300 reviews and that it has 4 stars. We just go for it. As, we're waiting I start reading to maybe get an idea of what to order... I start to feel that maybe we made the wrong decision. Hopefully, you're reading before you've sat and waited half an hour for a table!!The food: I ordered the Mu Shu Pork. It was bland, and I seriously doubt there was much pork in it. All the components were shredded so much that I couldn't tell you for sure how much pork there was. It wasn't horrible, as in I was able to eat it. It certainly was not good, or the something special I was expecting out of this place.. The "crepes" it was served with were most definitely packaged. They were brittle and every single one broke dropping the filling all over my plate. At least I ordered better than my husband. He ordered the Mongolian beef. The meat was the consistency of a soggy, doughy biscuit. The menu listed it as spicy. Not even our 5 year old flavor-phobe blinked at the spice level. It was bland, my husband didn't eat most of it. The best thing ordered was the beef chow mein noodles ordered for our 2 kids to share. Even those were not GOOD. The beef was tiny slivers with not any flavor (and too small to really discern a texture). The noodles were very generic- yakisoba like (they may have been Yakisoba). It's not that I have a thing for yakisoba, but at least they weren't gross. I was appalled by the portion size of the noddles. For $11 there should have been plenty for 2 kids (2 and 5) to share, and they both left still hungry. Come on, they are cheap noodles, don't skimp on them! I'd say the Mu Shu Pork and Mongolian beef were over priced also, but for the SF location the price would have been OK had it not been for the less than freezer quality.If I was rating this place solely on service they would get a good rating. The staff was very attentive. However, it's a restaurant! The service only matters if they have something worth serving!
Reviewed by: John A. on: 3/15/2013 8:55:00 PM
Went here with colleagues. Went the family style route. We had a pretty large group and service was good.The food served was new to me. More authentic than I was used to but good.
Reviewed by: Jenny H. on: 3/14/2013 7:23:00 PM
When it comes to asians and their food: follow the crowd. That alone is worth investigating.Surely I can understand the hype over their salt n pepper crab. We happily demolished this freshly battered crustacean. Personally I am more of the ginger-scallion type of gal, so I probably would switch it up next time around. For the two of us, we also ordered a simple plate of garlic sauteed snowpea tips. I didn't find it on the menu so I just asked our waiter and they obliged. It seemed like three other tables were thinking the same thing. It seems silly, but it was THE BEST plate of snowpea tips: perfectly balanced with much respect to the vegetation plus a lil smoky, wok-lovin.While I came for the crab, I was left reminiscing about the veggies.
Reviewed by: Sherry L. on: 3/12/2013 6:08:00 AM
Food is pretty good. The downstairs dining area is very dim lit, so it's not really a place to impress your company. But the food is very good. Definitely get the crab. The other cantonese dishes are very well made and the price is reasonable.
Reviewed by: Lily W. on: 3/11/2013 4:00:00 AM
Why...have I not reviewed this place yet??I've come on multiple occasions, and the food is pretty consistent. The first time I came, I had already eaten, so was just sitting around staring at all this amazing food...and could not eat it. SUCH A LAME THING!!Since then, I MUST comment on...1) THE CRAB. No way you should EVER miss this. Forreals, its amazing.2) SALT AND PEPPER SCALLOPS. It has a similar batter to the crabs, is less difficult to eat, and the scallops are a great size (2 normal bites, but you can pop it in like sushi).Clearly I like fried food. I want to say there was something else you MUST get...but this is all I can think of. Everything else is pretty decent though. Nothing can go wrong here! Except maybe the customers...FYI, this is NOT A GOOD PLACE to have a bachelorette dinner (with 4 girls mind you). Please...take it, and your penis cake elsewhere. There are small children around!
Reviewed by: Arissa C. on: 3/9/2013 11:56:00 PM
Best 'baked' salt and pepper crab ever!!! Somehow there's an even butterier taste to the meat :-- if that's even possible -)
Reviewed by: May N. on: 3/9/2013 4:20:00 AM
Chinese foodie friends brought me here so I trust their judgement. We made the reservation that morning and by the time our whole group arrived, it was a little late during Saturday lunch time. The staff was nice about holding our table and adding chairs when a couple of others joined us.The menu is pretty extensive. We got an appetizer of sliced meats and a seaweed salad. Then, we devoured their fried salt and pepper crab. This seems to be the dish they are known for and it was pretty delicious. The crab is fried with a light tempura batter and seasoned with salt and pepper. Finger-lickin' good. We also shared a veggies entree and the special beef entree. Of course, they served white rice and tea. Overall, I think the food was fine, but overpriced.The staff is very neatly dressed in black and white. We were able to order without any language difficulties. The restaurant is clean and the ambience was nice. We came during lunch time and were so busy catching up that we were there for about 2 hours, definitely closing out their lunch service, but they didn't rush us. I was trying to find them to make sure they didn't have any misunderstandings in separating our bill among 6 different credit cards.
Reviewed by: Collin W. on: 3/8/2013 7:08:00 PM
Got here at about 5:20 PM on a Saturday and managed to snag the last two-top up front before it got crazily busy about 10 minutes later.As an east-coast guy who has only eaten east-coast Chinese food, I must say this place certainly lived up to the hype in my book.We first ordered the shredded chicken salad and the bbq pork. When they came and I tasted them, I thought to myself, "Wow, it can't get any better than this".Then the salt and pepper crab came. It was better.Then the house special beef came. It was even better!Service was excellent - very prompt and very, very polite.I don't see how one could go wrong here.
Reviewed by: Howie K. on: 3/8/2013 11:11:00 AM
Why did I order that, again?The chicken with XO sauce, really? After looking at page after mouth-watering page of choices, knowing full well I wasn't going to have seafood this fresh for another long while because I live in high desert, seriously, I chose the chicken. With snow peas. And whatever that XO sauce was... not interesting, not worth the price and certainly not spicy, as it was billed.You know that montage on The Simpsons where Homer D'ohs over and over and over again? That would be me right now. D'oh! D'oh! D'oh!This is one of those reviews where I'll take full credit for the sleepy food and ho-hum experience. But I can't give it high marks. Yet. I'm determined to return again, and force my tongue to meander into adventure town. There was one very big winner that night, though: the Lychee Martini. I won't be forgetting that thing for a long, long time.So in the spirit of Homer, "Mmm. Lychee martini." (Drooling sounds.)
Reviewed by: Natasha P. on: 3/7/2013 10:46:00 AM
This was the best place to eat in Chinatown as far as Yelp was concerned, so we decided to try it. A lot of reviews raved about the Salt and pepper crab, and everyone in our party was pretty excited to try it. We went in and sat down, and ordered some tea, and looked at the menu a little, and decided on a few dishes.The Salt and Pepper Crab was the first to arrive, and it is basically, crab in it's shell fried in a salt and pepper batter. It was tasty, but lacked a bit of flavoring, which would have been ok, if it had not been soaking in oil. That was the biggest downside. It was like they had let it drain straight into the plate they served us in and that was a bit of a let down.We also ordered the Special Beef, which was the best dish at our table. It was beautifully flavored and deliciously crisp. The Peking Duck was a good ol' regular Peking Duck, tasty, and filling, but had a lot of tiny bones in each piece. We also ordered a plate of Chicken Chow Mien for my 5 yr old niece, which was pretty bland, and not very appetizing.I'd like to go back to R & G Lounge and take another try at the salt and pepper crab, and the other stuff on the menu, but I'll be staying away from the Chow Miens.
Reviewed by: George F. on: 3/6/2013 4:08:00 PM
Tried to get a table at Yummy Yummy at lunch today for some crab but the wait was 30 min. So we headed to the old standard R&G Lounge. Got a table right away at 12:30 and ordered the following:BBQ Platter w/ duck wing, duck tongue, and vegetarian goose. 4/5Salt Pepper Crab 5/5 always good signature dish for SF.Fried tofu with shrimp 4/5 nice but little shrimp flavorBeef Brisket w/ turnip clay pot. 5/5 a favoriteScallop with winter melon 3/5 I can't believe the shrinking size of this dish evensmaller than a month ago.The service is good. The Bill $138 w/o tip.
Reviewed by: Wendy C. on: 3/5/2013 3:18:00 PM
SECOND TIME** DISASTROUS!!!I had a great time in Nov eating at the R & G and thought to take my husband with me this time. BOY was that a mistake!!! Our order was EXACTLY the same as last time (not really creatures of habit but hubby just happen to want the same thing).Crab: Over battered nearly no garlic ridiculously salty however still over 2 lbs and $38 for 1 crabChicken: still salty. We ordered half and this time it wasn't half.. or maybe it was a really small chicken.Service was very bad.. we waited for about 10 min and the crab came out so fast! but then.. another 30 min goes by... no chicken no rice... i asked about it.... waiter doesn't come back to give me an update and another 15 min later it arrives.. we are already done with our crab and been waiting of the rest of our meal. Another couple seated next to us seated about 10 min after we sat and their food go there within 10 mins they got soup and dessert with their meal. i thought to ask why we didn't get the same treatment but my husband had had enough and really didn't want to deal with it.Overall... Im going to make sure i go somewhere else next time.
Reviewed by: Betty W. on: 3/1/2013 1:09:00 PM
Overrated.Anthony Bourdain had it right when the bulk of his meal here was a heaping plate of the salt and pepper crab. Of all the dishes I've tried at R&G, it's the only one that held up to (but did not surpass) the hype. It comes batter-fried, while still manages to be light - crispy and delicious. It also happened to be crab season when I tried this last, which didn't hurt either. Otherwise, R&G Lounge is like the dinner version of what dim sum is at Yank Sing: both insanely overpriced and catered to tourists.While their food is admittedly fresher than what you'd get at a lot of other Chinese restaurants, the portions are also far smaller and the prices much more expensive. Here, everything was either standard (the three treasures, the crab, and the claypots in particular - all decent, nothing more spectacular than what you'd find at any other Chinese restaurant, though). Or, if not that, they were disappointingly mediocre. Their namesake "special beef" was ridiculously unmemorable - crispy, sweet, and tender, yes, but also very one-note.Our party also attempted to order two things off the "chef's recommendations" menu - the first was listed as a crispy pork shoulder that the waiter, point blank, advised us NOT to order, because "it's not popular" were his exact words. Only at a Chinese restaurant do you get frankness like that, which I find both humorous and appreciated. But, seriously, why put it on the menu, then? Under the "chef's recommendations" no less. So we nixed that but still ended up ordering what was listed as garlic seafood noodles, also under the "chef's recommendations." It came in this messy slop of overcooked chow mein noodles drenched in an almost cloyingly sweet, tomato sauce and rubbery seafood.REALLY, chef? What are you smoking? It must be some potent shit.Also, another minor gripe is their set meals don't start unless you have a party of 10 or more, which makes it difficult for those in smaller groups who are new to this type of dining to narrow down their choices from the extensive menu.I grew up on (and still very frequently eat) Cantonese/HK style banquet meals akin to the ones that you'll encounter here, and I don't feel like the extra hoo-ha over R&G in particular is warranted, at all. Save your money and expectations for a trip to Koi Palace or Hong Kong Lounge instead.
Reviewed by: Samantha M. on: 3/1/2013 11:08:00 AM
Any foodie familiar with Cantonese food will tell you to come to R & G. The food is really good. Soy sauce chicken here is so sweet and tender.Their stir fry beef is tasty. It is not your typical strips of beef in chow mein.It can get crowded here, so make reservations. Also they have higher their prices, and given smaller portions. I guess they can because they are that good.
Reviewed by: Brent T. on: 3/1/2013 1:48:00 AM
Took some friends from out-of-town here last night and we ordered 3 of the house specials: seafood in lettuce cups, eggplant and fried tofu, and their special beef.The best dish in my opinion last night was the lettuce cups. Basically we were making Chinese tacos with chopped up seafood, plum sauce, and the lettuce wraps. I could have eaten another round of those for sure.Second best dish was the eggplant and fried tofu. Loved the flavor and how the tastes mixed together.The dish I ordered, the special beef...was below par. I thought it was dry and the meat was kind of stringy to me. I was originally going to order the salt & pepper crab but decided not to because we already ordered a seafood dish.I would come here again for food though. Price is right and the first 2 dishes were delicious.Sad note: we were seated next to the fish tanks and we saw a few sad fish floating upside down.
Reviewed by: Harriet W. on: 2/26/2013 4:16:00 AM
My veerrry long overdue review for this place. Hey, better late than never right?I came here for my boyfriend's brother's wedding dinner and I was pretty impressed with this place. I must say this is one of the very few remaining good Chinese restaurants in Chinatown.I don't remember all the specific dishes that were ordered, but I don't remember a single dish that I didn't like. Everything was fresh and flavorful and very accustomed to my liking. For being very picky with Chinese food, I was thoroughly impressed with this place.My favorite dish and the only dish I remember would be the peking duck with buns, a must have for all wedding dinners. Or for any occasion because its so delicious.Would love to come back to this place again :)
Reviewed by: Paul C. on: 2/25/2013 9:47:00 PM
My mom's family are concentrated in the Bay Area and have been spoiled by them taking me to many good places for Chinese food in SF and Oakland Chinatown. However, a colleague from work raves about this restaurant so during a visit to meet-up with a former colleague who now works in SF, we decided to come here for dinner.When you think of R & G Lounge, this place doesn't sound like a restaurant that serves authentic Chinese food but they sure proved me wrong. The food here was very tasty and quite good in my opinion.The layout of this place is very odd - it's like some sort of maze as we were escorted to our cozy table for two. The tables were spaced closely so I felt cramped and could easily eavesdrop on the conversation next door. In looking around the restaurant, I could easily spot the authentic Chinese patrons but had a good mix of business people wearing suits and Western tourists as well.When dining at a Chinese restaurant, I tend to speak in Cantonese rather than English to ensure no misunderstanding in my order. I've worked in a Chinese restaurant for many years and I'm a son of a Chinese chef so I KNOW my Chinese food.We started off with the Soup of the Day (chicken w/ black mushroom), 1/2 of a roast duck, honey pork ribs, beef chow funn w/ black bean sauce and sauteed pea shoots w/ ginger N garlic sauce. Overall, the food was very good and authentic. But I found the pork ribs to be a little too Westernized as it was too sweet.Because I had used my Chinese skills, perhaps the service was excellent. Food came out quite quickly and the waiter was attentive in refiling our hot tea and water glasses.Good food and above par service from this restaurant yield 4-stars from me.
Reviewed by: Thai D. on: 2/25/2013 10:16:00 AM
My cousin (Amy N.) reserved a party of 10 to eat at this spot. She's a big time foodie herself, so I trust her judgment. There was line of people waiting outside, so this place is certainly popular. I'm very glad she got reservations! Even though the restaurant isn't very big and it's quite a tight fit, we were very well accomodated here with a good-sized table downstairs. Amy took care of ordering all the food, which we had family style on the lazy susan. I can't remember the dishes she ordered (which makes this Yelp review nearly useless! :) ) but they were all very delicious. Some chicken dish with the head still on. Some beef dish. Some soup. It was all very good. The service was good too, and the prices weren't bad at all.I'd definitely come back here again.
Reviewed by: Mary B. on: 2/24/2013 1:11:00 AM
Before the China Town parade, we thought we'd grab some Chinese food and decided on R&G Lounge.Although we heard some good reviews, here's my take on the restaurant.They have some OUTSTANDING walnut shrimp! The house special beef dish and the Hong Kong style Chow Mein were good too. However, I would stay away from the lobster and don't order the Geoduck unless you are with large crowd and want to experience it once in your life.The Geoduck is about $90.00 for 2 lbs (set price), so you better be splitting the cost with a lot of friends and family unless you are loaded! The lobster wasn't the best and cost more than I could have imagined.There are some reasonable dishes, but many are at least medium range, so this isn't the place to go if you are on a student budget. The combination fried rice was a little cheaper, but it wasn't the most flavorful.The service was a little slow in the beginning since the restaurant was busy, but the waiters were friendly and attentive throughout our meal which was noteworthy.I'm happy to have tried this restaurant, but I'd return only for the walnut shrimp, special beef, and chow mein on a special occasion. Those were the only dishes I thought were truly satisfying especially for the price.Just a heads-up ... For those looking for a restaurant with dim sum, it isn't served here.
Reviewed by: Joanna T. on: 2/22/2013 8:13:00 AM
There are a few things you can forget: your wedding anniversary, your bff's birthday, watching your cholesterol and calories...However, the one thing you cannot pass on is celebrating Chinese New Year with family and friends.Highlights from this year's meal:*Black Cod - this was a humungous double-brick sized piece of fish that was buttery, delicate and delicious. The size alone was incredible - how big was the whole fish! Also, the fish had an interesting blackened exterior almost as if leaves had been wrapped around it before being cooked.*Salt & Pepper Crab - unabashedly the messiest dish for dinner but how wonderful to eat local Dungeness crab when it's in season. For seafood lovers, the batter coating and the flavorful crab meat is stuff of what dreams are made of.*The Service - even with the restaurant crowded with holiday celebrants, the staff was fast, efficient, courteous and attentive as needed - much appreciated!
Reviewed by: Ben V. on: 2/20/2013 12:36:00 PM
Salt & Pepper Crab, shrimps with honey coated walnuts (the shrimps are lightly coated in mayonnaise, bizarre but good) and special beef are three of my favorite dishes in this very popular three floor Chinese restaurant. Try to get a table on the first floor. Won't be easy as this place gets really crowded and there is generally about a fifteen to half an hour wait.All in all, the Salt & Pepper Crab is the main attraction.
Reviewed by: Sarah T. on: 2/19/2013 9:26:00 PM
For a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown, it's a bit pricey - but it was super popular on a Friday night. My friend and I got there around 6 pm and had to wait about 45 minutes for a table.This seems like a more upscale Cantonese restaurant (which in other words means a normal-scale restuarant...hehe) We went for the Special Beef and a Salted Fish and Chicken Fried Rice. The Special Beef was a bit too hyped up for me in the reviews. It was a bit sweet and tangy - where as I usually like my beef more savory and juicy. The fried rice tasted authentic, though!The atmosphere was noisy and crowded (typical, I guess). When you arrive, they give you a number and you wait there to be called. They seem a little impatient with their number calling. At one point, they called the number before me and looked around for like 10 seconds before calling our number. As we walked up, the group whose number was called 10 seconds ago came up, and so then we had to wait another 10 minutes to be seated.PROS: pretty good food, fast serviceCONS: pricey, crowded atmosphere
Reviewed by: Ailyne H. on: 2/11/2013 12:36:00 PM
Salt & pepper crab, so good!!This place isn't cheap, especially if you order the crab (close to $40). The other dishes were good, but it's been a couple of years since my last visit. I do remember dining in a basement (which I thought was weird) but the food distracted me and brought my taste buds to heavenly heights.The service was okay, a little slow at times. Luckily the food (ahem crab) makes this place a mandatory stop for me whenever in SF!
Reviewed by: Calvin W. on: 2/10/2013 5:15:00 PM
R&G is one of my favorites! It's my go-to whenever we're craving good solid Chinese food. It's much cleaner than your average Chinatown restaurant and takes reservations which is a HUGE plus.Get the salt and pepper crab and the peking duck. Those two are amazing. Everything else is as expected.
Reviewed by: Amy L. on: 2/10/2013 2:16:00 AM
The boy's family wanted to eat here because they used to come all the time when they worked in SF [decades ago], so off we went. I was thrown off by how nice everything is; I'm used to hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurants. It was craaaazy busy, even at 2PM on a Saturday, but we were seated within ten minutes [downstairs].We got the salted cod fried rice, stuffed eggplant, seafood claypot, curry Singapore rice noodles, honey spare ribs, and friend chow mein. The service was surprisingly very good, for having only one waiter [and a few busboys]. The food came out one [or two] at a time, and everything was pretty good. My favorites were definitely the cod friend rice, stuffed eggplant, and honey spare ribs. I know they're known for their seafood, but I wasn't a huge fan of the seafood clay pot.. I think we have to get crab the next time we go.Anyway, it was a pleasant dining experience, but I can't see myself coming here more than once in a blue moon. Things are pretty expensive here, and well, I like my hole-in-the-walls. But it's definitely worth a visit at least once in your lifetime.
Reviewed by: David T. on: 2/9/2013 4:44:00 AM
Tourists and Americans beware. This is fake Chinese food and I'm pissed. First off the bowl of chicken and corn tasteless and thawed out garbage. You can tell it has been defrosted. Then I got the honey BBQ ribs. All fat. You can't decide whether its fat or meat in any of it though its fried anyway. Garbage. Then my girlfriend got her Kung pao garbage chicken. It was recommended by our waiter. It was frozen garbage !! Frozen!!!The other bad thing was the waiter never told us about how no side dishes at all come with the food. So we basically got for 35 dollars was a plate of chicken which was tiny and ribs again tiny. But we are not done yet.The waiters all of them were rushing us out. No manners and because we were white we were treated with less respect. No conversation no nothing.I asked the manager if his food was frozen he said the which dish did you get? Come on really. Then he preceded to tell me his Kung pao wasn't like I'm a dumb ass. Overall if I could give this place a negative score I would as well as tell the chrionical or whoever San Fran's major reputable news source I would tell them to send a critic in there to rip them apart. What a waste of money and a poor animal that died for them to disgrace it.
Reviewed by: Elizabeth N. on: 2/7/2013 1:29:00 AM
Yeah, this place is pretty yum. Not to repeat the accolodes, but overall the food is great and the ambiance/decor clean and inviting. It is a little pricey but you get free validation at Portsmouth garage (which is literally just a few feet away), and had clean bathrooms. I'll buy all that for a dollar.Here's my likes, dislikes and tips for those wanting to give it a try. A thousand some odd people can't be wrong. Especially when you see a bunch of respectable looking Chinese people up in there =)Pros:-Really good service, our waiter had great suggestions-LOVED the Baked Cod!!!! This is one of their specialties and rightfully so. It was the best dish of the meal. The fish looked and tasted like friggin buttah! Came out in a block, melted in your mouth, was delicate but fantastically flavored. Could of just had that and been happy.-Clean bathrooms-Validation (close to the parking too)Cons:-Not as super clean as some other higher end Chinese restaurants I've been to. There were some scuffs on the walls here and there, and the bathroom stalls could have been a bit newer. But by all means, it's not a junky place. Just roughed up a bit.
Reviewed by: Lily J. on: 2/5/2013 6:58:00 PM
3.5I am so torn...This place is way overpriced but the food is good... I don't mind spending a pretty penny for fine dining but this is not a by any means a fine dining establishment. Usually it wouldn't bug be but this place is basically a dive... I mean we ate in a wood panel basement!With that said the service was good and the food was very good.We only had their famous salt'n pepper crab, the peaking duck and sizzling beef which turned out to be about $140 +tip for lunch. The crab said market price on the menu which always means OVER PRICED... it was about $65-70ish... I would come back but probably wouldn't order the crab, it was very good but not worth what they charge for it.
Reviewed by: Lana T. on: 2/1/2013 5:17:00 PM
This place is outrageously delicious and outrageously expensive. Definitely some of the best Chinese food I've ever had. Would I come back? Hellllll yesss. I would have to ration it out tho, since it's pretty damn expensive.We tried:-Salt & pepper crab: hooooollyyyyy crap, this dish is finger licking deliciously amazing. My only suggestion would be for them to do this with soft shell crab so that I could just stuff the whole thing in my mouth without worrying about cracking open the shell, but then I guess I might appreciate the delicately flagrant flesh a little less. Still, it might be worth it to get more of that insanely tasty breadng into my mouth.-Peking duck: usually I refrain from ordering Peking duck because A. I prefer roast duck and B. this will sound pretty douchey, but I've had the best Peking duck there is and I know that nothing anywhere outside of Beijing can compare. Still, if you like Peking duck in general, I have to admit this dish is pretty good, and the buns they serve are soft and fluffy, which is actually really important and often overlooked.-Steamed sea bass: really well cooked, solid sea bass. The flavors are all well balanced without the ginger being too overpowering which I find sometimes. At $45 tho, it's kinda pricey and honestly I'm not sure that it's worth it. When I come back I think I'd rather try the black cod instead, which I hear is melt in your mouth delicious.Also, this place is walkable from the Montgomery BART, which is a huge plus. Service was surprisingly great for a Chinese restaurant, but then again, our bill did come out to be about $150 without any appetizers. The upstairs floor also has a nice view of the rest of Chinatown.
Reviewed by: Cat C. on: 1/22/2013 11:25:00 PM
I've had R & G catered to my old job a few times, and thought it was just okay. But I finally got to dine in last week and try the much talked about crab!The salt & pepper crab is like crack; it's so addicting! Perfectly fried and the meat was so sweet. We also ordered da mieu (pea sprouts) & chicken fried rice. The da mieu was cooked perfectly; it was tender, not so greasy & had the right amount of garlic. The fried rice was pretty bland however and the chicken pieces were teeny tiny...at first we thought it was diced up egg pieces. I also like (from catering experiences) their R&G beef & their stuffed fried tofu with gravy.R&G is a nice, clean, & yes pricier Chinese restaurant but it's worth it. We were able to get a table around 6ish on a Friday and when we left around 7:30 there was a huge wait. Indulge in some yummy crab here every once in awhile!
Reviewed by: flizzi on: 2009-04-09
schmeckt wie es in Asien ��blich ist. Es gibt auch Haifischflossensuppe, sonst die Klassiker Ente, Rind und viel Seafood. Auch Salate. Habe keine DimSum gesehen. (Ich k?nnte da jeden Tag hingehen). Achtung: machen schon um 21.30 Uhr zu, also nicht zu sp?t hingehen ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
Excellent food in a nice environment. Always too cool inside. Good food but bad tea. Sad ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
Deep Fried Fish ($20) was a whole fish fried to crispiness and topped with a light sauce. Fresh and very good. ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
Clams with Black Bean Sauce ($15) is a classic dish with lots of clams hot off the wok. Fresh clams and good sauce. ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
cious! The location is clean and the service is good. It is a bit expensive but definitely worth the price if you like ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
Good food at great prices. Service is good and its spaciously good for groups. I recommend the salty fish fried rice. Yum ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
We enjoyed this restaurant a great deal; loved the Walnut P ns. I thought the prices were fair and have never had to wait for a table ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
what a treat belden alley is, great for a date or out of towners. Plouf is fun and tasty. I love the moules and frites the rest of the ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
A good place to come to for crab dishes. Got overlook the surroundings and come with a group or dine family style. Typical mom and pop place ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
cious. The staff is courteous and efficient. Definitely try this restaurant if you are looking for good food. Hey! I think that's me in the picture ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
Plouf is a trip! I swear the waiters pour on the accent extra thick for added charm. The food is good. I like the color of the walls. What's not to like ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
Plouf in Paris? Mussles and/or clams plouf with a side of frites is the way to go. Nice, clean ambience and excellent service. Why go to Paris when you have Plouf ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
came here on one of those lovely evenings we were having. I love how everyone is crammed next to each other :0) part of the fun. We sampled a variety of dishes all ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
cious! The lunch service was very attentive and fast. We ate outside on a slant which was a little weird but the good food made up for it. Going back in a few days ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
Belden Alley has so many wonderful small restaurants. 3 of us went here for lunch and ordered different items and were all very satisfied. I thoroughly enjoyed my mussels ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
I loved the deep fried crab(their specialty)! The batter was the best and made the work of getting to the crab meat well worth it! I tried the honey walnut p ns and it was ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
sigh, i do love this place, unfortunately i think it's overpriced. they make the food closest to my mom's. recommend the shrimp, mushu pork, and spinach greens, heck all of it ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
I enjoyed a group dinner here on Christmas and was quite happy with the meal and the service. Although Cantonese is not my favorite style of food, everything we had was tasty and well prepared. ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
My fav in chinatown. Fresh food, clean, decent service. Always order the 3 treasures (tofu, eggplant, pepper with shrimp paste), XO beef and of course, the salt & pepper crab. Very much hong-kong style ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
I've eaten lunch here a couple times and have been neither dissapointed nor impressed. It seems to have a reputation of the best in chinatown, and the prices are more expensive....but the quality doesn't demand it ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
I love the area and the ambience of this place. If you can, try to book a table outside on a nice evening. The mussels are excellent. I went on a very busy night so service was a little slow and unattentive but forgivable due to the ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
cious although a few times it was underwhelming. It's fun with a bunch of people (booth for six) but if it is a romantic meal out, Plouf is probably not the best place. It's quite loud inside and the tables are set close to one another. ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
Was pretty good food. I like the Walnut Shrimp and I thought that the noodles were nice and springy. Very tasty food. If you intend to take someone from out of town here, you might want to reconsider. You are in the basement so it's not ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
I loved the mussles! You can pick from a list of different broths. I picked a coconut and lemongrass broth that worked well with the mussels. My cousin ordered the lamb dish with a special cream sauce. It was very nice! ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
R and G Lounge is a popular Hong Kong style Cantonese Chinese restaurant in San Francisco. Since 1985 they have been serving top notch Chinese food in Chinatown. Decor, Vibe �C They have remodeled over the years to modern, clean decor. ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
Place has been hit and miss for me. Good for lunch but terrible for dinner. I am not impressed with dinner even though this place is a land mark for locals. It looks authentic but food wasn't all that great for dinner. Maybe I will try ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
I've been here twice - both for the fried crab!! I'm sure the other dishes we had were great too, but the crab really made an impression on me. Do not go here without ordering the crab - that's my advice - you will thank me later (perhaps? ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
dishes were above average for this neighborhood. We drank bottled beer. Prices are higher than in a typical Chinatown slop house, but no higher than a suburban clean restaurant. Deserves a positive rating for the food quality, ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
it serves up good food, but i feel as if you can get comparable, if not better food elsewhere. it's quite expensive for what they serve, and there seems to be a bit of "discrimination" of how they sit people. waits can be extremely long ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
A nice enough place if rather expensive. Sitting outside is pleasant and the smells from all the restaurants in the alley lend an real atmosphere to the experience. My steak was cooked to perfection, not easy because with steak I'm ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
i was there too back in december...the food was delicious and the portion was a bit way too big, it'd be better for larger groups than a party of 2-3 :) we ended up having the remaining food packed and ate them for dinner! i agree with ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
Plouf is one of those hidden gems that reminds me how special and unique San Francisco is. Hidden in Belden Alley, you feel like you've been transported away to Paris while enjoying several glasses of wine with a steaming bowl of mussels and ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
I have been to Plouf for both dinner and lunch. Both times the service was extremely slow and the food took forever to arrive. For dinner I had fish and chip - which were just too greasy and over fried. And for lunch a Caesar salad with ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
tanks with creatures fashioned after places like Koi Palace, and Harbor Village. However, with the small underground dining room it really doesn't launch into the ranks as Harbor Village or Koi. You don't get the pleasant environment ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
Pea shoots ($13) were in good quantity but were pretty standard issue None R and G Lounge's service was slightly above average for a Chinese restaurant. Servers were hustling by but needed some prompting. Free red bean dessert soup to ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
Pretty good food, which I find strangely hard to find in San Francisco. We got 4 dishes: Snow Peas and Water Chestnuts, Szechuan Pork, Salt and Pepper P ns, and Salty Fish, Chicken and Tofu Clay Bowl. All were fresh, not too greasy, ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
Great for ambiance. Great place to enjoy a glass of wine. Love that they have so many varieties of mussels, but they can be hit-or miss. I though the au gratin-style was missing something. Not enough salt in the potatoes, too much in the ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
I've tried some random Chinese restaurants in SF before and was never really satisfied with my experiences. Food was mediocre and service was poor. Then one day my cube neighbor recommended R&G Lounge and showed me their website. ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
She joined me at R&G, her favorite Chinese restaurant in San Francisco, to taste some world-class crab as part of a Hong Kong-style Cantonese banquet. ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
Downstairs you'll find a family-style restaurant with astonishingly inexpensive prices and daily Cantonese lunch specials (like a wonderful five-spice oxtail soup) that are exceptionally tasty. Upstairs is a serene and rather elegant ...?
Reviewed by: Contributor on:
The Scene Popular with San Francisco's restaurant cognoscenti, Chinese families and everyone in between, this Chinatown destination is hopping every night of the week. The blond-wood bar promises elegance, which is delivered in an upstairs ...?
Reviewed by: kdub on: 2002-06-20
Wow! R&G Lounge has expanded once again with a new bar and another dining room. It looks really nice! I remember going there as a kid and they only had the lower level. Their food is consistently good and they have very unique dishes. ...?
Reviewed by: a_guy_in_sf on: 2002-07-18
I went here for lunch with a few co-workers and the experience caused us all to agree: "we're not coming back here." They sat us in the basement seating area, which was over air conditioned. The waiter was unfriendly. The lunch serving ...?
Reviewed by: rmeans on: 2002-08-15
The food is magnificent! I have so many favorite dishes: walnut prawns, special beef, salt and pepper spareribs (or crab!), westlake soup... ahh, my mouth is watering. There are many offerings here not on the menu, when you go ask for ...?
Reviewed by: yanirawong on: 2002-08-19
You would think that segregation would be a thing of the past especially in a liberal city such as SF - right? WRONG! At R&G non-Chinese patrons are immediately whisked to the back room while Chinese patrons eat in the front room. ...?
Reviewed by: soma_foodie on: 2002-09-01
Newly remodeled. Validated parking. Busting and family oriented. Every dish is delicious, but the two best are the house specialties, salt and pepper crab and chef's chicken soup. Everyone knows how good the crab is, but few non-Chinese ...?
Reviewed by: noefoodie on: 2002-09-16
This place is famous for one thing: its salt & pepper crabs. That is a must order whenever I go. As for the service, it's not the worst I've ever received (that distinction would go to Koi Palace in Daly City). The waiters are not exactly ...?
Reviewed by: almchen on: 2002-10-03
Very good food. Cantonese cuisine. Soy sauce chicken, R&G beef, scallops, crabs (not the chili, try the ginger and onion crabs). With fame, it has become more expensive. Basement is where real Chinese patrons eat in relatively small groups. ...?
Reviewed by: lauralippay on: 2002-11-23
I'm not sure - maybe I missed the Lounge part? The bar upon entering is small, kinda cozy. The rest of the place is awfully plain. It might be cool if you're seated next to your dinner in the tanks downstairs, otherwise you better have a ...?
Reviewed by: sfla on: 2003-02-01
The food was mediocre. Nothing had much taste. I was overcharged for everything. And when I spoke to the manager, I was told that it was my fault for not knowing. This is the worst dining experience I have ever had! ...?
Reviewed by: redpandaxo on: 2003-07-22
This is probably one of my favorite (fancier chinese) restaurants. I guess the ppl who gave LOW ratings are probably use to the typical tourist foods such as sweet & sour pork, fried rice, and pot stickers or maybe Panda Express??! LOL. ...?
Reviewed by: huskyduck on: 2003-11-30
If you only have one place to eat in SF and you crave good Cantonese cuisine, you would do well by choosing to eat at R and G. The barbeque pork will be the best you will have ever eaten. Seafood dishes are the strength of the restaurant and ...?
Reviewed by: jimmy188 on: 2004-08-26
We went there for lunch, food is good. However, when we ask for our bill, we have to wait forever. When we ask the waiter one more time, the wait says " I am busy as well, you just have to wait" in front of all other customer. ...?
Reviewed by: cytiev on: 2004-10-09
All Review Photos They serve the best Chinese food in Chinatown. Whenever my boyfriend and I crave Chinese food, we go to R& G Lounge in Chinatown. We always order their Seafood and Bean Curd Soup, R&G Beef-cooked in the chef's specialty ...?
Reviewed by: xxxinaaa on: 2004-10-25
I helped with a wedding banquet at R & G lounge and was disappointed. We were told that we'd have the entire 2nd floor at 7pm, 7:30 at the latest to set up for a 8pm dinner. When we arrived at 7:40, a party was still in one of the rooms, ...?
Reviewed by: "Christina", Houston on: 2004-10-25
I attended a wedding banquet at R & G lounge over the weekend and was disappointed. I was supposed to be helping out with my cousin's wedding, and we were told that we would have the whole 2nd floor at 7pm, 7:30 at the latest to set up ...?
Reviewed by: poparina on: 2004-11-14
I go to lunch on a regular basis and have found the food to be consistently great. The service has always been excellent. We particularly enjoy the Dragon Phoenix and my favorite is beef and tender green chow fun. ...?
Reviewed by: A TripAdvisor Member on: 2005-01-06
R&G Lounge is more expensive than neighborhood Chinatown restaurants, but it looks much cleaner and nicer (you're paying for the ambiance). Actually, it's reasonably priced, just not bargain-basement cheap. The Special beef in XO sauce ...?
Reviewed by: A TripAdvisor Member on: 2005-01-11
This is the only restaurant to go to in Chinatown! Make sure to have the salt and pepper crab- there is absoluntely nothing better in the entire city!!! Every dish I've had has been stellar. ...?
Reviewed by: Chadder Box on: 2005-02-01
Spacious seating, attentive staff. The Peking duck, snow pea greens (similar to spinach), and chicken salad were all excellent. Although I didn't have it, others in my party said the walnut shrimp and fried dungeoness crab were excellent. ...?
Reviewed by: jadegyrlee on: 2005-02-10
but i feel as if you can get comparable, if not better, chinese food elsewhere. it's quite expensive for what they serve, and there seems to be a bit of "discrimination" of how they sit people. waits can be extremely long there. if you want ...?
Reviewed by: wyld4yoo on: 2005-02-22
specialty)! The batter was the best and made the work of getting to the crab meat well worth it! I tried the honey walnut prawns and it was delicious. The staff is courteous and efficient. Definitely try this restaurant if you are looking for good ...?
Reviewed by: shat88 on: 2005-03-31
Chinatown. Not one of those tourist traps. seafood such as their lobster and crab are excellent. Parking isn't too bad since there's a parking lot just one block away. ...?
Reviewed by: prophet on: 2005-05-02
although never really by my choice. Don't get me wrong, it's good Cantonese food. The seafood is fresh and prepared well. Their service is good. Its just a little pricey for what you get. I think you can do better at several other places in Chinatown, Sunset and the Richmond. ...?
Reviewed by: neeta_dhawan on: 2005-05-16
We had heard good things about R&G Lounge but experienced something much different. First of all, they had no record of our reservation eventhough we had made it about 2 hours earlier. The hostess was pretty unsympathetic about it. ...?
Reviewed by: dimples6477 on: 2005-05-16
I've always loved this place for it's food. But having returned there after 5 years away, I find that the restaurant has improved tremendously. The restaurant used to be a tiny place. Now, they have remodeled the top floor and expanded. ...?
Reviewed by: wine&fine on: 2005-06-02
for locals from outside Chinatown than a serious contender for fine chinese dining. The food is quite good, and is not plastic panda fare as the crowd suggests. There are live seafood tanks with creatures fashioned after places like Koi ...?
Reviewed by: Ervi L. on: 2005-06-09
It is a nice chinese restaurant. Perfect for families. If you go there, you really have to try the super delicious salt and pepper crab. It has very soft crab meat and perfect seasoning spice. It also has a nice bar in front (main entrance), ...?
Reviewed by: Angela Von Buelow on: 2005-07-15
a Cantonese dish called Steak Kew for my Dad. You would think this dish was his great white whale, he has not had it in over 20 years but we hear stories of it every time he visits SF. I thought we might have a shot at recapturing this great-lost dish at R&G. We came very close with the ...?
Reviewed by: A TripAdvisor Member on: 2005-08-06
Restaurant provides decent chinese food at a very reasonable price. We didn't have the speciality crab dishes which lots of people seemed to be eating . One good sign was that there were lots of chinese people eating there. ...?
Reviewed by: Vlad V. on: 2005-08-23
We had a 3-person early (6 pm) weekday reservation. We were "greeted" (note the quote marks there) and seated in the upstairs area. Our order was taken promptly but "coldly" and was promptly delivered. While we did enjoy our food (the ...?
Reviewed by: RoxyCat on: 2005-08-29
The service is good and so is the food. However, it seems I always get seated in the little hallway by the kitchen...once is cool, but three times...I'm getting a complex. ...?
Reviewed by: bleucheesewiz on: 2005-09-16
This used to be one of my favorites. Now its off my list. As a 2nd gen. Chinese I used to loved their authenticity. The flavor and the authenticity of the food has been replaced by flash and no substance. By-pass this place unless you want ...?
Reviewed by: A TripAdvisor Member on: 2005-10-03
Worst place to go to in terms of Service. ME and my husband decided ..this is not a place we ever would want to go again. We reached there for lunch one day at 2:27. Well may be by the time the waiter came to us to take orders it was 2:31, ...?
Reviewed by: edubble on: 2005-10-29
crab!! I'm sure the other dishes we had were great too, but the crab really made an impression on me. Do not go here without ordering the crab - that's my advice - you will thank me later (perhaps?)... courteous staff, who always clear away dishes, ...?
Reviewed by: wallstpup on: 2005-11-23
Nov 19, 05 We ordered 2 lunch specials (noon-5pm), mongolian beef and lemon chicken $6.50 each and 2 vegetable egg rolls, $3.75. The beef came on a large rectangular plate with one side piled with beef and the other a heaping mound of rice. ...?
Reviewed by: sfdee on: 2005-12-27
and was quite happy with the meal and the service. Although Cantonese is not my favorite style of chinese food, everything we had was tasty and well prepared. seafood is clearly the specialty here and I'm not a seafood eater but even I was impressed by the crab ...?
Reviewed by: Jenny L. on: 2005-12-29
The food is here is marvelous. My personal favorite and also one of the main dishes of this restaurant is the Hot and Spicy Crab. The food is very good although it serves in quite small quantities compared to other restaurants. ...?
Reviewed by: luiss on: 2006-01-01
I went to this place late night, bieng from NY and working in the restaurant industry so i know what its like when its time for closing, but for a friday night, our waiter was quick to get us out, our tab was very high but the tip was to ...?
Reviewed by: cheeryinpink on: 2006-01-22
After reading great reviews of R and G on Zagat, I was excited to eat at the restaurant. I'm Chinese American and have eaten at countless number of Chinese restaurants and wanted to give R and G a try. I was really disappointed though, ...?
Reviewed by: mediumrare007 on: 2006-01-31
seafood come here. Yes, the crab is all that's cracked up to be. Get it, cracked up to be....!! Hahaha... you may be laughing, but the food at the R&G Lounge is no joke. The price is a higher than a normal typical chinese spot, but the taste and flavor of ...?
Reviewed by: maitai326 on: 2006-02-21
I think R & G loung is clearly over rated. It's over priced for some of the chinese dishes you can find else where for better taste and more authenticity. A better place to check out is just up 2-3 blocks up the hill, on Clay street, ...?
Reviewed by: BKM3 on: 2006-03-05
food is pretty good. Pricey!! you cannot eat here and say the food was exhorbitantly priced. just pricey but it is well presented and always fresh. I hear the crab is da kine. House chardonnay is very decent for the cash. ...?
Reviewed by: samarati on: 2006-03-06
recommendation after deciding years ago that there are no good restaurants in Chinatown. My date & I ate lunch here. We sat downstairs in the basement. Didn't like the room. The AC was cranked full-on and we were cold. Server did nothing to change that after I asked. ...?
Reviewed by: summerdawn76 on: 2006-03-20
I go where the Asians go! I loved that this place was full of culture inside the menu and with the clientele. I recommend the crab and the Mongolian Beef. ...?
Reviewed by: francoaj on: 2006-04-18
I've been here a few times, and this place is an oasis in a jungle of Chinese eateries which are mostly of mediocre quality food and questionable health standards. R & G Lounge is good place to take your friends when you try to convince them ...?
Reviewed by: allrookie on: 2006-05-14
me. Good for lunch but terrible for dinner. I am not impressed with dinner even though this place is a land mark for locals. It looks authentic but food wasn't all that great for dinner. Maybe I will try again but doubt it. Small dinner portions and not cheap, especially given its ...?
Reviewed by: Shannon W. on: 2006-05-24
my friends brought me to this restaurant and what can I say but that I love it? it was DELICIOUS. they have the greatest tasting crab and shrimp, I think they're specialty is basically seafood, it's heavenly! the waiters were really kind ...?
Reviewed by: cecilianysf on: 2006-05-27
The Best Authentic Gourmet Cantonese food in San Francisco. Try the "Three Treasures" & "Fried Crab". The waiters, managers Edward, Lucy are always working hard and making sure to provide excellent service. I have been a regular for 16 ...?
Reviewed by: aminoacid5 on: 2006-06-07
I may be a snob, but I don't think good food alone makes a good restaurant. My rationale is, if I'm gonna spend my hard-earned money to eat somewhere other than my house, I want good food AND good service. I mean, I'm not only paying for the ...?
Reviewed by: Sophia L. on: 2006-06-23
If you are craving for some tasty crabs, this is the place you have to go. They are famous for their freshly seasoned crabs (salt & pepper). If you are planning to go during the weekend, you should call ahead of time to make reservation, ...?
Reviewed by: Alice Y. on: 2006-06-28
Located is Chinatown and always busy, this place serves pretty good Chinese food. I went there for dinner and it was a pleasant experience except it was too overly crowded. The food was satisfying and the fried crab is especially good. ...?
Reviewed by: lucky321 on: 2006-07-06
Why we would never return to this place: 1. Service is horrible. If you're in a small group you have to wait a long time because they don't really care about you. The waiter did not know the menu at all and told us inaccurate things ...?
Reviewed by: bisou819 on: 2006-07-20
My friend and I were looking for good Chinese food mid-week for lunch. The upstairs looked quite nice, so we decided to stay. They promptly brought us to a table downstairs. As soon as we got to the bottom of the stairs I thought I was ...?
Reviewed by: jl45 on: 2006-07-27
I'm not sure why the previous people would say R&G is not a good place to eat. R&G Lounge is hands down the best chinese restaurant. The Salt & Pepper Crab is to die for and they have the freshest seafood. I agree that the service needs ...?
Reviewed by: nlim on: 2006-08-06
I have been to R&G many times, and you don't go there for the atmosphere nor the service. The salt and pepper crab is just incredible and you have to order if if you go there. The Peking duck is tender and moist, and the snow peas with ...?
Reviewed by: SanFranFoodLover on: 2006-09-07
make sure to try the famed salt and pepper crab or calamari. The decor is very casual and nothing very exciting, but it is much better now that they have added the upstairs dining area... the downstairs is not very nice, but it is the ...?
Reviewed by: mmm...tasty on: 2006-09-18
u could get better elsewhere, but maybe that's just me cuz my grandfather was a chinatown chef. lunch here is just okay, but dinner is supposed to be good. if u go for dinner, get the signature salt and pepper roast crab. btw, i like the ...?
Reviewed by: tommygrl1327 on: 2006-10-17
I have been going here for years and it's the best Catonese food in the city. I frequently make trips to Hong Kong so believe me I've had my fair share of Cantonese food and even friends from Hong Kong say this restaurant can hold its own in ...?
Reviewed by: punks on: 2006-10-20
had in these here parts! I got beef chow fun and it had this goopy sauce (their gravy) poured on top of boiled noodles with a little bit of beef, some tender baby bok choy (best part of it) and it just wasn't that good. Normally the chow fun noodles are in a wok and ...?
Reviewed by: bttran1974 on: 2006-11-02
Food was very average at best. We had their 'famous' Live Crab w/ Salt N' Pepper (although, it actually came out cooked and thankfully dead...not live, as advertised), Chef's Special Noodles, Mixed Vegetables and Steamed Sea Bass. ...?
Reviewed by: cuisinenoi on: 2006-11-04
I've tried a few dishes before during lunch and my favorites are the Special Beef (good deal as lunch special) and the Honey Walnut Prawns, best walnut prawns I've ever had as their prawns are scrumptious and not too sweet and creamy ...?
Reviewed by: cuisinenoi on: 2006-11-04
lunch and it's a hit or miss. Their hits are the Special Beef (good deal as lunch special) and the Honey Walnut Prawns, best walnut prawns I've ever had as their prawns are scrumptious and not too sweet and creamy like other places. I've had the stuffed tofus before ...?
Reviewed by: i<3fookyoon on: 2006-11-07
That is what this restaurant is known for, their infamous crab. This particular chinese restaurant is a bit pricey, however, it's well worth the extra dollar! Even if you're not familiar on what to order, pretty much everything is a hit! ...?
Reviewed by: newguysfo on: 2006-11-18
My wife asked me to write a review here. She says she loves the crab, the salt and pepper crab that is. It's very fresh. I don't remember how much it was but I'd estimate about $30 which is high but not too high if you've got a craving ...?
Reviewed by: ls04 on: 2006-11-20
I have been here a handful of times and have had both good and bad experiences. The menu is fairly extensive and the location is convenient if you work in the financial district. ...?
Reviewed by: infinitee1 on: 2006-12-10
I absolutely love the salt and pepper crab! A few other favorites are the Three Treasures, which is a combination of eggplant, shrimp, tofu smothered in black bean sauce. The peking spareribs are the best in city, too! I love this place! ...?
Reviewed by: tooosie on: 2007-01-15
(as a business guest) and found it great each time. They have a good variety and excellent service. I tried the walnut shrimp, fried crab and barbequed spareribs and all were topnotch. This restaurant was recommended by friends in both San Francisco and Chicago. I would tell my Chicago ...?
Reviewed by: sbloomwood on: 2007-03-08
flavorful, non- cliche'd food. I immediately want to go back as soon as I leave. Great dried scallop and egg-white fried rice, stuffed tofu, mustard greens...Maybe the best Chinese food in all of San Francisco. I crave it and drive across town to get take- out... ...?
Reviewed by: RichardM282981 on: 2007-03-15
. The serving area downstairs serves everyone at large, round tables that seat 12. Singles, couples, or large groups all sit and eat together. It's a great place to meet some of the locals, and get to talk about anything. The food is good ...?
Reviewed by: patriciad6198 on: 2007-03-16
restaurant in Chinatown where the Chinese dine, this is the place for you only you may feel a little out of place (no pun intended) if you don't speak Chinese since the sounds of the language surround you. ...?
Reviewed by: ChristinaH8353 on: 2007-04-03
floor looks like they're seating you next to the kitchen and they're about to throw a butcket of dirty water over the floor to wash it. The salt and pepper deep-fried ANYTHING is good, but definitely get your hands dirty with the crab version. ...?
Reviewed by: AyseLynn on: 2007-04-12
but i really dislike sitting across from the overcrowded fish tank, looking at the hapless crabs trying to escape. If you are seated near the kitchen enterance, it is equally unpleasant - with all the noise and the view of dirty buckets ...?
Reviewed by: antoniodean on: 2007-04-15
Thought R&G is one of the prestigious restaurant over the bay area. However, feels disappointed after going there. Food was average but very poor customer service. Waiters don't care about their customers at all. The Salt N Pepper crab ...?
Reviewed by: A TripAdvisor Member on: 2007-05-24
Went for lunch on the recommendation of "Best of SF for 2007". The place is very clean and their service is typical NY Chinatown.... quick and very , impersonal. It's all about the food so don't take it personal.Lots of Chinese people in the ...?
Reviewed by: ualpilotret on: 2007-06-07
Had lunch on 06-07-07 with five friends and unlike other comments on this site the service was on time and unobtrusive. The food was warm and delicious and not oily. The facility was clean and nicely decorated. ...?
Reviewed by: victorpf on: 2007-06-21
The quality and quantity can vary at R&G. The lemon chicken is very good but the in-house beef lunch special was too dry. Portions can vary from visit to visit. Sometimes the service is good other times poor. ...?
Reviewed by: yakitori on: 2007-07-13
Try the salt and pepper scallops! =D They are just soooo delicious! The location is clean and the service is good. It is a bit expensive but definitely worth the price if you like seafood. ...?
Reviewed by: A TripAdvisor Member on: 2007-08-06
We were on vacation and family members who live in SF recommended we go to R&G. We definitely enjoyed the dinner. Though the crab was VERY expensive you have to get it as it is their signature dish. The rest of the entrees are much more ...?
Reviewed by: A TripAdvisor Member on: 2007-09-07
This place was the best Chinese food that I have ever had. I have been to many Chinese restaurants but this one definitely tops them all. We first ordered the BBQ pork and the egg rolls. The Pork was tender and flavorful. ...?
Reviewed by: linko4 on: 2007-09-13
The food I have tonight were awesome, it's wordless to say that it's out standing and sophisticated restaurant you could eat at. My favorite bowl today was the Braised Seafood Shark Fin Soup because it didn't contain shell fish. ...?
Reviewed by: LukeL1323585 on: 2007-10-13
outside of Hong Kong and elsewhere in the world! Don't stop with the salt and pepper crab which is the signature dish. Try new items that even Chinese customers should inquire of the waitperson as the chefs keep churning out new dishes to please. ...?
Reviewed by: danceluvingal on: 2007-11-21
strangely hard to find in San Francisco. We got 4 dishes: Snow Peas and Water Chestnuts, Szechuan Pork, Salt and Pepper Prawns, and Salty Fish, Chicken and Tofu Clay Bowl. All were fresh, not too greasy, and flavorful. I've always liked the clay pot, with it's pungent smoky ...?
Reviewed by: A TripAdvisor Member on: 2008-02-01
RNG Lounge631 Kearny StreetSan Francisco, CA 94108Hours: 11 am - 9.30 pmTel [--]This restaurant is absolutely fabulous! It was recommended by a cabbie to us 11 years ago and every time we are in SF we have to stop in and have their 'Special ...?
Reviewed by: CoolWiz on: 2008-02-22
Cantonese cuisine. I always go for quality of food over decor. All the Chef's Recommended dishes (with photo) on their menu are excellent, especially the Salt and Pepper Crab. ...?
Reviewed by: mielle628 on: 2008-02-22
of Chinatown near North Beach. Innovative dishes.. and oh boy...the crab! Always seems to be a place recommended by Chinese friends. A great place to bring out of town visitors. Can get very busy, but is large enough wait is not long. ...?
Reviewed by: KarenL682495 on: 2008-02-23
- R & G is it. The offer banquet style meals that give a good array of variety. It's Hong Kong style and depending on how many are in your party - more than enough to share ...?
Reviewed by: markymark on: 2008-03-03
but I don't have high expectations when I am eating at a Chinese restaurant for its crabs. The fried crab, the house specialty, is just perfectly salty, fresh, yummy, and ... of course, fried. ...?
Reviewed by: CherylM2585 on: 2008-03-06
of ambience. If you're bringing out-of-town guests, request the street level dining room--the basement is a dungeon. Best salt and pepper crab in the world, something EVERYONE'S got to try! ...?
Reviewed by: aversetospam on: 2008-03-07
One needs a good sized group to sample the menu. My order of three dishes without the signature items was not enough. That said, the items that I had were of variable quality. West Lake Minced Beef Soup - well balanced broth with ground ...?
Reviewed by: A TripAdvisor Member on: 2008-03-07
One needs a good sized group to sample the menu in a place like this. My order of three dishes without the signature items was not enough. That said, the items that I had were of variable quality. West Lake Minced Beef Soup - well ...?
Reviewed by: jeffreyw8918 on: 2008-03-08
Chinese restaurants, but the quality is worth every penny! For an evening banquet for a family or just lunch time treat for the self. Best Salted fish & Chicken Fried rice anywhere. Seafood is their specialty. They have private rooms upstair that can accommadate ...?
Reviewed by: unionfourall on: 2008-03-24
I had heard about but had never been to R & L Lounge. Sure there were tourists eating here and locals as well. I was bring friends from New Orleans and I was pleasantly surprised at the food, service, and decor. I'll have to say, being Chinese, I'll have to come back again and continue to gain ...?
Reviewed by: A TripAdvisor Member on: 2008-03-27
We ate here twice during our March 2008 trip to San Francisco. Both times were packed- reservations recommended, even if you call an hour before you arrive it helps. The food was terrific, prices are reasonable, the place is immaculate and ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2008-03-28
They lost my reservation so I was told the wait would be 20 minutes. 30 minutes later it was another 20 minutes, then another 10 minutes. We were packed in the tiny lobby like sardines. With all said and done, I am glad I waited. Once we were seated, the service was fast, friendly and professional. The food was great! I will go back next time I'm in town, however I will call back to make sure they keep my reservation.?
Reviewed by: David Nguyen (MyCo) on: 2008-04-22
This place is a Chinese Restaurant, but it is a on authentic Chinese food. They have some decent stuff on their menu but if you're looking for the real thing.. There are plenty of other places around the area. ...?
Reviewed by: A TripAdvisor Member on: 2008-04-23
When we arrived we discovered they had lost our reservation so reluctantly we waited an hour to be seated.Once seated, the service was quick, but not too quick and very friendly, something that is rare in such a busy place. The food was ...?
Reviewed by: Prince of Peas on: 2008-04-27
should try their clay pot with salted fish and tofu (we were warned, "not to westerners taste"). Delicious if really want authentic. Duck tongue as an appetizer was unique and most non-Asians will enjoy it as well. The lamb with XO sauce was superb. ...?
Reviewed by: Beau_Safken on: 2008-05-13
I like the Walnut Shrimp and I thought that the noodles were nice and springy. Very tasty food. If you intend to take someone from out of town here, you might want to reconsider. You are in the basement so it's not really known for the ...?
Reviewed by: A TripAdvisor Member on: 2008-07-06
Our service on Monday, June 30th was poor - no ice water arrived until the end of our meal, even though we requested it twice. Never received any sweetener. The worst was that the meat in our Peking Duck was gristly and fatty, ...?
Reviewed by: BlackBook on: 2008-07-27
Ree ruv R&G. Nicely renovated three-story Chinatown Cantonese landmark where food goddess Alice Waters celebrated her birthday. Don't be spooked by Secret Service wires worn by the hosts. Just ask for a table in the upstairs dining room, ...?
Reviewed by: A TripAdvisor Member on: 2008-08-04
We went to the R&G - it's recommended in Fodor's and was near our hotel. We had to wait, but only about 15 minutes, which was a surprise since we were told, when we walked in, it would be about a half hour.Food: We ordered the eggroll, ...?
Reviewed by: patchan on: 2008-08-11
Every dish I tried in this restaurant was absolutely wonderful. The crab and shrimp were very fresh and cooked to perfection (not overdone). One of the best pan fried chow meins (Hong Kong Style) I've had. I really enjoyed how each dish was ...?
Reviewed by: A TripAdvisor Member on: 2008-08-17
After reading numerous good reviews of this restaurant on Tripadvisor and Frommer's we had high expectations of this place. However, we found our meals to be below average and the service to be perfunctory. The "chicken w/ cashews" dish was ...?
Reviewed by: Joseph B. on: 2008-08-25
We went to the R & G on a Saturday night at dinner hour and should have expected the 45 minute wait for a table. It was worth it though. We had clay pot chicken with onion and a candied shrimp and walnut dish which were both superb. ...?
Reviewed by: RandyS768669 on: 2008-09-18
eaten, but it's consistantly above average in quality, and a favorite among SF locals. The decor is awful, but it's fun and doesn't dissapoint. Try it once at least! ...?
Reviewed by: A TripAdvisor Member on: 2008-11-16
Upon a firm recommendation from a Long Island , NY couple, we went here for lunch. We were advised to order the dungeness crab which we did-steamed with garlic. Four of us shared it and it was delicious. However, it was all downhill from ...?
Reviewed by: scorpionfish on: 2008-12-03
We (as a big group) has been there several times for lunch and the food presentation is quite consistent. The service is quick however waiters and waitress are not as friendly. They seem careless and in some cases are almost rude. ...?
Reviewed by: FussonaBudget on: 2008-12-04
CHICKEN BUTTS, HEAD TO R&G. IT MADE ME SICK -- REALLY What the hell was that? I have to tell you that this was one of the WORST experiences in "Chinese" dining I have ever had. In fact, I actually had to RUN to the bathroom because I was experiencing explosive ______!!! I think it was ...?
Reviewed by: dondata on: 2008-12-05
The good is alright but it didnt look to clean. The service wasn't top notch but they were prompt on getting the food out. I don't know if this is a good thing. ...?
Reviewed by: A TripAdvisor Member on: 2008-12-07
The concierge at my hotel recommended this restaurant as "authentic" and "upscale". Authentic might be true, as the restaurant was full of people ordering in cantonese, but it is more of a restaurant for a Wednesday night quick simple ...?
Reviewed by: pink99 on: 2008-12-12
The food here is as authentic as it gets in San Francisco. It resembles Chinese home style cooking. I tend to order the same items each time I dine here, that is, fried crab, pan fried ground pork with preserved fish, large bean sprouts, ...?
Reviewed by: A TripAdvisor Member on: 2008-12-16
The R&G Lounge was recommended by the bartender at our hotel. He said it was really good....so we took his advice. First, something positive. The food was good...but not anything special. However, the service we received by our waiter ...?
Reviewed by: JosephS634294 on: 2009-01-03
Too bad because the quality of the crab and ling cod we had were very good. Like most Chinese restaurants they get carried away with this nasty additive and it kills the food. Check your blood pressure after you leave. ...?
Reviewed by: SusanM748633 on: 2009-01-14
resulted in a vastly improved restaurant. Better decor, excellent service, and consistently superb dishes. Smoked salmon and avocado eggrolls, fried calamari, Peking Duck, salt and pepper crab, candied walnut prawns, Mongolian beef, and handmade noodles made for an awesome feast. ...?
Reviewed by: garym1087664 on: 2009-01-15
of other famous foodies who love it. Asked for a banquet. A lot of dishes but mostly pretty standard and way too much deep fried. The crab was overrated...the deep fried coating on the shells was excellent but the actual crab meat texture was squishy and had no taste. ...?
Reviewed by: Likestotravel1954 on: 2009-02-25
I was expecting this restaurant to be something special. Sadly, the service was poor, the dishes were dirty, and there was an uncharacteristic crunch to the rice that didn't belong. I can't be explicit in this review, but trust me it wasn't ...?
Reviewed by: JeremyW9987 on: 2009-02-27
when working late. It's definitely not the cheapest place - but it's a step above your average chinatown greasy spot. Get the prawns with honey walnuts and the R&G Beef. ...?
Reviewed by: grishnackh on: 2009-02-27
but if you stick to the kitchen's specialties you will be more than happy with both the quality of both the ingredients and cooking. The salt and pepper live fried crab is to die for. ...?
Reviewed by: AnnieW744695 on: 2009-02-27
the crab and go more expensive; upstairs has better atmosphere, downstairs is very casual and more "authentic." If you order crab, your bill will be higher than the $16 quoted... but worth it! ...?
Reviewed by: SuzanneY1656 on: 2009-03-02
The crab is really good, but pretty expensive (though I think it's worth it, as a treat). I like the R&G beef, which is a little bit sweet. My parents are pretty picky about their Chinese food and they like this place. ...?
Reviewed by: barbarab270320 on: 2009-03-02
clean and fast paced with yummy seafood specialities. try the ap of lettuce cup minced seafood...so good! a huge fish tank (clean) hold the bounty. go for the salt and pepper crab or you you can't handle the coating get the crab steamed. ...?
Reviewed by: SWDBMS on: 2009-03-05
if you're not too familiar with the cuisine. The flavor is very good and I particularly like how they prepare their vegetables, which is par boiled or steamed with a little sauce. You don't loose too much of the vegetable's flavor. ...?
Reviewed by: A TripAdvisor Member on: 2009-03-06
i was determined not to get suckd into some prix fixe valentine's day dinner so i chose r & g lounge. we had a reservationa dn were seatly immediately. first off, the service was non existent. it took them forever to take our order, ...?
Reviewed by: SHANNOND7129 on: 2009-03-16
. Easy and safe walk from most hotels. Expect a wait like most places in Chinatown. The food selections are fantastic, everything is delicious and fresh! Enjoy the experience. ...?
Reviewed by: Melinda ChingA7150 on: 2009-03-16
The wait time is a little long, but bearable. The seafood is very fresh and very good, especially the garlic fried crab. After remodelling, the decor looks more updated, but still looks like an average Chinese restaurant. ...?
Reviewed by: LW6304 on: 2009-03-18
Reservation is a must during weekend, or eat early/late. Their signature salt & pepper crab and the R & G beef are not to be missed. Portion of the dishes are small compared to the other Chinese restaurants. Ambiance is nicer on street ...?
Reviewed by: Aikane on: 2009-03-24
Chinese, the food is very good when done well. Some of the sauces are over thickened, or overhyped in the menu. Wise choices pay off here. Despite the usual crush, have had luck walking up with a small group. ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2008-11-19
It's too barbaric to imagine, but it still happens. Fishermen catch a shark, slice off its fins, and then, cast it back into the water to die. This horrific practice is already prohibited in federal waters of the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and Carribbean, but sharks need more protection from finning and other threats.This industry also implores these nations to ban the cruel, wasteful and destructive practice of shark finning in local and international waters. This practice wastes 95-99% of the animal and makes proper management extremely difficult.?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2008-12-18
Salt & Pepper Dungeness crab is very good. A little bit pricey, but it worth the money if you love crab. We also had "fry stuffed bean curd". I think it's good too.?
Reviewed by: P593849 on: 2009-03-26
Prices have become so steep that when the salt and spice deep fried crab got way too greasy and soggy (and not as fresh), I downgraded the mental score I keep. Still a good place, esp when you have non Chinese friends with you. ...?
Reviewed by: HeatherL1832 on: 2009-03-26
They have the VERY best salt and pepper crab. They make it with a crispy batter and it is SO delicious. They have fabulous hot and sour soup on the pricey side but worth it. Everything on their menu is good. ...?
Reviewed by: CH9427 on: 2009-03-26
parents were master cooks of real Chinese food. This place does everything correctly and well. Sometimes brusque service, but it is so worth it. Every dish is authentic and clearly prepared by experts who have done this before. The best thing about R&G is that it is constant and never ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2009-04-01
The food was quite good (had Geoduck and Crab), however the server was pushy to the point of being annoying, it seemed he wanted to get us out of there as soon as possible.?
Reviewed by: A TripAdvisor Member on: 2009-04-10
My husband and I went for a lovely Saturday night dinner. In the middle of the specialties of crab and Peking duck, a four-inch cockroach walked across my arm. To avoid what I experienced, find any of the dozens of other equally well ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2009-04-14
I was very upset when I found out that Shark Fin Soup was on the menu. I should have got up and left that moment, but I didn't. Regardless, I feel terrible that I didn't leave. After watching the movie SharkWater, I've become very passionate about saving sharks and educating friends about the movie. Thousands of sharks are killed only for their fins and thrown back into the water to drown. We need sharks in our ecosystem to survive. One very important way is to not order Shark Fin Soup or even better, not support restaurants that have it on the menu. I have written a letter to the restaurant asking them to remove the item from their menu.?
Reviewed by: FreqTravelers on: 2009-04-19
I was very upset when I found out that Shark Fin Soup was on the menu. I should have got up and left that moment, but I didn't. Regardless, I feel terrible that I didn't leave. After watching the movie SharkWater, I've become very passionate ...?
Reviewed by: eater on: 2009-04-25
Good auth cantonese food, although a bit pricy. Honey walnut prawns are perfectly prepared. Portions are a bit small for what I'm used to at a Chinese restaurant. ...?
Reviewed by: Fonchik on: 2009-05-10
The eggplant in clay pot with salted fish was so yummy that even though we were staying in a hotel I took home what we couldn't finish and ate it for breakfast. 60's cocktail lounge decor enhances the experience. ...?
Reviewed by: A TripAdvisor Member on: 2009-05-11
Famous with their signature dish, salt and pepper crab, go only if you haven't tried it at least once. The crab is big for 2 people with medium appetite, after a while, the salt begins to sting my lips, so drink lotsa water! ...?
Reviewed by: LocalMotion on: 2009-05-23
Since my old favorite House of Nan King has gone downhill, on this visit i was looking for a new place. R&G has great food and a great atmosphere, very clean. The special beef was tasty and tender, the crispy chicken was nice and juicy ...?
Reviewed by: Gavin Holt on: 2009-07-15
The salt and pepper crab rocked. Being part asian, I get upset if they don't bring out the whole crab (I mean everything). The only part they left out were the lungs and that just happens to be the only part I don't eat. It was awesome. ...?
Reviewed by: Dezracer on: 2009-08-03
We had a huge party...45 people. it was a family reunion dinner, so we had a set banquet meal....something like 12 dishes in all. Every dish was delicious...from the crab to the Peking Duck. But the best dish of the whole night was this ...?
Reviewed by: A TripAdvisor Member on: 2009-08-13
We would have never come here except for the recommendation of our B&B. The name does not say Chinese, the appearance from the outside does not say Chinese, but the food was wonderful. Upstairs is for reservations, but downstairs is communal ...?
Reviewed by: A TripAdvisor Member on: 2009-08-22
Don't go here for lunch, thinking you'll save a few bucks. We tried that and were sorely disappointed. Lunch specials are very weak creations. Oxtails were a half a plate of bones with a mountain of rice.. Noodle dishes were lots of noodles, ...?
Reviewed by: A TripAdvisor Member on: 2009-09-08
My husband, two teenagers and I were looking for place to eat in San Francisco's Chinatown. As it is a touristy area, we had heard some restaurants were overpriced with bad food. So, we went into the Chinatown branch of the San Francisco ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2009-05-24
After reading all of the terribly negative reviews on here, my husband and I were very skeptical of going to this restaurant. However, it had been highly recommended by a colleague so we decided to try it out. We were pleasantly surprised by the classy decor and friendly, quick service. It was very crowded, but the staff was very quick and efficient so we got seated even quicker than the 40 minutes that we were originally told. It was very clean and well-kept... contrary to what other reviewers have said. And most importantly, the food was great! We don't have any complaints! We would definitely go back.?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2009-08-04
��http://sf.yibada.com/yp/9125-%E5%B6%BA%E5%8D%97%E5%B0%8F%E9%A4%A8-R&G-Lounge.html �����ˎX��С�ܣ�������һ���^ȥ����r����ķdz����£���ϲ�g �ЙC�����^ȥ�ԣ��Ǻ�?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2009-08-04
there are many Chinese who come for this renowned dishes, i am one of them. i search �X���^ in Chinese in google, and it came out this link http://sf.yibada.com/yp/7055.html ; it is a simple introduction, and it has a website rnglounge.com . some other Chinese restaurant in http://sf.yibada.com/yp/cate-1?
Reviewed by: A TripAdvisor Member on: 2009-09-19
Staying on the outskirts of Chinatown, we were keen to have some decent Chinese. The hotel recommended R & G Lounge with the caveat that it was not fine dining. Perfect. It did not disappoint. It has that typical no no-nonsence ...?
Reviewed by: A TripAdvisor Member on: 2009-09-27
We wandered around SF looking for dinner one night late July looking for a restaurant. We recalled R&G after passing it the night before and saw a local patron in a fairly nice car bring out to-go packages. Seeing this, we assumed this ...?
Reviewed by: AimeeGeorge on: 2009-10-28
I should have known when the hostess seated us. Right behind her our would-be waiter was swatting flies with an electronic tennis racket fly zapper. Everytime he hit one it would zap like a mosqito zapper people have in their back yards. ...?


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