2604 5th Ave 
San Diego, CA, 92103-6602

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Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
One of the best Chinese restaurants in San Diego, but both service and quality can suffer if you have the wrong server. Call ahead to ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
Mandarin House is a popular dining venue and its atmosphere puts you right smack in the middle of China. The service is excellent and the food is authentic. You could easily ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
Every city has a Mandarin House, whether it's called the Mandarin Dragon, Mandarin China, or some other variation on the theme. This one has been a San Diego fixture for decades, and for a while it was sorely in need of a good renovation. ...?
Reviewed by: A TripAdvisor Member on: 2005-03-11
My girlfriend and I visited this restaurant for the first time on Valentine's Day. The restaurant was surprisingly not busy for a well known "couple's" night out. There was no wait and we were sitted rather promtly. Our waitress ...?
Reviewed by: SanDiegoLady on: 2007-03-28
Mandarin House is my favorite local Chinese restaurant. Atmosphere is nice, there's never a wait, the food is delicious (esp the War Won Ton soup) and the service is professional yet not unfriendly. ...?
Reviewed by: FredM1926 on: 2007-06-14
steadily downhill over the years. Gone are the days when chefs would dazzle you stretching out noodle dough and making Chinese noodles right before your eyes. Everything tastes pre made and dull these days. ...?
Reviewed by: williamg8808 on: 2007-06-25
chicken in the world. I live in Chicago, but I often dream of this Kung Pao chicken, with it's thick, rich sauce that I have never been able to find anywhere else in the world. ...?
Reviewed by: ReginaV1160 on: 2007-06-26
Nothing super special about the food, pretty typical sauces and the dcor is a bit swanky. But if you are in a time jam and you have $15 or less, this is the place to go for lunch. In and out with superb service! ...?
Reviewed by: DanaR1113 on: 2007-06-26
if you are in the mood for a flaming bowl of tropical libation...grab a friend and head in for Uncle Billy's famous volcano. Cool, old school restaurant with good service and excellent food. I prefer the downtown location over La Jolla ...?
Reviewed by: JanetP4466 on: 2007-07-12
fare, this is the place. As you enter the dark dining room, you get the same feeling as entering a hundred different Chinese resturants. The dinner is over-priced. Lunch, however, is a great deal - a full-on meal including soup and an eggroll. ...?
Reviewed by: Silvergirlsdca on: 2007-08-02
My Brother took me here for the first time and now this is my favorite Chinese in San Diego. I moved away and I am looking forward to eating here when I return on vacation. The food at Mandarin House is great becuase its not a chain ...?
Reviewed by: cash1234 on: 2008-08-07
Mandarin house just needs to take the incredible food tastes and update thier resturant to go over the top. Very old, run down, and somewhat dirty enviroment makes every visit harder and harder. ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2008-09-27
Get the cashew chicken and the popcorn shrimp. Other dishes here are good, too, but if you go without getting those you're not getting the full experience. Yes, the atmosphere is more hole-in-the-wall than elegant Valentine's Day experience, but who does Chinese for elegance anyway? As for the service, they're not going to pretend they're your best friend or anything, but they're incredibly fast. This is *the* go-to place when we're visiting Balboa Park. I've taken numerous out-of-towners there and it gets raves every time.?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2008-11-30
I am no snob and enjoy plenty of "hole-in-the-wall" places - and certainly for chinese food, but this place was pretty bad. First of all, it smelled like a public beach bathroom. Second, while the place looked a lot better on the inside than it did from the outside, it was obvious - upon paying moderate attention - that the place wasn not the cleanest. The lack of ANY windows is a little disconcerting as well. If it is not a strip club, why are there no windows? It DID have an "A" rating from the health dept - for whatever that is worth. The kung pao chicked was actually pretty damn tasty but the "fried rice" was just as someone described it below - the worst excuse for fried rice i think i've had. Also the hot and sour soup was the worst i have had. The service was definitely good. They certainly arent kissing your ass but are plenty pleasant and very fast but overall I am shocked to hear the reviews below. If that is the best Chinese food in SD, then ...? More ?
Reviewed by: A TripAdvisor Member on: 2009-04-06
Beware of this establishment! I ordered dinner for delivery on a Sunday evening and I live only two blocks from the restaurant. They had not brought my food after and hour and a half so I decided to cancel the order. (I have three kids ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2007-09-02
The interior is dank. Like, really dank. I kind of like my dank, but this place is dankorama. And the food...I will almost only order Kung Pao from any Chinese restaurant I visit. For starters, I prefer the Szchechuan style, this is Mandarin style. I went with another dish instead, maybe Mongolian beef? It was a lot of beef, with even more green onions, and no other veggies...blah.... Still, bland. Boring. I tried my friend's dish and found the same. And, yes, not nearly enough spice in this place for me. So, I gotta say, it's not like there are a shortage of Chinese restaurants in this city, find another one that actually puts taste in their food.?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2008-02-18
Ordered 2 egg rolls, Orange Chicken and Sesame Chicken for delivery. $31.35 got us fried rice that was little more than white rice with a splash of soy sauce and barely any egg, no vegetables. The Orange Chicken was so dry my wife had to take a drink of water with every bite to eat it. My Sesame Chicken was so burned I had to crack through a layer of charred batter to get to the chicken. The egg rolls were fine, but to top it off, the Fortune Cookies were stale! I called to complain and ask for some kind of refund, but they said no. I tried this place on a neighbors recommendation, but next time I'll stick with Blue Ginger.?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2009-07-17
The customer service at the San Diego location have bad customer service. I ask for a menu to be faxed to my office so I can order lunch for my doctors and team members; they refused to do so and they had just opened up. So I asked them to read me the lunch specials; I guess the guy was in a bad mood because he said it so fast that I didn't catch everything he said. I asked him to repeat it slowly so I can understand him and he treated me like crap. At the end, I thanked him for reading it - he hung up on me. What the heck! In this recession, you think they would be glad to have customers but I guess not. I ripped up the dinner menu that I had and told my staff that we will NEVER ORDER FROM THEM AGAIN!?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2009-03-30
Love the sizzlin' chicken and sweet and sour chicken. The chicken corn soup is a nice start. The business is owned by a sweet man and the employees have worked there for years. It's a great place to relax and unwind with the right people to enjoy some decent priced food.?