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Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2016-07-12
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Reviewed by: ... on: 2016-05-11
Tokyo Japanese steak house is horrible it was a bug in my plate as I was eating showed the guy that fix the food told manager she said it didn't come from our food.But it was in there restaurant they wouldn't own up to it and only took off shrimp talking about its only 4 left if it was they don't give u that much steak anyway u suppose to honor your customers instead of being petty. Act if I was looking for a free meal that wasn't the case I was letting them know that I had a problem. This is the one on Silas creek in Winston behind carwash.
Reviewed by: cdolby1 on: 2016-03-29
To the team of Tokyo Steakhouse,I am writing to you as a member of the Expansion Campaign for the Wicomico County nonprofit organization “1 Year to Empowerment”. We provide a yearlong program designed to enable teenage girls on the Eastern Shore to make healthy choices, trusting friendships, and attainable goals. The mission of our program is to empower teenage girls to overcome common challenges they face today, such as cyber-bullying, labeling and stereotyping, setting limits, and making good choices. We would love your support in trying to expand our program in Wicomico County and surrounding counties. Every month, we host a table at 3rd Friday in town raising money and fundraising for our organization by raffling off donated items and selling art made by our girls. Donated items can include but are not limited to merchandise, gift cards, coupons, or monetary donations. We are also tax exempt as a 501-C organization. This event is huge for the Salisbury community and we are hoping to include local businesses like you in our efforts to keep our program afloat. If you would like to help in some way or would like more information, feel free to email me at cdolby1@gulls.salisbury.edu or call at 410-603-0596 at any time. Your contribution will be very much appreciated, and acknowledged in our publicity and at the 3rd Friday “1 Year to Empowerment” table. Thank you in advance,Cassidy Dolbywww.oneyeartoempowerment.org
Reviewed by: Djmark2 on: 2016-03-06
Tonight was a first and let's say hopefully last. A single father having a great dinner with his incredible son at one of our favorite dining spots. Commute an hour to patronize.Let's begin. Arrive, patiently wait to be acknowledged as training is being conducted at hostess station, no problem. Trainee gets the approval to seat 2 other couples, my son and I. At the grill, drink orders are taken, no problem. Food orders are taken in full and understood, no problem. Overhear table is closed, make comfortable with more space within seating only after salad and midway thru soup for it to be reopened for another couple. Chef arrives. Checks seat/order sequence. Wait, my order omitted from sequence, noted. Chef serves sauces to everyone, again I am omitted, noted.I soon grabbed the attention of the waiter, Nicholas, concerned from the series of events and the last but not least final note that neither of choices I had ordered were on the grill nor the prep plate the chef had been working with. Nicholas recalled my order as if I had just verbalize it and looked over prep cart and order print out. It was if I had not been present nor did I matter, chef never inquired as to what my order was or what my exact presence other than being omitted/overlooked. Nicholas informed chef who cursed, caught an attitude not that he was that entertaining by this point by no means (not really seen him there before). Both storm to the back. Nicholas overwhelming apologizing as he returns with my delayed sushi order and my freshly prepared rice from the back, good effort but I am still feeling like an outcast. Chef returns, Nicholas brings prep plate with my ingredients. Ha, now I have my own portion of the cooking top but car behind and last to be served, still outlasted. Starving and determined I just about finish before chef.asks me about sauces. Nicholas continues that it will be made up to me on the bill. Chef in conversation with another patron describes that this has been a reoccurrence at least 3 times this weekend, WHAT?! Although me Dr a part of the meal or dining experience I was remanded a bill and on that bill was "skewer deluxe" that had been crossed out in ink and mistake added. I ordered my usual "seafood deluxe" but there was absolutely nothing deluxe about that lobster tail I was presented. Nicholas stated it would be handled on the bill and that was how it was handled, WHAT?! I know it was the free dessert I suppose that I didn't ask nor ate, WTF?! I did the right thing caused no commotion, even if I did with the lack of attention and most looking weeded what response would I have gotten. I'd like to call myself somewhat of a regular for someone who commutes an hour to patronize this establishment and about the same to patronize Rehobeth's too. Between the chef and Nicholas they blamed the printer, familiar with the process I am in disbelief and still uneasy about tonight's experience in its entirety. My career is supervision and customer service and taking the opportunity to express an unfortunate experience. Will and.or how soon I return is undecided.
Reviewed by: Mokellus on: 2016-01-25
Every time we come to Tokyo, we hope to have Billy as our grill side chef. He is wonderful. Last year, he was our chef for my son's birthday dinner and he was tonight as well. He is very entertaining, very funny and a really nice guy. Please let him now how much we enjoy him.
Reviewed by: JeniferLopez2476 on: 2015-12-05
I just wanted to let youKnowI received food poisoning from your restaurant last evening
Reviewed by: Brooke.erin55 on: 2015-11-10
I have been a customer their 2-3 times a month and always have an amazing time and wonderful food. This past weekend I went and got the same thing I always do ! Steak Medium rare
Reviewed by: andrea on: 2015-11-06
Looking around the area for our Company Christmas Luncheon. Will you have any specials for groups?
Reviewed by: bestof on: 2015-05-18
Congratulations, Tokyo Steakhouse! You've been nominated as one of Coastal Style Magazine’s Best of 2015! Encourage your customers and supporters to vote on our website at www.coastalstylemag.com/best-of-coastal-style-ballot. We would also like to forward you some material and information related to the contest, so an email address to which we may include attachments would be most appreciated. Voting ends June 30th. For more information, visit us online at www.coastalstylemag.com.Best of luck!The Coastal Style Magazine team
Reviewed by: tmiller on: 2015-03-25
Hi, my name is Tim Miller and I am the Director of Marketing
Reviewed by: Solostar311 on: 2015-02-20
I go at least once a month and everything is always spectacular I enjoyed the show but the staff isn
Reviewed by: Barbgrayavon on: 2015-02-14
I can honestly say we normally have great service and plenty to eat. However, we went last night for
Reviewed by: ampolicastro on: 2015-02-09
It has been 15 years since I have been there. I was treated so poorly at my first visit that I never returned.
Reviewed by: brittanyvspicer on: 2014-12-04
The past few times me and my husband have gone here the servers have decided to sit with us at our t
Reviewed by: jfairgrieve88 on: 2014-09-28
i recently ordered tokyo to go and i spefically told them that i had a seafood allergy and when i brought the food home there was shrimp in with the chicken and steak. my wife asked for the filet and it was mostley fat. we usually enjoy going or getting toyko. we will not be going back to another tokyo for awhile.
Reviewed by: lafferty4 on: 2014-07-07
I drive by Tokyo Steakhouse on Route 13 all the time but the sign is in horrible disrepair and someone told me the other day that you guys have closed up. Is that true? That sign looks pretty bad.
Reviewed by: EOLANDE on: 2014-06-15
I have no idea how this place keeps getting good reviews. Are people even tasting the food? We did not do the grill this time, instead opting for the dining room. UGH that was one of the most disgusting meals I've had in a while. Tokyo Steakhouse is a steakhouse my eye! Should be called minced up meat drowned in salt house. YUK! First time I figured eh, bad night in the kitchen, second time meh maybe just don't get the grill- waited a year to go back - strike three they're out. Ruined a perfectly good piece of Mahi Mahi. I almost cried at the shame of it all. I wonder what it takes to get on Delaware's Best list cuz they had the plaque and they are definitely FAR from the best...best plate of barely edible food maybe... On the upside the Hot Devil Sushi Roll we ordered for starters was fabulous! Sorry but when 6 pieces of raw fish, pickled ginger and iced tea are the best things on the menu it's not a place to return to. My entree was so salty it completely blew my palate and I couldn't taste anything else. Seriously, even to the point that my iced tea began to taste like salt.
Reviewed by: womanathewell on: 2014-06-02
Do you offer Gluten Free items?
Reviewed by: restcertco on: 2014-01-29
ServSafe Class - Open to the publicFebruary 5th@Courtyard By MarriottSalisbury, MDrestcertco@comcast.net
Reviewed by: christieynn21817 on: 2014-01-12
Had a very disappointed ting meal last night. We sat at a side table and learned that because of that we got plain rice and food was cooked totally different. We love this place and frequent here often and was upset to learn you get different service because you sit at a side table
Reviewed by: assawoman_angel on: 2013-12-08
can I buy a gift card online???
Reviewed by: rmccarthy1416 on: 2013-10-12
I used to live on the eastern shore for five years and loved coming to Tokyo Steakhouse. I loved the salads but more importantly the dressing. What kind of salad dressing do you use? Do you sell it to the public?
Reviewed by: mountaineervirg on: 2013-08-23
Had a GREAT time tonight. We had Koji
Reviewed by: dshockle on: 2013-08-05
I love the food!