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Reviewed by: rbrivera0210 on: 2020/11/24 16:21:25
I ordered today Tuesday and it was like $140.00 and I was very disappointed in the speacial cow meins I ordered they were so over cooked felt like old food and the fried shrimp where not good at all very bad experience
Reviewed by: 3garibay on: 2020/5/26 17:06:26
Food is delicious!! My son loves pork fried rice. Great customer service.
Reviewed by: mayurshahpimr1921 on: 2020/5/18 3:35:42
OSM Content in our blog must read it https://fandbstories.com/chinese-menus/
Reviewed by: mayurshahpimr1921 on: 2020/5/18 3:33:42
OSM Content in our blog must read it https://fandbstories.com/chinese-menus/
Reviewed by: ljgreer on: 2020/5/4 12:59:54
Yesterday I came in mid afternoon to pick up a take out order.(The food was delicious, by the way). While I was waiting with my mask on and distanced 6 feet from all of the other customers, one of your workers on the register came out of the kitchen with food for a customer. As she delivered the food she embraced the customer. I was offended and feel she was breaking all the rules and mocking the trouble we went to in order to follow them. I also feel she was risking contamination of my food.
Reviewed by: silverfox97023 on: 2020/4/25 19:38:01
I ordered today: Lum Yuen online order (#524787320) No where on the menu online does it say that soup does not come with to go orders. We ordered 2 family meal and expected to get 2 soups with it. The ladies running the restaurant at around 7:00 were snarky and unhelpful with horrible guest service when I asked about soup. I was told that in only comes with dine in service, and when I mentioned that I can't dine in, they were with eye rolls "Well, it's not our fault and it's always been that way". This was my first time ordering here, and it will be my last. Susan Smith
Reviewed by: cabrona21 on: 2020/4/18 17:27:18
I ordered Lum Yuens today for the first time in a long time. I was really disappointed and likely won't come back. Everything was stacked in one bag and food and sauce were spilled everywhere. My daughter held the bag upright the entire time and had hot liquid dripping on her the entire drive home.. It appeared everything was just thrown in carelessly. The order was also incorrect. Very disappointing for $80.00.
Reviewed by: thomtaylor13 on: 2020/1/10 23:44:12
The worst food I have ever paid for. If I had opened the sack before leaving, I would have left it on the counter. I could pull it out of the trash can tomorrow and it would be no less appetizing. 30.45 for garbage. Never again. And a whole carry out container full of sauce, as if that would make it better. You should be ashamed.
Reviewed by: victoria.karssen on: 2019/9/12 9:03:11
I will be ordering for 25-30 people to pick up this Saturday at 4:30. Hanson Family Reunion: 2 Cashew nut chicken orders with fried rice 2 Chicken Cantonese with fried rice 2 BBQ pork Chow Yuk with steamed rice 2 Chicken chow mein 2 Vegetable chow mein 1 Vegetarian combination 35 egg rolls
Reviewed by: willadeanwight on: 2019/9/1 19:09:02
I have had many good meal at the Lum Yuen but...todat I ordered the Lum Yuen Appetizers platter and it was missing items like the Parchament Chicken as well as the Spring Roll was burned and greasy also the fried shrimp was doughy. It was'nt a very appetizing Appetizers! Thank you very much.
Reviewed by: kimleiby21 on: 2019/2/28 18:58:54
What has happened to Lum Yuen? I have been coming here for years but, the last 2 times we ended with items we didn’t order, missing some food we did order also had order and found “cardboard” ? mixed in to the food. Also, the flavor wasn’t as good. I’m thinking we have someone new cooking? Anyway, I see lots of complaints. I won’t be going back until I start seeing good reviews.

Lum Yuen

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