Wei Hong Seafood Restaurant


7740 Olive Blvd.St, Louis, MO, 63130

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Type:Seafood,Full service



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Located in Louis, Wei Hong Seafood Restaurant has been dedicated to serve customers since 2005. In the dining room, over 400 rosewood tables and chairs are putting in order. At the second floor has a party room that could accommodate 100 people, it also has a suit of slap-up Karaoke equipment and a large Electronic-Telescreen is inlaid on the wall, you could sing, dance and watch film while dining here. Seafood, Peking duck, Roast Suckling Pig, Bread, Braised Sea Cucumber w Black Mushroom and Vegetable and Steamed Lobster or Crab w Garlic and Rice Vermicelli are the most popular dishes of it. So Wei Hong Seafood Restaurant is the perfect place to gather with friends or families and enjoy a great meal.
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