1110 N China Lake Blvd, Ridgecrest, CA, 93555 
Full service
Chinese Food,Sichuan,Cantonese,Japanese,Thai Food,Healthy

Fried Calamari
Blue Moon Roll
Jalapeno Bomb
Salmon Collar
Grilled Salmon Salad
Baked Tuna Roll
Salmon Teriyaki
Baked Salmon Roll
Salmom Lover
Crunch Spicy Tuna Tempura
Jessica Roll
New Image
Grilled CKN Salad
Mixed Tampura
Salmon Skin Salad
Double Shrimp Roll
Garlic Albacore Roll
Fire Cracker Roll
Aloha Roll
Baked Green Mussel
Baked Scallop Roll
Double Boggie
China Lake Roll
Double Tuna Roll
Albacore Sashimi with Crispy Onion
Alaska Roll
Baked Lobster Roll
Beef Mala Szechuan
Red Curry Chicken
Mongolian Beef
Chicken Lettuce Wrap
Shrimp Pad Thai
Shredded Beef with Hot Pepper
Chicken with Asparagus
Spicy Thai Basil Chicken
Sesame Chicken
Cashew Nut Chicken
Mala Seafood with Basil
Mongolian Delight
Spicy Tangerine Chicken
Bang Bang Shrimp
Pot Stickers
Shrimp Fried Rice
Thai Style House Salad
Shrimp with Hot Garlic sa
Kids Meal
Buddha Plus Sesame Tofu
Shrimp Fried Noodle
Sweet & Sour Chicken
Red Bowl Bento Box
Beef with Broccoli