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Reviewed by: laurenchen0918 on: 2018/11/1 13:05:06
Hello, This is Lauren from Taiwan. (Same as Cathy) I was wondering if there is any job opening in Mt. Shasta Mall. I’ve been to Redding for more then four times. I love the environment and the neighborhood near by. My college major is English, I can say that I’m fluent, and also Japanese and Chinese. I used to work for the biggest advertising company in japan named Dentsu(if you are interested in, I can send you my resume)since the first time I stay in Redding, I couldn’t stop and couldn’t help myself to come back to your restaurant again and again. Am a Asian food lover! And I always stay for a long time. I think every stuff you have, everybody Is so engergatic. If there is any job opening please let me know. Im a fast learner. Thank you for reading this, and hoping for reply. Thank you
Reviewed by: mrj45 on: 2018/8/4 21:50:09
I placed a large online order on 8/4/18 and then called to confirm. I was told my order would be ready in 25 minutes. When I came to get the order I discovered it was not ready and you had lost the order. I asked to speak to a manager and waited for 10 minutes, but apparently the manager was too busy to talk to me. I had a house full of guests, so I had to go get fast food which was not what I had in mind. I could have over looked the lost order mistake, but not the managers lack of concern. I will never enter your establishment again. I also over heard some guests sitting at the bar saying, “ are getting really pissed off.” Apparently you are having problems.
Reviewed by: Thomas L. on: 11/14/2013 3:11:20 AM
How is this restaurant even in business? I called them ahead of time to see if they offered "All you can eat" for a fixed price and was told they do. Since my father is disabled, it takes a bit to get him ready and get him from point A to point B, so we plan ahead to make things easier. The staff was pretty friendly when we got there and made it easy to get my father's wheel chair to the table.SERVICE: The waitress came to the table and was amicable and asked if we were ready to order. We weren't but we did order food for our 3 year old. I told her we were doing 3 All you can Eat and then ordered my son's food. She said okay and said she would return. The waitress came back and we ordered some nigiri and about 4 long rolls. The sushi took some time to be made but we were ok with it because we like to visit. Overall, the waitress was pleasant and took care of us.FOOD: Mediocre at best. My son's food came out super quick. The chicken was over cooked and drenched in teriyaki sauce but overall the meal was pretty good for a kid. When our sushi came out it was presented nicely and that is about it. The long rolls were supposed to have tempura shrimp but really it was just a lot of fried breading and rice. Almost all rolls on the chef's favorites list are the same. Tempura "shrimp", avocado and fresh fish on the outside. That is a one dimensional chef. How can you have so many options in front of you and be so inept? So the sushi was very disappointing but we ate it and admitted it was mediocre at best.PAYMENT: My biggest shock came when the waitress brought us our bill. They had charged us per piece instead of "All you can Eat". We ordered seared tuna nigiri and they charged us $12.95 X 3 for their seared tuna appetizer. When I talked to the waitress about them telling us that they did have "all you can eat" she said she didn't know who told us that, but they don't offer it. I told her that when I ordered the childs plate, I informed her that the 3 adults would be eating all you can eat and she said ok. She didn't mention it then that it wasn't an option. UGH!! She did try to alleviate the situation and said they called the owner in which he said not to change the bill. The bill came out to $140.00 for 3 people to eat sushi. Almost $50. per person. I live in (super expensive) Lake Tahoe and every sushi restaurant here offers all you can eat for about $30 per person. Over the hill in Reno/Sparks you can get sushi lunch for $18. Tokyo Garden is about 20 years behind the times and their food isn't anything to write home about. I have never not tipped a waitress but on this one I didn't. I felt that if the owner really couldn't change the bill, then he is making enough to compensate his staff and should pay them. If she was totally ticked about it, I hope she realizes who she works for. We definitely won't be returning to this restaurant.COMMUNITY: We get to visit Redding a few times a year to see family. Are there any sushi restaurants worth frequenting? Or should I just realize that sushi isn't an option and stick to the other local restaurants that we know are worthy?
Reviewed by: Alexander B. on: 11/6/2013 8:10:33 AM
I have not been to every Sushi Place in Redding but so far this is my favorite.They have a nice ambience, friendly attentive staff, and very reasonable prices for sushi (probably because they are in Redding).For the most part the food is delicious although there are things that could be better sometimes. I usually get Miso, Rice, and either California rolls and Tuna/Salmon sashimi or a Rainbow Roll (Delicious).My only complaint would be that on rare occasions the fish hasn't tastes quite as fresh as you get in the bay area or Vegas and the California roll is made with fake crab that lacks much of the tastiness of real crab.This is my second favorite restaurant in Redding so far.
Reviewed by: Jessica A. on: 9/22/2013 11:20:37 AM
I'm not sure how this place doesn't have a higher rating. My family and I have been coming here for years. They have the best quality of sushi at the best price in all of Redding. They are very accommodating about my allergies. The guys at the sushi bar always remember what we like and what we don't. We love our Tokyo Garden.
Reviewed by: Nick H. on: 9/4/2013 7:29:38 AM
Loved it yet again, best place for Teriyaki Chicken in town. The nigiri is way better than Yama. Keep up the work TG!!
Reviewed by: Jessica F. on: 6/22/2013 8:10:29 AM
BEST SUSHI in town!! Love Tokyo Garden! I didn't give 5 stars because they could have a more comfortable restaurant, but other than that, they are great.
Reviewed by: Micah C. on: 3/20/2013 12:01:00 AM
I went here for the first time with my mom to celebrate her birthday and it was a total flop!My mom had been here numerous times before and suggested it because it was good.SERVICE:We were seated and our server was not very friendly. She was older woman who appeared to be a new manager possibly. My mother sat facing the backroom so she saw all the activity behind the counter. Three of the ladies who were servers were all standing, talking to each other. While we waited for water. My mother noticed they were all touching their faces and hair. Our waiter touched her nose minutes before handing us our waters...um gross. Not only that but she didn't even give us eye contact. She seemed unhappy while helping other guests as well.FOOD:We ordered our food and I was not impressed. The lettuce looked like the kind that comes from the grocery store. The chicken tasted odd and was a little over chewy. The sushi rolls had a lot of rice and barely any middle ingredients.ATMOSPHERE: Darker lighting and they had a t.v on the back wall for the bar area to watch. Seemed a little tacky. Not a great vibe of authenticity.I don't plan on coming back soon. Really bummed it wasn't better.
Reviewed by: Jimmy A. on: 2/4/2013 4:34:00 PM
My favorite Japanese food in Redding. Can't really explain it, but every time I go to Redding I try to make it a point to go there. They have good bento boxes and my favorite roll is the Chicken Tempura roll (non seafood). The Goyza are also pretty awesome. And good prices. Give this place a try if you haven't been.
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 9/13/2012 7:08:26 PM