3739 Lancaster Ave, Philadelphia, PA, 19104-2334 

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Reviewed by: Melissa W. on: 1/18/2013 6:37:00 PM
Ugh. This is not a place where you can just pick something that sounds good off the menu without knowing exactly what it is. Avoid the Szechuan-style noodles at all costs. But it sounds like it could be good, right? Well apparently it's a terrible lo mein with more onions and cabbage than noodles in a gross goopy brown sauce. There wasn't much noodle going on, let alone anything even remotely Szechuan. I'm by no means a picky eater, and I found them completely inedible. I never ever throw away food, so this must not constitute as food.Even the fries were bad. Who messes up French fries? Spring Chinese Restaurant does. They were hard, dry, and stale tasting. Really? You could buy frozen fries at the grocery store and they'd come out much better than these. At least these were still edible though.The hot and sour soup was decent. Not necessarily good, but passable. The pork fried rice was bland, but also passable. The half a fried chicken was also okay. Delivery took over 20 minutes longer than they said it would, making it a whole hour and twenty minute wait for this miserable meal. They should be ashamed at how bad their food is, even for American takeout Chinese, for which the bar is set pretty low in the first place. I'm giving them two stars only because the food didn't make me horrendously ill (so far), and it would be (mostly) edible in case of a nuclear holocaust. In fact, the good news is that it might even survive a nuclear holocaust.Evergreen, I'll never stray from you again. Hell, this place even makes China Inn look tasty.
Reviewed by: Elise R. on: 10/21/2012 7:05:00 PM
Spring Chinese has the best Hot and Sour soup. Seriously love this place.
Reviewed by: Marc D. on: 7/3/2012 8:12:00 PM
Mehhh...not horrible...but not good either.We live near here, less than 5 blocks away. But, we rarely go. The food just isn't compelling enough to beckon you to come back. I'd much rather drive the 10 minutes to go to Danny's Wok, or go to Shangri-La. But, I didn't want to pay cash, I didn't want to spend a lot of money on dinner, and I really was too tired to go anywhere else, so Spring is where I went.Don't get your hopes up. They'll never be a place that lives up to your expectations. But, if your lazy, really don't want to put out any effort...this place will give you a modicum of sustenance.
Reviewed by: Abhishek Y. on: 6/2/2012 4:33:00 PM
Meh. The best way to describe this place. Not amazing, not terrible. Just meh.The food is your typical greasy and cholesterol/heart-attack inducing Chinese food available around the corner of the block. That isn't to say it is bad - it's just the Americanized (and nothing compared to the real stuff) Chinese food.The vegetarian options are plenty, although vegetarians should be wary of anything fried - the fryers are the same whether they are frying chicken, pork, beef, or your vegetables.The upside is that the food is quite cheap, and for a location close to several college campuses, I'm sure they're doing quite well.Just watch your back when you're in the area; streets in the high 30's through low 40's in the Lancaster/Powelton Area can get a bit seedy in the evenings and night.
Reviewed by: Luna S. on: 4/21/2012 9:35:00 AM
I rarely order delivery, but when I do it's always Spring. Their portions are extremely generous, and their garlic sauce rocks. I recommend the spare ribs, roast pork, diet chicken and broccoli, and tofu and veggie soup. The only thing I've ordered and haven't liked is the hot and sour soup- it's neither hot nor sour.
Reviewed by: Alexander H. on: 2005-09-29
For all the college students out htere, this is a nice place with good chinese take-out. I really enjoy the fact that they have chicken wings as well. They are also open late, so if you get a case of the late night munchies, this would be a ...?