3739 Lancaster Ave, Philadelphia, PA, 19104-2334 

It’s quite satisfying to take your pick-up at Spring Chinese Restaurant since the owner, Mr. Gao, positioned himself to be devoted in providing satisfying service at the very beginning of establishment in 2001. “Technically Spring Chinese Restaurant is like McDonald in operation. We mainly specialize in the take-out and delivery service,” explains Mr. Gao.

As for the top selling items, the owner proudly introduces the following ones: Broccoli Chicken, General Tso’s Chicken, Chow Mein, Lo Mein and so on, to name a few. They were the main attractions to lure customers coming back again and again in the past decade. “We are a Chinese restaurant, but all of our dishes have been Americanized, and even localized in the taste. I hope what we serve can perfectly cater to locals’ taste bud” boasts the owner. Along with the tasty items, healthy food is also available in Spring Chinese Restaurant, like the Mixed Vegetables and other items based on the boiling and steaming methods. “Customers personalized requirement are often met. It’s our honor to satisfy them to the utmost ” adds Mr. Gao.

As a quick-service restaurant, prompt service is very essential to keep competitive. It’s true that customers choose take-out because they want to save more time. With this in mind, every staff in Spring Chinese Restaurant is well trained to provide efficient service. On average, a take-out order can be finished in 10 minutes, and 30-40 minutes for delivery service. You may come and experience the efficiency for yourself.