1613 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA, 19103-5402 
215-751-9990 / 215-751-9991
Full service

Have you ever been lucky enough to come across a fine eat-in and take-out restaurant with not only palatable food, but also attentive service and high standard of sanitation? Wok Chinese Restaurant, a 2,000 square foot eatery located in Philadelphia is just that and more.

This decent eatery mainly serves adapted Chinese fare to cater to the locals’ palate. Its encyclopedia-like menu includes more than one hundred items, which will be sure to cater to any taste bud. Out of all the delicacies, General Tso’s Chicken, Sesame Chicken and Beef w. Broccoli are the highly acclaimed dishes. Though the offerings seem to be run-of-the-mill fare, the deft chef turns each seemingly bland and ordinary dish into true palate-pleasers. Wok Chinese Restaurant also offers Thai cuisine to please those who crave for exotic flavor.

Besides tasty food, another common theme that Wok Chinese Restaurant revolves around is food quality. Ingredients are purchased from trustworthy suppliers and delivered to restaurant at a regular basis. Only freshest and top-notch ingredients are selected to prepare each dish. To maintain the positive effect of its brand, owner Mr. Huang also puts an emphasis on sanitary standards. Neat and clean presentation tells a lot about the restaurant’s character. Staff members clean up the restaurant on a daily basis, and a complete cleanup is done every week to keep all areas of the restaurant spotless.

Wok Chinese Restaurant greets its customers with open arms. Stop by and pay a visit next time you are in the mood for delicious food served with a smile.