4771-4 BAYOU BLVD, PENSACOLA, FL, 32503 

Based at 4771 Bayou boulevard, Pensacola, Escambia, Florida, SHANG HAI II Restaurant has been serving the area foodies since it opened in 2007. Offering Chinese food catered to American palate, SHANG HAI II Restaurant appeals to diners of all nationalities. Specializing in take-outs and deliveries, SHANG HAI II Restaurant wins its reputation for quality food and great service.

Featuring Chinese cuisine, it is no surprise that SHANG HAI II Restaurant covers a plethora of items on the menu. Glance at the lengthy list on the menu, you must feel at a loss. Maybe you can begin with the signature dishes such as General Tso’s Chicken, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Beef/ Chicken with Broccoli, Boneless spare ribs, and Curry Chicken.

Boasting excellent service, SHANG HAI II Restaurant promises that generally food will arrive within 30-35 minutes once an order is placed. During busy hours, the waiting time may extend to 40-45 minutes. Moreover, there is no charge for delivery service within the designated areas. Both orders through phone calls and faxes are available in SHANG HAI II Restaurant.

As the owner and chef of SHANG HAI II Restaurant, Xiangjin Xie procures materials on a daily basis in order to ensure food freshness. Knowing well the loyal diners’ needs, she gets well with them. For the support of the staff members and the customers, Xie does nothing but to treat them with sincerity and respect.