220 N Division St,Peekskill,NY 10566, Peekskill, NY, 10566 
914-737-1666 / 914-737-0789
Full service

China Wok has appealed customers of various age. It is very popular in Peekskill,NY.

Servers are very nice and courteous in their interaction with guests.

The food menu is very thorough and provided the customer with a large variety of food. From the lunch specials on the front to the variety of foods and dishes on the back, the menu is well laid out to ensure customers free of confusion about what this restaurant is serving.

There are a wide range of authentic Chinese food with 16 House Specials. Most of the food is flavor. The Orange Chicken is spicy and rich in its citrus flavor. The sauce that went with the chicken is glazed, and the proportion of sauce to chicken is adequate. The orange peels, which are in the chicken dish, tasted a little burnt, however, this did not affect the flavor of the chicken;the Egg Roll's favor is good and have a very nice flavor and texture; the Pork Fried Rice is a little bland in flavor, and the pork pieces in the rice are chopped very thin.