455 BOSTON POST RD # 58, OLD SAYBROOK, CT, 06475-1516 

Opening in 1960, Zhangs Restaurant has been remodeled to feel like other family operated restaurant that you may find in the surrounding area. Despite limited space and a humble décor, the restaurant receives high accolades among the customers due to their tasty food and affordable prices.


To guarantee the superior quality of its dishes, Zhangs Restaurant sources its ingredients from a local distribution company. Like other eateries, Zhang’s features a wide variety of dishes. Targeting the tastes of local diners, the owner modifies Chinese cuisine to create Chinese-American combinations. The top-selling dishes are General Tso’s Chicken and Walnut Shrimp. While these dishes seem very standard at first glance, they are in fact healthier than the fare found in most other restaurants. The chefs prepare the food using as little oil as possible. In addition to Chinese cuisine, Japanese dishes are also available, including sushi.

Affordable price is what a restaurant rely on to survive. Especially in the slow economy, customers have become more prudent when it comes to dining out, and they prefer takeouts for their comparatively low price. At Zhangs Restaurant, lunch starts at $5 and $7 for dinner. Plus the considerate service, that is why this restaurant has befriended with most of its customers and gained word-of-mouth. It also grabbed the attention to the local media. Zhangs Restaurant has been awarded the Best Chinese Restaurant by Connecticut magazines many consecutive years.