409 14th Ave Se, Minneapolis, MN, 55414-2005 
612-379-6374 / 612-379-6378
Dine in,Take out,Delivery
Chinese Food

Business Hours:

Delivery & Pick up
Delivery about 45 Min.
Pick Up about 15 Min.

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Dine in
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Chinese Food

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Reviewed by: kimholliecamp on: 2022/4/20 14:03:56
do you all deliver
Reviewed by: tahir on: 2021/9/2 12:43:50
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Reviewed by: ahenningmo on: 2016-08-17
I ordered today for the first time and I found the food Delicious. I would ask for the Szechuan Chicken to be spicier; what ordered WAS not spicy enough for me - but this is Minnesota, folks. China Express is trying to please the "general" public. I will have to specify "spicy" next time I order. The vegetable mix was Fabulous/Fresh!!! They took my order to a "tee" dropping the mushrooms I don't care for in the Szechuan Chicken stir fry. My fried dumplings were delicioso and so was the pork fried rice. I like a bit more egg/bean sprouts but the flavor was good. If you know your Asian Food It's Nothing to add a bit of soy sauce/fish sauce/oyster sauce or sesame oil to fix that - it's your preference for taste after all. Over all, for the money I spent and the amount of food I received = it's the best deal I have found nearby in my area so I am NOT going to complain at ALL. AND - Because I live within 3 miles of the restaurant I had NO Delivery Fees!!! That in itself is exceptional!! For those of you who complained you could be more specific in your order/choices/flavor because they are Very Accommodating. Give Them Another Chance. THANK YOU CHINA EXPRESS!!!!!
Reviewed by: muntd on: 2015-12-01
Kung pow shrimp to die for! Their garlic sauce leaves you wanting more!! I ordered delivery during huge snow storm when no one else would deliver. The driver had to walk last two blocks as side streets were impassable.Needless to say food was hot,fresh and abundant. I live in Prospect park and china express is the only call to make for extraordinary chinese cuisine!!! Delivery in 20-30 minuites the last 200+ times I have ordered.
Reviewed by: Nahila A. on: 3/27/2013 12:18:00 PM
I went for the first time today for some comfort food: vegetarian lo mein. I didn't have high expectations because the place looks like a fast food place. Also, the name also gives that away :).They have an eating area, which isn't terribly big, but it's not tiny either. It seems they do a lot of take out orders and have lunch express specials. They also have dinner specials, but those are made to order.I got the vegetarian lo mein with some spring rolls. The food came out fast and was steaming hot. I also had it made spicy, which made it so much better. This is definitely Chinese American fast food (greasy, hot, and spicy...yum!) at it's finest. I got a small order of lo mein, which isn't really a small portion. I was happy to find chunks of broccoli and lots of snow peas. Spring rolls were vegetarian and also good. Definitely a grease overload :p.I'll be back soon because I liked the food and the staff is really friendly. I forgot to pay for my soda and when I called, the girl was like that's ok, it's on the house! Sweet! She had my credit card info and could have charged for it but didn't :).Lots of options, fast, and hits the spot. Definitely a casual place, so don't expect anything fancy. Only disappointment was that all the utensils were plastic.
Reviewed by: Helena Q. on: 6/16/2012 7:45:00 PM
Typical Americanized Chinese food, though it is of a slightly higher quality than Panda Express.What brings it up a star is that the people there are very nice, and will chat with you if you aren't busy. (I know most people get delivery from here, but they do have a sit down area.)
Reviewed by: Kelly on: 2009-09-24
I went here once on a Sunday (I was planning on going to a place across the street but they were closed), and it's pretty much just...blah. Not the place you wanna bring a date. Not a lot of flavor but it's cheap. If you have other options I ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2008-06-30
The mediocre food is not worth the likewise mediocre and unprofessional service provided by this restaurant. In assesing this establishment, I'm keeping in mind the service and food provided by other chinese/asian restaurants in Dinkytown like Pagoda and Hong Kong Express (inside the Dinkydome). Food: untypical and lacking The Sesame chicken looks and taste like Sweet & Sour Chicken that I've had in other Chinese Restaurants. The Fried Rice is bright yellow and devoid of the punch of flavor usually found in well-done fried rice. Service: Emphasis has been placed on "express" with their service, so that their main point in sevicing you is to get you to pay for your food and out of the restaurant as soon as possible. Keeping with that tone, they offer no Hello/Good Bye/ Thank You. They don't even ask you the typical/basic service question: "How may I help you?" You won't find any smiles or eye contact, either. Today (6/30th), when I came in, the ...? More ?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2009-04-23
I always order takeout here, and they do get busy, but it's always worth it! I've never dined in, but have never had a bad experience here!! Wonderful food and fast service. Not very personable, but definitely not rude either.?