299 Jonesboro Rd, Mcdonough, GA, 30253-6514 
American-Chinese,Asian fusion

Business Hours:
Monday Closed
Open 6 Days a Week
Tues. - Thur. : 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Friday - Saturday: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Sunday: 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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Asian fusion

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Reviewed by: eugeneatarms on: 2021/2/5 16:23:07
I just purchased your shrimp lo mein. It had enough shrimp, but the bulk of it was shredded vegetables with a few noodles. I mean, come the f**k on. It tasted like shit.
Reviewed by: maryparker56 on: 2021/1/5 16:20:39
Thank you so much for making allowances for me, as I suffer from celiac disease. I understand that my order is made without wheat products and such, to my order, and it was still delicious. It is wonderful to have a neighborhood restaurant that takes care of me!
Reviewed by: agantt20 on: 2020/12/10 16:00:43
I can't eat your food without plastics without going to my kitchen. I need a discount.
Reviewed by: agantt20 on: 2020/12/10 15:57:07
Why didn't you send condiments?😡
Reviewed by: jhmpr72 on: 2020/9/14 17:47:55
Yes I just wanted to let y'all know something I don't know if it was the wings or the sesame chicken made my son deathly ill I ordered from you all the time never ever ever ever had a problem I just was giving you a heads-up in case something was bad in the refrigerator
Reviewed by: idon'twanttogive on: 2020/7/30 16:25:55
Ordered Kung Pao shrimp today, it was not hot, had no hot peppers at all and Honey wings were some other flavor, not honey, first time I was disappointed. What happened? Just wanted you to know & hopefully fix. I don't want to give you my e-mail address.
Reviewed by: truckinbear68 on: 2020/2/1 17:25:01
Dumpling only thing that was any good. 8jumbo fried shrimp so hard can't even eat it, house fried rice large compartment to go box filled but only 4 pieces of shrimp seriously. Will not order from here again. Get better food at the to go case at a truck stop. And that's not saying much..
Reviewed by: kellywalker777 on: 2019/1/26 10:19:58
I ordered a 2 liter of coke with my delivery and didn't get it. Delivery time 1:15 pm today, Sunday January 26th. Address 247 pebble creek dr. McDonough 30253...i would like someone to bring me a two liter of soda please!!
Reviewed by: diamond4146 on: 2018/12/13 16:59:17
I’m pretty disappointed in tonight’s delivery order. We are a regular customer and this is a first. 1st- Delivery was nearly 2 hours after I placed the order. 2nd- I don’t know when the food actually left the store...but by the time it arrived (we sat down to eat immediately after it arrived) it was COLD. Barely any warmth at all. 3rd The sesame chicken was dry as a bone with barely any sauce. And the hot n sour soup was nothing but brown egg drop soup, No tofu, no veggies and about 2 pcs of tiny chicken. Anyways, like I said, tonight was very disappointing. We spent $40 ($50 with tip and fees) on a subpar meal. It will be a while before I ever order from China Star-Asian Garden again.
Reviewed by: mz.meliany38 on: 2018/12/12 16:04:21
I just placed an order. Can u add duck sauce please
Reviewed by: tlcrisman93 on: 2018/11/1 17:34:27
Could I get some duck sauce and hot mustard packets
Reviewed by: lindababe55 on: 2018/8/3 15:29:02
I would like to place an order please
Reviewed by: alyhibb on: 2018/7/1 13:00:02
Reviewed by: alyhibb on: 2018/7/1 12:14:02
Hello would it be possible too come get the 1 diamond then delivery dinner for me ........ i live righthere in mcdonough not too far for 19 yrs and been thinking bout
Reviewed by: alyhibb on: 2018/7/1 12:11:57
What if i wanted too order a food with a diamond wirth 8..,k would you be able to give me 8..,k worth of food for a the entire amount lunch dinner are different cuisines or same cuisines e