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Reviewed by: Lewi.kathryn on: 2016-07-23
I just arrived home after having a sushi dinner and was very disappointed with the service, atmosphere and food. I was there early at about 5:30pm on July23. The restaurant was pretty deserted and I chose to sit in the bar area. Joanna was my server. The first problem was that it took Joanna almost 10 minutes to approach me. She had no other customers. My beer and water took 15 minutes to serve. You had plentiful staff on duty. They were all hanging out in a clump and loudly horsing around by the wait/service area. At any given moment there were at least 10 employees jostling around, joking, saying voulez vous coucher avec moi cest sois along with the english translation. They were flipping trays - you get the idea. Very unprofessional and it removed from me the quiet peaceful dining experience I had in mind. The ambiance was more school cafeteria than nice restaurant. I hadn't eaten there in over a year due to previous less than pleasant experiences. To top it off, the suchi was mediocre at best. Folks, with tip, I spent in excess of $30.00 for my meal. $30.00 is a lot of money for me to spend on one dinner. I do not feel I got even close to a $30.00 evening. I'm interested to hear from you.Thank youKathryn Lewi 302/519-6241Lewi.kathryn@hotmail.com
Reviewed by: Nikkiwegz on: 2016-07-05
Hello , Me and a companion had dinner at this establishment Saturday July 2nd around 7:30 pm. We had a male server. We dI'd regular table service . I am a restaurant Manger and also a head bartender for a local restaurant. We don't get to go out often. Since its the season of work . Lol and having children. But anyways. I was so let down. Our service was terrible. It was not busy at all. I ordered soup and salad and a skewer as my main meal. This was first to arrive to the table. We then had 2 other apps. Which we only received one of. My drink ( iced tea) came after my app. Our server never came back to check on us . We told him we never received the edamame he just said..ohhhh.ok. no apologies. Nothing. I felt terrible leaving a 15 tip. I even left a little note. So he didn't think we were just cheap. I'm not sure after having this experience I'd come back. I was so excited to try sushi for the first time. Which my boyfriend did LOVE. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME.NICOLE WEGLARZ
Reviewed by: wheeler72 on: 2016-07-03
You should have better servers in your restaurant. My family went and our server Tim was disorganized and rude.
Reviewed by: laura.cadis27 on: 2016-03-24
Hello,I'm Laura Cadis from Romania, I'm a student and I want to come this year for the second time in US with the program Work and Travel. Please let me know if you have some available jobs for the summer, if you have please send me some informations about them.I can send you my resume, if you think you can hire me, so please let me know asap, because I have to find very quickly a job so I can apply for visa. Looking forward to hearing about you!Wish you a beautiful day,Laura Cadis
Reviewed by: etg1972 on: 2016-02-14
My husband and I had an 8pm reservation but we came in early and sat at the bar. The bartender was busy but he have been back to the people next to us ( who got there the same time as us ) at least twice and didn't even acknowledge us. When we got his attention, he was going to ask the other people who were standing on the other side of us what they wanted until I raised my hand then he finally said to the other guests "I'm sorry but these ladies have been sitting here for a little while". My husband was dumbfounded being called a lady but I got a little chuckle out of that! When we got a table, we felt like we're invisible once again. We had to stop a waiter so we can order our food. If you're a waiter and you see new guests at a table don't you think you should go and acknowledge them? The food is not bad but service is!!! I won't be recommending them to my friends and family! I can get the same food somewhere else where I'm not invisible
Reviewed by: killitaharmon on: 2015-11-17
I called to schedule a Christmas Party for my company Ecco. We wanted to have a room to ourselves and I was told we could not and we only could do walk ins for parties of 6 or more and we only have 5 and will have to be seated with others. Not that we are declined to sit with others but this is our Christmas Party, not just a random dinner. I was very displeased with this
Reviewed by: brynnbmann on: 2015-11-15
My husband and I usually love coming out to Tokyo for dinner. So tonight we were expecting the same great food that we usually get. Sadly, that was not the case. Everything was just subpar. Everything just seemed kinda bland, our dynamite roll was falling apart on us, and my shrimp were cold pretty much as soon as they came out to me. This meal was certainly not worth the money that I had to pay for it. Don't think I'll feel like coming back and trying again anytime soon.
Reviewed by: gakauffman on: 2015-07-19
I have been going to Tokyo Steakhouse sine it opened about 10 years ago and go 8-9 times a summer. Last week I saw on your website and on a sign outside the restaurant that there were half priced entrees on you birthday. The website shows sushi on the coupon. When I ordered I mentioned to the waiter and he said this is only for hibachi. The manager then came over and said it was only hibachi. I pointed out that this is not what the website said. She said she could not honor the half priced entree as the restaurant would lose money. The amount of money involved is a little under $15 and I would have thought she would have been customer focused, realized that the website was in error and honored the offer. But she did not. She instead gave us a 20 discount. This made it even more absurd s she now was talking about an $8 difference. Your people need to be trained to be customer focused. Hopefully, when you build your new restaurant under our condo at the Henlopen, you will train your staff appropriately.Gary kauffman
Reviewed by: Lcrouch3589 on: 2015-05-25
Good Morning. I visited your restaurant last Sunday and have been thinking about the visit ever since we left. I am a huge fan of your food and hibachi services, but this visit was exceptionally poor. My boyfriend and I came with another couple to celebrate Mother's Day due to the fact the we were unable to do so the week before. We showed up just before 9 and were seated right away. Knowing you closed at 9:30 we were ready to order and get the ball rolling so we didn't tie you up all night. Your performance and employees showed us that they were ready to go and treated us in that manner. The hibachi performance itself was absolutely awful. The cook did not engage with us one time. He simply rushed through the motions. Half of my steak was undercooked and I wasn't able to eat it. I didn't notice until he was gone because it was a less than 8 minute experience. There was no flaming volcano or onion in our veggies and I only noticed because that's my favorite part. The food had no flavor. I was upset because this is my go to restaurant when I can't make a decision on where to eat out. I wanted to make you aware of our experience because I think it was a poor one and I couldn't imagine treating customers this way where I work. I don't want another guest to feel this way and leave with a bad image of Tokyo in their minds. I have celebrated countless birthdays here and taken many groups and had wonderful times. It's just frustrating to know how great it can be then have such a terrible experience.Lauren Crouch
Reviewed by: danielle.colatriano on: 2015-05-13
To whom it may concern:I stopped in to order takeout from the Lewes location tonight. I ordered the Love Boat and the Sirloin Entree with Scallops.First, when I arrived and ordered the restaurant was empty. It took 30min for me to get my food. My entree was at the hostess stand for about 15min. It took 30min for the raw part of my meal to be finished. For a restaurant that had steakhouse in its name was another disappointment entirely. I ordered my steak medium rare. I was appalled that the steak was chopped up and was more like a stir-fry. For a $22 meal, I could've gotten that from any Asian restaurant for $10 less. I ordered the sirloin but since it was chopped up who knows what I was given?!?!?! In addition, the scallops I ordered was omitted from my meal. Instead I received shrimp. Both the shrimp and steak were overcooked and barely warm. After all, the were finished 15min before the raw portion of the food I ordered. I was asked if I wanted them re-heated. I educated the person that it would overcook the meat to re-heat it for me. If I knew my $22 meal was a beef stir fry I would never had ordered it. I did not want the miso soup and wanted a salad instead and was rudely told it would be extra. Not sure what is extra about an iceberg salad. The labor put into making miso soup would be a wash with the iceberg salad. Not sure what you can do to make this right but I will make sure to tell everyone I know not to eat at your restaurant. I am a local and was very disappointed.Regards.Danielle Colatriano
Reviewed by: b_frazier1978 on: 2015-02-26
Be sure to look at your bill they charge a service charge to all bills it is not gratuity or a tip
Reviewed by: Wyattdix on: 2015-01-17
We visited Tokyo in Lewes. It was freezing in the restaurant, food was luke warm and only tasted li
Reviewed by: Jfteyman88 on: 2014-10-29
Wow this place has been just sub par its whole existence. There best chefs have gone and the fact I
Reviewed by: soni on: 2014-09-08
hello, i am not sure how to contact the owner, but i would like for this message to reach him. I went to tokyo in lewes for dinner last night. my group of 5 arrived at 9pm, well before the closing time stated on the door (and online) of 930. the manager, Sawanya, told us that we are late and they would like to close. that after being at work since 2pm they are all tired. At this point, i had just finished a 12 hour workday myself, so i was not sympathetic to this statement. i asked if she was really turning us away, and she sighed heavily, and said since we were there she would seat us. She was not happy about this, and made it obvious to us that we were an inconvenience. When the manager treats customers so poorly, the staff has no reason to be pleasant. Our server Ligia glared at us angrily, did not greet us or attempt to be helpful, and made us feel extremely uncomfortable and rushed throughout our meal. The only saving grace was our cook on the hibachi table. he was a joy, and made the night as pleasant as possible. I have been to this tokyo location on several occasions, eaten in restaurants around the world, and have NEVER been made to feel as poorly as your staff did to us last night. i am kindly waiting your response, i hope you can remedy this situation. thank you.
Reviewed by: sherrymab on: 2014-05-01
I am a local in Lewes, DE, and my husband and I like to go to Tokyo Steakhouse whenever we have a little extra money on date night. Last night we went for Hibachi service, and the chef pissed me off. I am not easily made angry by restaraunt staff, because I know how difficult the job is and how horrible customers can be. But when I am paying $60 for a dinner for two, I expect that we will be at least treated respectfully. Our chef, Billy, was extremely rude. My husband is overweight, and it is due to various medical conditions that he barely has time to focus on because he works 70 hours a week and tries to spend all of his free time with me and our 5 children (whom we have also brought to Tokyo Steakhouse on many occasions). I found a fellow table member very obnoxious, but thats the risk you have when eating hibachi. Billy apparently KNEW this table member, and provoked her to be even more annoying. On top of this, he had the odasity to give my husband a hard time about his weight. Which is not only rude and humiliating, but is extremely unprofessional, regardless of your career!! I will most likely never be dining in your restaurant again, regardless of how I feel about the food. This experience was just so enraging, I cannot see myself returning to the Lewes or Salisbury location. There are many other places way more deserving of our patronage.
Reviewed by: ptephabock on: 2014-04-30
I need reservations for Lighthouse Christian Middle School Students on May 18 at 6 PM for 16 people. Thanks
Reviewed by: Mel.Keith on: 2014-01-19
I am a loyal customer of Tokyo Steakhouse and have recently been diagnosed with a Gluten Intolerance. I myself have gluten free soy and teriyaki sauce at home and I understand Cultered Pearl now offers this too. I would LOVE to be able to come in weekly again and enjoy your delicious food. Please consider bringing in options for those with Gluten sensitivities. Thank you!
Reviewed by: rbiamby on: 2013-11-23
Thank you, Tokyo Steakhouse for a very memorable evening, my wife and I enjoyed every minute of it. Talk about an awkward moment, my wife and I were seat at the hibachi grill with total strangers. However our chef Billy changed the whole atmosphere with his humor and we all were just laughing, it really broke the ice. My wife and I were celebrating my 47th birthday there and everyone made us feeling special, thanks for a great job and great service also tell Billy thank you, he was great, I think he's in the wrong profession he should be a comedian.Thank You, Rodney and Jeannie Biamby
Reviewed by: rlewandowski on: 2013-08-07
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