23615 El Toro Rd, Lake Forest, CA, 92630-4707 
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Chinese Food,Mongolian BBQ

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Dine in
Take out
Chinese Food
Mongolian BBQ

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Reviewed by: michaeljmendez on: 2019/7/20 14:22:39
KETO-Friendly, Fast, Healthy Fresh!!! Best Mongolian BlBQ in So ClA!!! Delicious everyday!!
Reviewed by: suzyandstan on: 2018/12/21 19:13:22
Do you have any gluten free food
Reviewed by: suzyandstan on: 2018/12/21 19:13:04
Do you have any gluten free food
Reviewed by: sergiol007 on: 2018/12/1 15:05:04
I came in to get the all you can at 2:30pm. On a sat dec1st A elderly asian lady said the all you eat is not available after 2pm on Saturdays ok but I would like to eat Mongolian noodles and meats for the price on your menu 11.89 something around that amount lady said ok First I notice when the cook started cooking the food was the noodles weren’t cooked right and the meats were not fresh, I’m kind of disappointed because I didn’t even finished bowl it wasn’t good at all, and I got charged 22.00 total this is a rip off
Reviewed by: michaelhenry686 on: 2018/9/14 20:13:06
Been going there for over twenty years and the food has always been great. Things have been updated over the years which is expected. Last two times there the service was terrible. Sides weren't there after my meal was cooked. Wasn't asked if everything was good or if I wanted another drink. I had to flag them down. At the end of the night was given a check and wasn't even given a fortune cookie. The littlest things like not getting the fortune cookie is a bummer. I could've ask for it but I shouldn't have to.
Reviewed by: Beth H. on: 3/18/2013 3:08:00 AM
Oh Genghis Khan...you are just as good as you were when I was a child. Literally, when my Dad would pick me up for his "weekend" when I was a kid we'd go to GK every once in a while. I loved this place and the older Asian man that worked the BBQ was always such a gentleman...a true gem. I continued to visit GK all through my teenage years and as a young adult.Fast forward 20 some odd years and I'm bringing my own son to GK. The BBQ man from my youth is still here. He looks at me, looks down at my son, looks back at me and beams..grinning ear to ear. He KNEW! He's always known his customers and he loved the fact that the child he once served is still coming and now, he is serving her child. He was exuding the kind of love and pride of a Grandfather. This, my friends is something that barely exists now days.My son is grown (almost 22) and I decided to expose Roomie and the 15-year old Teenage Foodie to GK. What can I say? Other than some of the staff (I still recognized one lady) everything is still exactly the same. The BBQ bar is fantastic, the meat is wonderful, the veggies are fresh, the sauces are yummy and it is still immaculate after all of these years. BTW, the spring rolls (the big ones, not the little ones) are just as FREAKING AMAZING as they ever were and haven't changed a bit!!!!It's clear that GK is still a family run business. I love that they still involve their children in the business. We were seated and helped periodically by a perfect gentleman of about 10-12. He was very professional, took pride in his work and was absolutely charming and efficient.GK is still first class, grade A, top choice....I've now hooked Roomie and the Teenage Foodie and while the drive from HB to Lake Forest isn't short, it's well worth it for the food, people, atmosphere and for me, the nostalgia.
Reviewed by: Christina A. on: 3/3/2013 3:29:00 AM
I read some reviews that this place was a dive. It's not. It looks like a typical Chinese-style restaurant. I think the people calling it "depressing" need to move to Beverly Hills with the rest of the snobs. No, you don't propose to your beloved here. But you do take her to eat all she can eat of meat, veggies, and noodles and that, frankly, is better than a marriage proposal anyway.Went there for the first time 2 days ago. Great service, the people are very nice. Meat is on the ACE bar so you don't have to order it, like at Pan Asia in Costa Mesa. IT HAS NOODLES, unlike Pan Asia.Pocket bread is great. The soup is good. The grill is visible and was very clean. Large booths and no wait on a Friday night. The quality is average, but it tastes good and the two kids I brought with me loved it, and that's half the battle when it comes to dinnertime in my world!I live in Lake Forest and I like to support local places. I will absolutely be going back here in the very near future.
Reviewed by: Barbara G. on: 2/14/2013 11:00:00 PM
My husband loves the BBQ buffet - I prefer ordering off the menu. Sweet, we both get what we want. The place does get busy sometimes but I think the service is still good and I love the food. Julie is the owner and she's an awesome cook. Really nice people work here.
Reviewed by: Keith K. on: 1/24/2013 3:45:00 AM
The service really made it an above average experience for me~!Thank you to the kind gentleman at the counter helping me out with my order.He was very attentive~!My first impression was good.I like the pond/fountain with the live fish when you first enter.The people were definitely friendly and ready to receive me.Food quality was average, but still tasty and fulfilling.I would have liked to have had more spicy sauce options.They have a spicy green sauce you can pour on at the end.I suspect there is no "pre-spice" in consideration for the patrons that don't want any residual spice from the previous bowl.I still need to check out the "Chinese Cuisine" part of the menu as this visit was just for the Mongolian barbecue.The procedure for the Mongolian style barbecue resembled what I a accustomed to, which is:1) Receive bowl.2) Fill bowl.3) Hand bowl to chef.4) Chef cooks over Big Flat Metal Mass.5) Receive bowl with now cooked materials.The component that was different was that they took my meat request first, then handed me the bowl with the meat already in there. I kind of like to "configure" my own meat, but it's interesting to see a different approach. What's your typical experience here or at any other Mongolian?Random pondering: The ingredients bar was in a corner, interestingly enough. I wonder if there are any advantages to the setup.I was hunting around for some barbecue when I came across this place.When I drove up, I was contemplating whether to eat here or not as I felt like take out.Then I saw the little "to go" indicator so I parked up and headed in.Thanks~!
Reviewed by: Madelyn J. on: 1/12/2013 8:13:00 AM
The wait staff seems lost meaning that they seemed like they worked w out communicating w each other. It was weird, we were served by all the staff that was there. Food was ok, & I'm Chinese. The Mongolian bar was pricey to me so I ordered the menu items for a cheaper price. If u want to eat Mongolian BBQ/stir fry, better to go to the faster, cheaper ones at the mall. But the all you can eat is at a decent price.
Reviewed by: Carrie M. on: 1/5/2013 3:24:00 AM
I've been here a few times with work. While I wish they would remodel, I love the tofu/veggie bowl and the pocket bread is awesome.