1914 Adams Ave, La Grande, OR, 97850-6586

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You did a good job in holding the 5th annual Top 100 awards ceremony; it is well organized and the awards venue is wonderful. The professional and passionate host impressed me a lot. There was also a special photo taking section and we were pleased to take photos with many celebrities, such as Martin Yan, Theresa Lin and Miss Asia.


The aroma of perfectly balanced herbs and spices as they tumble with fresh vegetables and meats in custom made wok’s eminence from the kitchen. That is the first of many a great thing to come to all patrons and people upon their arrival at Moy’s Dynasty.


Moy’s Dynasty has made a key to unlock all doors into the world of a successful and recognized establishment that reminds people of what authentic oriental cuisine is, and opens up the inevitable new world of infused cultures and evolving taste buds. 


Like many American Chinese restaurants, Moy’s caters to the American palate, using Chinese knowledge of herbs, spices, and sauce that entice any taste buds. The Kung Pao choices are house favorite along with the lightly battered and skillfully fried chicken. The Orange Chicken is an exciting flavor for all to enjoy. The sautéed dishes and steamed menu items are tender and juicy and the vegetables are cooked and yet crisp. The Moy’s specialty Chow Mein is simple and complex at the same time. 

Everything is delightfully wonderful dishes that will satisfy any and all who visit Moy's Dynasty.