1902 W COURT ST, JANESVILLE, WI, 53548-3418

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New King Wok is a decent restaurant in Janesville Wisconsin. This restaurant provides fast take-out service for more than a decade and is well ahead of the local competition. The atmosphere is comfortable rather than luxurious and the service is fast and friendly.


The restaurant focuses on Americanized Chinese food and they excel in creating innovative ways to make the most common dishes new and exciting. The chefs believe the secret to making irresistible food is in the quality of the ingredients. The top selling dishes are General Tso’s Chicken, Sweet & Sour Chicken, Chicken w. Garlic Sauce, Beef w. Broccoli and House Special Rice Noodle. Additionally, owner Ming Zhang believes the secret lies in made-to-order food. This combination means that customers receive food of the highest quality, made exactly how they prefer it.


At New King Wok, take-out orders are always filled in ten minutes or less. Customers who are on-the-go can trust that New King Wok will never hold them up. Just because the service is fast, New King Wok has become the locals’ favorite lunch time destination.