1531 Monument Rd Ste 8, Jacksonville, FL, 32225-7329 

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Reviewed by: joelambert on: 2019/12/21 16:22:54
On the order placed for Joe Lambert at 1204 Saint Johns Bluff Rd., North please I would like the garlic sauce with my dinner
Reviewed by: Hottiebottle531 on: 2016-08-22
I usually only order from here and recommend to all my friends and family! But lately the service ju
Reviewed by: dearkitty on: 2016-05-22
We used to order from Wok N Roll. I'm so glad we found Hunan Wok instead! The food tastes great and
Reviewed by: donaldgibson18 on: 2016-05-18
Just ordered Moo goo gai pan. Was a bowl of Mushrooms with no vegi's and did not taste well. Better step it up or I will not eat there anymore. I know you are/can be better than that.
Reviewed by: Colleen.straw on: 2015-06-04
Delicious and fast we have been ordering from here for years and we are spoiled by their delicious d
Reviewed by: brownjax1117 on: 2015-03-17
This was my first time eating here and I was quite impressed. Impeccable service and the food mouth-
Reviewed by: mjt32488 on: 2015-02-21
This is by far the best Chinese food in Jax!My husband and i have been ordering from here since we lived in the tiny apartment across the street almost 10 years ago. Highly recommended!
Reviewed by: chucksetser on: 2015-02-20
For years we used Wok n Roll. Tried this once and will keep with Hunan Wok.
Reviewed by: claykreations on: 2015-01-25
NEVER ORDERING FROM HERE AGAIN!!!!!!!!! I was very disappointed in the service tonight. First I trie
Reviewed by: brownjax1117 on: 2014-12-01
This is my all time favorite restaurant! The employees are always pleasant and the food is always fr