4843 W CENTURY BLVD, INGLEWOOD, CA, 90304-1314 

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Reviewed by: Polina T. on: 1/1/2013 6:01:00 AM
Twas a rainy Saturday in late December. After driving around doing errands, we decided to have a lazy day and order in. I got Almond chicken (for the first time ever!!) And wasn't disappointed! It wasn't fried or spicy (yay for eating somewhat decent) and included zucchini almonds carrots and peas. The dish made for 2 meals :)My boyfriend got his signature sweet and sour chicken dish, but wasn't impressed. But I'm still giving this place four stars for my food. We had dumplings too! It came with a meat in it (pork? ) so vegetarians, watch out for it.The food took 30 min to arrive, which we were warned of, and I'd order from here again, because I was that satisfied with my food.
Reviewed by: Dood D. on: 1/19/2012 3:55:00 PM
Place has turned sour.We order take out from here whenever we layover at LAX - about twice a year. The restaurant has changed. When I called the lady quoted me my total and asked "Is that OK?" I didn't catch why until later. I asked her why she asked. She said delivery fee and tax. I ordered Kung Pow Three Flavors and Fried Lice. The order came quickly to the hotel and I paid the man a bit more than the total. He then said "No include Tipu". I countered that it included a delivery fee. He was insistent on a "Tipu (Tip)." So my wife gave him another buck or two. The package did seem a little light and when we opened it we discovered there was no white rice. So I called the lady and she said Kung Pow Three Flavors doesn't include rice and cost $.80 extra. Which is OK if they 1) told you that you are not going to get any rice. 2) put it on the menu (it is nowhere to be found). So I had to swipe some of my daughters fried rice to eat my Kung Pow.OK, I now know why many people have posted bad reviews. The owner has it in her head to offer a little lower prices and then ding the customer anyway she can. This of course is American style business - provided you have a semi-monopoly (think cable TV, utilities, phone & internet service, etc.) Well it turns out they do have a monopoly for the hotels around LAX. My guess is that they have had a lot of orders returned once the delivery 'beggar' showed up with an inflated bill.Food was OK - nothing to complain about. But I gave them a one star for pissing a regular customer off. I would gladly to have paid a few bucks more and not have been hassled.
Reviewed by: Hector_A on: 2002-08-12
The Flower Drum is the best Chinese restaurant I know in Los Angeles. Every dish is prepare to perfection, Hot and Sour soup and Mu Shu Pork and Mu Shu Shrimp are fantastic. ...?
Reviewed by: P Z. on: 2005-08-18
this place is absolutely horrible. i visited several different chinese restaurants in south bay area, but not one is as horrifying as this one. the food they make degrades the chinese food, and the price is much higher than the standard. the ...?
Reviewed by: tuffcrackerj on: 2006-03-24
Flower Drum is a hidden gem near LAX off West Century. The food is superb and their prices are very, very reasonable. I personally dine there almost twice a week and the food/service never ceases to exceed my expectations. ...?