Auntie Changs Dumpling House


2621 S SHEPHERD DR STE 290, HOUSTON, TX, 77098-1596

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Type:Full service


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Auntie Chang's Dumpling House

Years in Business: Over 10
Signature dish: Dumplings
Service Offered: Dine-in
Decoration Style: Modern
Reason to participate in Top100 Chinese Restaurants in USA:
To enhance promotion and improve the popularity of restaurant among customers
Restaurant Briefing:
A stylish, comfortable dining atmosphere presenting soothing décor colors and the smell of freshly cooked dumplings welcome you to Auntie Chang’s Dumpling House. We feature tasty dumplings with various kinds of stuffing like pork, shrimp, beef. Their thin flour wrappers accentuate the tender taste of the dumplings. By virtue of the distinctive culinary technique, our restaurant has earned a positive reputation among customers. Besides delicious dumplings, the Americanized Hunan dishes deserve a try too. Most important of all, we have a team of dedicated individuals committed to customer satisfaction. Every one of them can speak fluent English, which enables full communication between patrons and servers.

As its name embodied, Auntie Chang’s Dumpling House is a Chinese restaurant of more than a decade’s standing, which makes the best dumpling and great Americanized Chinese cuisines in Houston, Texas.


Auntie Chang’s Dumpling House is a dine-in and take-out eatery which offers 82 comfortable seats within the 3,000 ft2 dining space. The restaurant was recently refurnished with luxurious carpets and fittings.


Mr. Du, the owner of Auntie Chang’s, always insists in presenting the finest things to his loyal returning friends. He is glad to see western people are becoming hot fanciers of Chinese dining culture and is making great effort with his staff to reveal customers the essence of Chinese food. Du is very proud of its exquisite dumplings. It offers chicken, beef, pork, vegetable, shrimp and mix dumplings for customers interested in sampling different flavors. Beside, Royal Lobster, Croker Shrimp and Peking Duck are newly-launched dishes lately which have received high praise by diners. By the way, don’t worry about calories --- the restaurant can prepare food in healthy methods which may surely satisfy any of your expectation.


If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary and combines with the traditional, this restaurant is the must-try destination.

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