Golden China Restaurant


1409 29th Avenue Dr NE, Hickory, NC, 28601-7323

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Golden China Restaurant
Golden China Restaurant was taken over by Tony Lin five years ago. Before then, the restaurant already had several years of business history. Once Lin started to operate Golden China Restaurant, he made a thorough update of the restaurant’s décor and ambiance to provide customers with a brand-new view. Outside the restaurant, trees have been planted. Inside the restaurant, there are more than 10 strategically placed dining tables. On the walls, beautiful pictures of landscapes are hung. The most eye-catching feature is probably the fish tank, in which the beautiful koi fish are swimming, bringing people a feeling of tranquility. The signature dish of Golden China is Sesame Chicken. When making the dish, chicken is chopped into little cubes and is preserved with different spices overnight before cooking. This procedure makes the meat flavorful. Of course, the temperature and quality of ingredients also have a large impact on the final product. Although they are more expensive than the generic ones, Golden China only uses the finest ingredients. In Lin’s eyes, what really matters is the customer’s satisfaction with the restaurant, not how much profit they could earn. Besides top-quality food, they also pay great attention to the service.
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