367 Russell street,#12, Hadely, MA, 01035

Type:Fast Food


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Having worked in the restaurant industry for many different years, Owner William Cong finally stepped into the spotlight by deciding to award Fuji Chen franchises. The franchising idea comes from his observations of PF Chang’s management concept. General Tso’s Chicken, is a staple in Chinese restaurants. The chefs at Fuji Chen prepare a crunchy version of this popular menu item. Bourbon Chicken and Black Pepper Chicken are two innovations the owner has added to try to appeal to even more customers. The Bourbon Chicken is a Chinese interpretation of the dish made by adding a dash of cooking wine, a dollop of hoisin sauce, and a touch of oyster sauce. The result is a harmonious blend of color, taste and texture that really complements the mouthwatering grilled chicken chunks. Mr. Cong takes a new approach to Black Pepper Chicken. The sauce is a mix of over 10 kinds of condiments, and the pepper gives the dish a somewhat aggressive but not overpowering taste. Not only having to deal with one location, Mr. Cong has two other restaurants in Kingston and Boston in Massachusetts. For these franchise locations, the biggest challenge is keeping the consistency of interior design and taste in different stores. All Fuji Chens are exactly the same in their décor, not overly fancy but neat and clean.