3610 SW 13th Street, GAINESVILLE, FL, 32608-3506 
Full service
Asian fusion,Nyonya Cuisine

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Lunch: 11:30AM—4:00PM Dinner: Sun.-Thur.:4:00PM—10:00PM Fri.-Sat.: 4:00PM—10:30PM Afternoon Tea Time:12:00noon—5:00PM
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Full service
Asian fusion
Nyonya Cuisine
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Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2009-09-12
We've been going to Merlion since we decided to move down to this town and needed to find some restaurants that actually catered to vegans. The times we've gone we've always been satisfied. We take our family and friends there, as the environment is appropriate.Everyone has been happy with their meals. Our favorites are the Curry Fried Rice w/veggie ham and the Lo Mein w/ veggie ham. An appetizer that we think is wonderful are the summer rolls. Try it out - I highly recommend it.?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2009-08-02
I used to enjoy dining at Merlion, during the latter half of 2008. After a break of almost a year, I visited the restaurant for lunch in July 2009. I was shocked and saddened by how bad the restaurant has become. 1) The waiter was abrupt. He did not respond very well when I asked him about the ingredients in a couple of dishes. But, it was not a big deal. I ordered the pineapple fried tofu. 2) I got the food about a couple of minutes after I ordered, along with the soup. This was good (I mean - I got the food fast), but surprising - since it takes more time than that to prepare the food. 3) I found out that the food was *bad*. The rice was not properly cooked (gritty) and cold. There was *one piece* of pineapple in my dish (I guess to justify the name of the dish :)). The pineapple curry was lukewarm. 4) My friend (with whom I had gone) ordered the yellow curry which was supposed to have bamboo shoots. Again, there was *one* piece of bamboo shoot. There were a couple of flat beans, a ...? More ?
Reviewed by: Member, Viktoria, Gainesville on: 2009-06-03
Amenities and premises very clean. Servers very friendly, helpful and professional. The food was nothing spectacular, but the dining experience was very pleasant because the atmosphere was unique, beautiful and relaxing. ...?
Reviewed by: A TripAdvisor Member on: 2009-05-20
The price for lunch can't be beat, the food is interesting and good, but the service is very slow. Waited one hour for our order to be taken, then another hour before we were finished--two hours for lunch is too long!! ...?
Reviewed by: A TripAdvisor Member on: 2009-05-10
This is the 3rd time ive gone to Merlion and I have yet to be dissapointed. The staff are very polite and kind, and are very good with service. The menu is fairly extensive, with clay pots, sizzling platters, soups, appetizers and ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2008-11-19
The food here is top-notch, and the most incredible part is how reasonably priced it is. Whether you're vegetarian or not I highly recommend that you try the Java Tofu, it's amazing. The service is great, and despite its modest exterior appearance the interior decor is quite lovely. It's currently my favorite place to dine in Gainesville.?
Reviewed by: "Barry", Gainesville on: 2008-11-06
I have been here for dinner many times, and always find it delightful. Many of the dishes here are things you cant find anywhere else. They have a huge variety. They are very friendly. No one goes there, so service is always great. ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2008-10-07
Absolutely the very best restaurant in Gainesville. It gets a five star from me. From the moment I walk inside I feel peace and calm. Excellent prices and service. Our food was of the highest quality and correct temperture. I'm looking forward to my next visit and will bring my friends!?
Reviewed by: A TripAdvisor Member on: 2008-10-02
We dined here and were pleased although we thought that the meals could have had more veggies in the offerings we selected. The wait staff was nice but could have been a bit more efficient. The waitress looked lovely in her Singapore ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2008-09-28
deals in Gainesville. You can order basically anything you want from the menu and it comes with soup, salad, spring rolls and a wanton all for around 6 dollars. This is all done in one of the most elegant settings in town. (don't be fooled by the outside). ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2008-04-26
I was pleased to see a singaporean restaurant in town and was excited to visit. I ordered traditional singaporean fare: rojak, roti and satay...All three were a thorough disappointment. The rojak was fruit salad with hot sauce. The satay was jerky on a stick. The roti was the only thing that was somewhat decent. Do not recommend this restaurant at all. It's akin to calling domino's italian cuisine.?
Reviewed by: Member, Nellie Laymon, on: 2007-10-05
When I visited Merlion's for the first time, I went for lunch. I had an absolutely wonderful time and sat in a booth that had sheer curtains dividing the booths. We had the owners training a server while we were there and we had the best ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2007-09-26
Great atmosphere and feng shui, fast and attentive service, very affordable, and delicious. Also they provide a separate menu for vegetarians. My girlfriend loved that. Lunch is around $6-8 and dinner around $9-12. I went there two days in a row and still want to go back today for a third time. The only thing that bugged me was the acoustics in the room when other people can't seem to use their dinner voices, but I'ma musician and sound effects me more than most others. Keep up the good work Merlion!?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2007-09-19
Do not let the modest exterior deceive you. Merlion Singapore Cuisine is beatiful inside. The foyer hosts two large fish tanks and a pond. The dining area has bamboo floors and is elegantly decorated. This place is nice enough for a date or anniversary. The best surprise is that the prices are more than reasonable. We came for lunch and most of the lunch specials were $5.50. This is not so spectacular until you consider that this includes soup, a really nice salad (had kiwi and strawberries in it), the main course, and a small dessert. The food presentation is lovely as well and the service is prompt and friendly. One word of advice is that if you get the Thai Iced Tea, it may not be what you are used to. This one does not have sweetened condensed milk, instead it is an iced tea made from Thai tea leaves and you can add half and half to it if you would like. It was very tasty and was only $1.50 including refills. They also have a tea time from noon to 5pm and you have different levels ...? More ?
Reviewed by: A TripAdvisor Member on: 2007-09-15
I was pleasantly surprised by this restaurant serving food from Singapore. Don't let the modest exterior fool you. Inside you will find nice fish tanks, a gold fish pond, bamboo floors, and a classy interior. For any vegetarians, make ...?
Reviewed by: A TripAdvisor Member on: 2007-09-02
Merlion is one of the most beautiful restaurants in Gainesville, yet the prices are reasonable and it is seldom crowded. The interior was designed by a UF student. It is simple, elegant and soothing. The entrance is enhanced by a fountain. ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2007-07-26
The ambiance is excellent and the prices are reasonable! The service was very attentive and suggested items that went well with our meal. I loved the "box" plates! I had the chicken lo-mein box lunch w/ wonton soup for under six dollars.?
Reviewed by: wilsonji0 on: 2008-12-17
I'll never forget this nice restaurant. Acctually that is the place where my wife said "yes" to me. You know what it was. The service and the atmosphere, is the best I'd met. Thank you! The owner!! and everyone of Meilion!
Reviewed by: susinskip on: 2008-12-11
This is a very beautiful restaurant. We, my family, enjoy eating lunch there. The service is so courteous and the lunch prices are afforable. The atmosphere is really nice...The only suggestion I could make is maybe some carpet in the dining area. It could "hush" the loud talking and make everyone's meal more enjoyable. We are very loyal customers. You need more advertising. You are almost a secret.