Helen's Gourmet Chinese Food


7444 N Fresno St, Fresno, CA, 93720

Type:Full service


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Located at 7444 N Fresno St. Fresno CA 93720, Helen's Gourmet Chinese Food is committed to provide the customers with a marvelous adventure into the magnificent world of Chinese cuisine. Our restaurant’s success is credited to our passion for serving exquisite, healthy and delicious dishes, which attracts customers from different age groups and ethnic backgrounds. Our distinctive dishes, Kong Bou Chicken, Chicken Salad, Pork with Fried Rice, Broccoli Beef, Orange Chicken, are characterized by the unique cooking methods of our restaurant. All of the food served in our restaurant is piping hot and attractively displayed in appropriate dishes, with an excellent mix of flavors. We will also devote ourselves to invent exciting new dishes with great creativity.

Helen’s Gourmet Chinese Restaurant is located on Fresno Street in Fresno, California. The restaurant always prides itself on maintaining a higher standard of Chinese food than the many competing restaurants in this city. This time-honored restaurant has won many prizes and also been awarded the most important accolade of all: praise by local media and diners!


There are up to a hundred items listed on the menu. Instead of possessing a predictable menu, the restaurant mixes traditional Chinese dishes with a select few American combinations. The chefs also throw in the odd Shanghai-inspired dish as well to liven the menu—making Helen’s offerings wholly unique!

The top rated dish of the Helen’s Gourmet is the Chinese Chicken Salad. However, Honey Walnut Shrimp and Mongolian Beef will take you by surprise! Both are carefully prepared by well-trained chefs and have inspired widespread admiration in the customer base. The Beef Pot Sticker is also a favorite of the local dining population.


Helen, the owner, strictly supervises the quality of food to ensure each dish is healthy and hygienic: all the vegetables are washed clean during the previous evening and MSG is absolutely forbidden.


Whether you are a regular customer or just visiting the restaurant for the first time, you will receive the warmest service imaginable. Helen’s Gourmet is the absolutely the best destination to choose.

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