4845 E Mckinley Ave, Fresno, CA, 93703-3532 
Full service,Buffet

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11:00 AM - 09:30 PM
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Top 100 Buffet  (2011)


Reviewed by: Luz R. on: 1/21/2013 12:04:00 AM
This buffet was pretty disappointing!!First of, when we walk in there was only 2 people we should've seen this as a bad sign.Second the soda machine messed up and they gave us fizzing water.Third of, the place was dirty! The table we were seated at was dirty as well! I expected it to be clean since the place was empty they had plenty of time to clean it.The worst thing about this was that there was a hair on our cheese crab meet!!!! That was sooooo disgusting!!!! After that we couldn't take it anymore and we left. After telling the lady at the register if we could have a refund or something she just gave us $1 back!!This was such a bad experience! We will be sure to not go back!
Reviewed by: Charles B. on: 3/31/2012 5:35:00 AM
Pretty good food here! Plenty of different flavors of chicken! Not bad...
Reviewed by: changjuechen_0199 on: 2011-11-24
I've been here several times with my friend and falimy, we are loving this restaurant. great food, very clean place and we like there's music.i think it is the best chinese restaurant in the town. Hope they win the vote.
Reviewed by: 123jiexuan on: 2011-11-24
Excellent buffet,love love love this place. My kids like the food here. They always want to eat here. We all like the orange chicken,chow mein,egg flower soup, and spring rolls. grear moon buffet have really good service, delicious and fresh food.
Reviewed by: 315079557 on: 2011-11-22
chunzhang lai ye
Reviewed by: kaikai088 on: 2011-11-21
Very cheap price here. The food are so good. Especially the chow mein, fried rice, hot sour soup and black pepper chicken. really great!!! sushi are tasty...
Reviewed by: xht_961223 on: 2011-11-21
Few days ago, i came to eat with my friend, both of us are like the mushroom chicken and orange chicken. The salmon fish, chow mein and broccoli beef are very tasty. we are enjoyed it. we will come to eat again.
Reviewed by: yu8686 on: 2011-11-21
The fried shusis are so good. crawfish, the salt pepper shrimp are tasty. I really like it. Everybody need come to try.
Reviewed by: dogjklssajigh on: 2011-11-21
I will always support this restaurant, because the food really tasty. the people worked in there are very nice. the shusi are wonderful. spring rolls, cheese wonton are great!
Reviewed by: www504133515 on: 2011-11-21
The best food in the town, chow mein, fried rice,orange and mongolian pork are all great! I never ate orange chicken and mongonlian pork like that before. very tasty. the price are good,too.
Reviewed by: q125503116 on: 2011-11-21
chili chicken and orange chicken are very good. The egg flower soup, pot sticker, and chicken wings are tasty. Really nice place. I enjoyed it.
Reviewed by: lyfyywind on: 2011-11-21
really fresh food, I like the banana pudding, very good! The big crab legs, mushroom chicken and kungpao chicken are my favorite. Even the steam rice are perfect.
Reviewed by: chenxia209 on: 2011-11-21
Just ate here two days ago, the salt pepper squid, salmon fish and salt pepper crab are so good. severs are very nice.I will bring my friends come to try those best food.
Reviewed by: lmq2728 on: 2011-11-21
I like the sweet sour chicken, chow mein, garlic shrimp and black pepper chicken here. Very good taste. wonderful place.
Reviewed by: kimicohuang on: 2011-11-21
wow, the food here are delicious. Chow Mein, Fried rice,mushroom chicken are really great. salt pepper shrimp and mussles are tasty.
Reviewed by: guanfang2847 on: 2011-11-21
Really good food, I really enjored it. The orange chicken is the best in the town and the butter shrimp is delicious. Hot sour soup is good too.
Reviewed by: herj on: 2011-11-02
the food taste are very good! the black pepper chicken,kunbao chicken,chili chicken,salt & pepper shrimp,salt & pepper crap,cheese wonton,spring roll,fried dumpling, chow mian and shushi are my favorite.and the price is very low.i like it