4845 E Mckinley Ave, Fresno, CA, 93703-3532 
Full service,Buffet

People in Fresno are lucky to have Great Moon Buffet. Not limited to just being a buffet restaurant, Great Moon Buffet offers take-out service as well. Specializing in Chinese and Japanese cuisines, it has attracted not only the Chinese and Japanese fellows but also people of other ethnicities.

To stand out in the fierce competition in restaurant industry, Great Moon Buffet insists on maintaining high quality in food and service. With 5,000-square-foot space, Great Moon Buffet can hold up to 100 diners during peak hours. Well lighted, Great Moon Buffet characterizes integration of Chinese and Western style in restaurant decor, which is perfect for a grand dining trip.

As a buffet, Great Moon Buffet boasts an extensive array of choices with various items on the menu. Caterpillar Roll, Kiss Fire Roll, and Mexico Roll are the most popular roll dishes that you definitely do not want to miss. To meet diners’ various needs, Great Moon Buffet has been working on new dishes, which the recent try on Shrimp Dim Sum, Spicy Chicken, and Hong Kong Chicken proves to be a huge success.

In addition to flavorful food, Great Moon Buffet is dedicated to exceptional service. Nice and concerned, the wait staff is more than willing to help you with your requests. Opened 6 years ago, word of mouth has helped keep business in Great Moon Buffet thriving. Head for Great Moon Buffet and find out what is going on there.