450 S FRANKLIN ST, FORT BRAGG, CA, 95437-4803 
Full service,Buffet
Chinese Cuisine,Vietnamese

Established in 2007, Asian Buffet has become a popular choice for many Fort Bragg locals of California. The customers can’t resist the combination of Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese all-you-can-eat buffet, luxurious salad bar, and tasty desert bar.
According to the owner, Ms. Tang, the biggest attraction of a restaurant is the quality food. With over a hundred flavorful dishes to choose from, you can never go wrong dining at Asian buffet in Fort Bragg. In here, Chinese food offerings include Cantonese, Szechuan and Hunan cuisines. In addition to providing eclectic and tasty food, the service is brusque and efficient. The delivery time is limited to thirty minutes at most.
Customers are always pleased with the overall offerings that the restaurant serves, but they always reserve their highest praise for the house specialties. These include Spring Rolls for appetizers, Ma Po Tofu, Mongolian Chicken, Vietnamese Pho, Black Pepper Shrimp, General Tso’s Chicken, and Beef with Broccoli for main dishes, Seafood Soup, Sweet & Sour Soup for soups, and Dim Sum for dessert. Closely following the healthy eating trend, the chefs ensure that all of the dishes use minimal amounts of oil or salt. Some of the healthy dishes, such as Steamed Vegetables, Lemon Chicken, and Tofu are highly recommended for those who enjoy lighter flavored dishes. Japanese cuisine enthusiasts will also be satisfied with the freshly made sushi.
The ambience of the restaurant also explains why customers keep on coming back. The fabulous paintings are a feast for the eyes of customers. Besides, the bamboos on the wall add some sort of vibrancy to the restaurant. Little shiny lamps make the whole dining area romantic and elegant. To satisfy the ever-changing tastes of local customers, Ms. Tang is dedicated to enrich the food varieties served on the buffet bar.