Hop Sing Chinese Restaurant


20 Susie Wilson Rd, Essex Junction, VT, 05452

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Hop Sing Chinese Restaurant, a carry-out eatery, celebrated its grand opening in Junction, Vermont, in 1995, almost a couple of decades from now. This time-tested restaurant, after years of conscientious quiet service for the locals, has finally won the recognition of the customers.

.Experienced chefs in the restaurant are famous for their delicate culinary skills, providing splendid dishes for all patrons. Among the extensive menu, Sweet & Sour Chicken, Sweet & Spicy Soup and various noodles, to name but a few, are the constant winners. Besides, the fried dishes are also the diners’ regular choices. “We use the freshest ingredients and quite guarantee for every detail while doing with our dished.” Boasted the owner, Mr. Liao.

Apart from good quality food, Hop Sing Chinese Restaurant provides very efficient delivery service, promising customers to enjoy fresh steaming food at the fastest speed they can make. Everything is carried out smoothly in this restaurant. According to Mr. Liao, these years has witnessed a steady growing customers as well as the increasing growth of the restaurant its own. So, want to try something new, efficient of your take-out choice Junction, pick your phone and dial Hop Sing Restaurant.

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