83-05 Broadway, Elmhurst, NY, 11373 
Full service
Northeastern Chinese cuisine

Lao Bei Fang is not strange to the residents of Elmhurst, New York, although it is newly established in 2010. It is the second location in Elmhurst, with the other on Whitney Avenue. Lao Bei Fang has extended its culinary realm to a wider public. Facing fierce competition from Chinese restaurants in the surrounding area, Lao Bei Fang has made itself a winner by sticking to its roots —quality food at a reasonable price.

Owner Mr. Zhang decided to open the restaurants featuring the northern delicious snack, with the hope of bringing the real Chinese food to the community. Mr. Zhang hopes to bring the real Chinese food to the community. To better cater to customers’ needs, the owner Mr. Zhang has slightly adjusted the tastes of his dishes.

Lao Bei Fang offers cold dishes, hand-pulled noodles, dumplings and pancakes… all is real Chinese. There are also various dumplings and pancakes with different stuffing, including Pancake with Minced Pork, and Sesame Pancake, which are big hits with the customers.

Someone who wants to have a real taste of Chinese northern snack now is offered a chance to experience the wonderful Chinese flavor in the cozy atmosphere.

What really sets the restaurant apart is the special homemade sauce. Of course, the recipe is a secret but customers won’t mind as long as it continues to be offered. $10 is enough to enjoy a delicious lunch and dinner. If you are in or near Elmhurst, New York, make sure to stop by this culinary gem.