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Reviewed by: spamdemonium on: 2020/1/8 1:44:35
I got the Royal Chicken on monday night 1/6/2020. It didn't have asparagus or red peppers.
Reviewed by: registerns1 on: 2019/12/31 14:57:02
Ordered for pickup and while the food was delicious my main dish had pieces of clear hard plastic throughout it. Very unpleasant.
Reviewed by: josephdupuis on: 2019/12/13 15:38:28
The last two times I've gotten Broccoli Beef, which is my normal meal, it's been awful. The sauce is slimy and congealed and the taste has been odd. I took a few bites of the meal I bought tonight but couldn't stomach it and had to throw it away. I love the restaurant and the food but these last two times were beyond disappointing.
Reviewed by: sbeltermann on: 2019/11/5 18:57:30
Website states open u til 10 pm. Placed online order and paid with MasterCard. Received confirmation. Drove to pick up and place completely dark and closed. It was 945. Seriously! I will be contacting you tomorrow 11/6 to obtain a refund of my money. Not a way to do business.
Reviewed by: perrira on: 2019/11/4 12:34:01
Do you use msg in your food or sauces thank you Judy
Reviewed by: john on: 2019/10/10 9:18:25
I’m reaching out to you because I'm interested in franchising your business and I would like to speak with you. If you are interested in growing the business to more locations through franchising, please feel free to call me directly or to book the best date and time for yourself simply visit my live calendar link here for booking> www.calendly.com/johnromney/introductory-call
Reviewed by: mtyler on: 2019/10/2 9:02:08
Tried to order your sushi special via UberEats the 3 sushi roll special. I wanted 3 of the same roll but you are unable to choose 3 of the same. You may want to visit that option as it may be costing you business.
Reviewed by: gsoriano3 on: 2019/9/12 10:15:55
We had dinner at your restaurant last night. We were served a small salad as soon as we sat down. However, due to food allergies I think you need to disclose to your customers being served that salad that there is peanuts in the dressing. My son has a nut allergy, ate the salad (not thinking there would be nuts in the dressing) then proceeded to have an allergic reaction. A little heads up is all it takes. Please consider letting your customers know this as there are so many allergies these days.
Reviewed by: junkybunky on: 2019/7/21 7:36:05
Food was not pleasing at all. spring rolls tasted like mushy paste, chicken pad Thai was not good, chicken was supposed to be white meat and tasted artificial very thin meatless taste and sauce was too thin and spices were not good at all. Orange chicken was breaded white meat with a very sweet sauce that had not much flavor or spice to taste. I asked for no MSG on my foods. If there was no MSG, it’s hard to tell because the food made my stomach hurt after I got home. I was in the bathroom all night. It’s not a very good Asian restaurant. Also the waitress seemed a little unfriendly. I will never go here again. 2 star at the max. 🙃
Reviewed by: lhscheer21784 on: 2019/6/26 7:37:18
Hi, Our non-profit 501(3)(c) youth organization (Liberty High School Cheer Team FEIN 52-60009111) is hosting a bingo fundraiser on 9/7/2019 to raise funds to help defray the cost of the 2019 season and to help with hardship cases. We were wondering if you might be able to donate a gift card for our raffle? Any donation would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely, Linda Burke LHS Cheer c/o Linda Burke 7311 Falling Leaves Court Marriottsville, MD. 21104
Reviewed by: smithsm70 on: 2019/4/14 16:14:25
I ordered the Thai spring rolls but there wasn't any shrimp. My husband ordered Szechuan shrimp and he only had 3 shrimp. Very disappointing. Second time we've tried them and I don't think we will again.
Reviewed by: wetwet' on: 2019/3/6 1:14:24
Reviewed by: camerin4001 on: 2017/12/19 22:28:39
I would like to delete an order I made at 1: 00 am. It was a complete accident and I did not mean to make it. Phone is 240-755-4014. Please do not call between 9: 00 and 3:50 because I will be at school. The order was set for
Reviewed by: katihenshall on: 2017/12/7 18:43:01
No seafood or tomatos on anything
Reviewed by: katihenshall on: 2017/12/7 18:42:43
No seafood of tomatos in anything
Reviewed by: test on: 2017/11/20 22:53:51
Reviewed by: lhscheer21784 on: 2016-07-29
Hi,Our non-profit youth organization, Liberty High School Cheer Team, is hosting a bingo fundraiser on 9/10/2016 to raise funds for the 2016 season. Our tax information is: FEIN 52-6000911.We were wondering if you might be able to donate a gift card for our raffle. Any donation would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you soon.Sincerely,Linda BurkeLHS Cheerc/o Linda Burke7311 Falling Leaves CourtMarriottsville, MD 21104
Reviewed by: coralguy on: 2016-05-04
East Moon is with a doubt of nothing the very excellent provider of food! Wife and We ate what is wonton soup, kachung chicken, and dum sum and such products were noticed that they of super succulent variety! Service was on par 3 of a par 3 course. Products always very freash! Wife enjoy usual noodle products because she believes such food is healthy. We suggest you eat the chefs choice when the choice is available from chef on weekdays. Also observe the beef was the beefist in region adding much flavor and delicate aroma to face when eaten. Oh so juicy juice! If visiting the Ellicott City it becomes need that you visit. I recommend that you all visit when east of moon bistro!We will be back! Very affordable with superior foods!
Reviewed by: cara1313 on: 2016-01-28
Baltimore- McHenry Row could really use a Sushi place like this. There are several offices going up everywhere. Great Business opportunity! Under Armour and so on. Our office used to be in Columbia and ordered from you almost daily. There is a open space that just closed because the food was nothing compared to yours. Think you should check out!
Reviewed by: dswest3 on: 2016-01-10
I wanted to purchase a gift certificate for a friend. How would I be able to do so?Donna
Reviewed by: kbworden on: 2015-11-05
The delivery never made it to my door. When I called the restaurant, Mani said the manager wasn't there so they could not bring me my food, nor could they refund my credit card. If the $32. dollars is not refunded, I will have to report the theft.
Reviewed by: clynette on: 2015-10-16
I just placed an order for carryout and was told the salad that comes with the lunch when you dine in, is $3 when you order carryout. I don't understand this. Our school orders quite a bit from your restaurant and I'm very disappointed that we can't get the complimentary salad for carryout, without being charged.
Reviewed by: shorty21b on: 2015-03-02
Incredible service, hot food, decent prices!
Reviewed by: jfa2132 on: 2015-01-25
Do you have gift cards available to purchase online or over the phoneThanks!
Reviewed by: jfa21322 on: 2015-01-25
Do you have gift cards available for purchase online or over the phone?Thanks!
Reviewed by: rdean on: 2014-12-17
Ordered lunch yesterday (12/16/14) and requested delivery to the office. Delivery took 45 minutes over when our food usually gets delivered. In addition, the delivery man did not have any change except for $1 and walked away with an $8.00 tip. Unacceptable.
Reviewed by: BrianChul on: 2014-10-24
I disagree with the people who complained about this place. I've NEVER had an issue with the food, I alway come here probably twice a month and have never been displeased. The staff is amazing and know what I order. Keep up the amazing work.
Reviewed by: janetfap on: 2014-10-10
we have been coming here frequently since opening. it started out good. the food is substandard now and the service horrible. this is the conclusion after multiple meals here. last visit the waitress was indifferent, almost rude. we won't be going back.
Reviewed by: hannahjc08 on: 2014-09-15
I am absolutely displeased with the customer service at this restaurant. EVERY TIME I have ordered for delivery, the order is ALWAYS wrong and I'm ALWAYS being over charged. I have ordered from this place on several occasions and I have complained to every single delivery man and I have even complained to one of the managers. I will no longer order be ordering for take-out, delivery, or dining in. Not one manager has offered to fix the problem! It's absolutely ridiculous!! I am furious with the poor customer service. I will place an order ONLINE, I will make sure I make my TOTAL an EVEN number including TIP and somehow EVERY TIME, I am being OVERCHARGED!! There is a reason why people order online, and I have addressed this issue with every single delivery person and not one of them wear a name tag so I don't know exactly who I spoke with. The internet keeps overcharging me and NOT ONE PERSON ADDRESSES THE ISSUE!!! Every person I have spoken to just nods and that's it!!! I'm so sick and tired of dealing with the poor customer service. I have had BETTER SUSHI elsewhere and I have also had BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE elsewhere. I would rather travel OUT OF MY WAY to get sushi, then to ever order from this restaurant again!!
Reviewed by: tom on: 2014-08-19
Subject: A great solution to manage your business’s online reputation both from local
Reviewed by: anchaleena99 on: 2014-08-19
Hi, I am Asian female experienced server of 8 years, looking for good work, I like to be busy and I am very happy to work with good people. Please call me if you are hiring.301-401-0295Anchalee
Reviewed by: marcia.oxford on: 2014-08-12
Your website is not allowing menu items to be added to the shopping cart. Haven't you noticed that no one is ordering through the website?
Reviewed by: mwiske on: 2014-04-29
what is the calorie count for Sesame Chicken?
Reviewed by: matthew_saunders8326 on: 2014-03-18
Great food and very great service.
Reviewed by: laurarudy76 on: 2014-03-14
Good Morning!My name is Laura Rudy. I am a parent at Trinity School in Ellicott City, Maryland. I chairing along with my husband the Trinity School on March 29th. I am gathering donation for our silent and live auction. I was hoping East Moon Asian Bistro would consider donating to our event. I know something from your restaurant would be a huge hit! Many of the Trinity families frequent East Moon since it is so close to our school. I can forward a donation letter for you to review. Please let me know if you have any questions. I would be happy to pick up the donation instead of mailing it if that works better- since time is getting short. Thank you in advance for your consideration. Look forward to hear from you!Best RegardsLaura Rudy
Reviewed by: EKINSFAN210 on: 2014-03-07
COUPON NOT ACCEPTED.I and my friend went in there friday afternoon for lunch. We ordered 3 different types of rolls and vietnam noodles. The food was decent. after, I showed the waitress a 20 off coupon. She claimed that she cannot take it that if i have a problem i could talk to manager about it.I paid it and Left.
Reviewed by: smitlc2000 on: 2014-01-19
I wanted to share our negative experience with your delivery driver last night. We have ordered from you for several years and because of that, we were told in the past that you would continue to do so after you set a 5 mile delivery restriction, which we greatly appreciated because we really enjoy your food. When you driver arrived, he complained to me that it was too far to come and when I pleasantly explained we've been ordering from you for awhile, he rudely told me he was "losing money" by delivering our food. Well, he did lose money, because I did not tip as much as I would have due to his negative treatment, but I though you would want to know that your driver's behavior led to a negative experience for us as your customers.
Reviewed by: Hana K. on: 1/11/2014 5:18:16 AM
The interior is nice but not sure about the food. They barely give you ant sushi. Its all rice and sauces. Not sure if ill come back.
Reviewed by: Krysta R. on: 1/8/2014 8:32:17 AM
I frequent here for their take out sushi & crab rangoon. My boyfriend is obsessed with their General Tso's chicken. They have the FASTEST service.. if you get delivery, you literally have your food in 15-20 minutes. I've only dined in twice... the first time I sat at the sushi bar and my service was AMAZING. We felt like we were being treated as though we were royalty. When we sat down, they immediately waited on us and brought us our edamame. Then, the sushi bar guys handed us each this ahi tuna bowl mixed with veggies that we didn't order. They said "on the house". What a pleasant surprise and it was tasty! We ordered 3 types of rolls and they came out quickly and were delicious (favorite is MD blue crab roll). Then when we asked for the check, they brought out a slice of cake that we hadn't ordered. Another "on the house!". I couldn't believe how amazingly they treated us. Luckily we live super close and can walk there... because this is my favorite spot in town!
Reviewed by: sgurwitz1 on: 2013-12-09
I ordered lunch from there Friday and while the flavors were good I will not be ordering again - -the lemon grass soup had more than 20 unedible hard pieces of lemon grass in it - it made it a very unpleasant experience, and the noodles had many hard, annoying seeds, from peppers I believe - it just made eating the food very awkward having to constantly stop and spit out things.
Reviewed by: lennon99md on: 2013-11-14
Hello,I am a customer that orders from your restaurant at least once a week usually for sushi. I wanted to let you know that my last two orders were wrong even after being repeated back to me correctly. One was a dine in and one was a delivery. I hope in the future good communication skills will be stressed because it is very disappointing not to have your spicy tuna handroll / spicy scallop sushi. Thank you,Lennon Peake
Reviewed by: Chad B. on: 9/23/2013 7:14:48 AM
I went here with a large group. The place reminds me of what you would picture as a typical Asian bistro. It has a lot of the standard Chinese fare on the menu. It clearly tries to be a little "hip" with its mood-lighting and trendy decorating.Everyone was served a small glass bowl of salad (mostly iceberg lettuce) with all bowls getting the same dressing (no choice). I personally enjoyed it, and I think it had some variant of a Thousand Island dressing. It was an unexpected nice touch. You have an option of either eating with typical silverware or chopsticks. I ordered the sesame chicken. The portion was plentiful, and the sauce wasn't too over-bearing. The chicken was a little crispy and tasted good. It wasn't too sweet, which is sometimes a problem with sesame chicken. The waitress was very nice and refilled our water and checked on us several times. I'm amazed that the staff members were able to sort out all of our individual orders and receipts. Impressive!
Reviewed by: Matthew V. on: 9/17/2013 8:39:10 AM
EastMoon is our go to sushi spot and we eat here at least once a week.It isn't the best sushi in the are but the atmosphere and expansive menu make up for it. We are able to hit all of our cravings in one spot.The Redskin and MD roll are the best.The service could use some help but that's the only complaint.
Reviewed by: Jane A. on: 9/17/2013 4:34:49 AM
Food is decent. We've only ever order delivery or take-out so the service is more about phone and delivery. Service isn't great. Multiple times they have gotten the order wrong or forgotten something.The last time, I went and picked up food for the office because I needed to make a bank stop on the way. I asked if everything was in there, they double checked, yes. Okay. I get back to the office and we're missing three soups and salads as well as a curry dish.I call and tell them the issue and they tell me that A- The special rolls don't come with a soup and salad... it's on the menu that they do. B- They only put in the system for 1 curry dish... we had ordered two and the woman had repeated the order back to me over the phone. C- Did I want to come and get it.... no, you're coming to me this time.I made them fulfill the soup and salads that we were expecting to get because it's clearly stated on the menu that way. They also brought the second curry dish. They didn't seem too pleased, but then again neither was I.I'd go elsewhere for better service and food.
Reviewed by: Anonymous A. on: 9/17/2013 8:13:33 AM
I just ordered delivery for the first time from this place and I really liked it. On a scale of 1 to 10 the food was a solid 7. I ordered the Sea Bass with mixed vegetables, lunch special, shrimp tempura roll, boston roll, Seaweed salad, miso soup, The sea bass was quite tasty. The rolls were decent, not the best I've had but not terrible. Delivery was fast like everyone said here. After being in this area for 6 yrs and never finding a decent Asian restaurant that DELIVERS and that has more choices than the typical Chinese food spot. I am excited to have found this place. I will definitely be ordering again.
Reviewed by: Janet B. on: 9/4/2013 4:10:33 AM
Follow up: after 3 messages to the owner of East Moon went unanswered, the manager called back and said that the owner told her she could offer me a $20 gift certificate the next time we came in..... I didn't want $20, I wanted to have a conversation with the business owner about the training of his staff.
Reviewed by: Gabby P. on: 9/2/2013 7:28:26 AM
I have been here a handful of times, and its the food that keeps me coming back. I am not a fan of the sushi however, its average and you could get better elsewhere. The food (my favorite is the sesame chicken) has been on point every time I have been there. However the service is not the best. Most of them don't speak good English, the service tends to be slow even though usually when I go there isn't many people there. They seem to lack knowledge about their drink menus and even had me spell out a couple items for them...????? However the food, and the decent prices with the HUGE quantity you get for it will keep me coming back.
Reviewed by: Danny C. on: 6/26/2013 9:59:42 AM
Their quality of service has really decreased since my last review. When we're the only ones in the restaurant, we expect to have some type of decent service. At least refill our water one time! Sheesh... We had to ask for more water. Twice. The food took almost 40 minutes to come out. I don't know why the service was so slow when we're the only ones in the restaurant. Maybe they had a bunch of take out orders? Or they're just getting settled down and needed to warm up? I try to give the benefit of a doubt to them. We did come right when they opened, so maybe that's why...I still enjoy eating their food. Got the Basil Chicken and Tonkatsu. They said the chicken is spicy, I told them I love spicy! But my gosh, I didn't know it was THAT spicy! After the first few bites I felt a bead of sweat slowly sliding down my cheek. I drank the whole cup of water (Terrible mistake) and my tongue just got hotter! I ate all of the rice, and still had more than half of my dish left. The first bite was really good, but after that, it was so spicy that I couldn't really enjoy and taste the potential of their dishes. It's like they put in concentrated habanero seeds in there or something!The Tonkatsu, Japanese style fried pork was delicious. The thin but crispy layer of fried batter and the thick but juicy pork ready to be devoured by my big hungry ass! Excuse the language.Their food is still good in my opinion, just gotta tell them to tone it down a bit with the spiciness. But their service has gone down so I'm gonna have to give this place a 3 star rating.
Reviewed by: Margaret N. on: 6/28/2013 4:34:40 AM
Spacious location! Great to come with a large group, no reservations needed! There's always open space!Love their sushi and noodle options. And I especially enjoy the salad they always bring out, right after I order my food!Friendly staff too, but I often feel like I'm being rushed to leave...
Reviewed by: laurieinec on: 2013-05-23
My Daughter just learned she cant eat wheat noodles but rice noodles are ok can you make her favorite lo mein with rice noodles?
Reviewed by: pri2 on: 2013-05-11
Every time I have been there, your staff has been very rude. They try to speed you through dinner so that you are able to pay your check and leave soon. Please re-train your staff on customer service.
Reviewed by: mrsrunyon on: 2013-04-30
Hello! Do you offer Sweet sesame balls on your menu?Thanks
Reviewed by: restorationinteriors on: 2012-12-04
Your menu looks wonderful. however, I cannot eat gluten which is wheat, pasta, bread crumbs and in soy sauce. what items on your menu have been prepared without these foods? Sushi? Vietnamese rice noodle bowl? others?Looking forward to your response.Regards,Elaine Buderer