271 NE 2nd Ave, Delray Beach, FL, 33444-3705 

When craving for delicious Chinese fare, people in Delray Beach, FL always think of Ming’s Garden. This brand-new enchanting take-out restaurant has been pleasing the locals with palatable food and friendly service since its grand opening in 2010. Owner Mr. Zhao opened the restaurant in the hope of sharing fantastic foods with the community and helping promote healthy dining. Ming’s Garden aims at looking after customers’ pocket and stomach.

Quality of food is definitely of great importance at this restaurant. This decent establishment mainly serves Americanized Chinese cuisine and Szechuan cuisine. Its encyclopedia-like menu lists scores of dishes, with General Tso’s Chicken, Mongolian Beef and Chicken Szechuan Style being the signature dishes. The varieties of dishes offered are sure to cater to any taste bud. No matter what customers order, they can be sure that what they’re eating is fresh and warm. At Ming’s Garden, the price is affordable and satisfying with min. $7.00 for lunch and min. $10.00 for dinner.

Another common theme that Ming’s Garden revolves around is “fresh”. Ingredients are purchased and delivered to restaurant at a regular basis, and only fresh and top-notch ingredients are used to prepare each dish. While eating the food from this restaurant, customers can set their mind at ease about the food quality and freshness. All the food is made delicately. The owner believes that only treat the fresh food with a full heart can the palatable food be made.

This decent restaurant not only focuses on the quality of food, but also on customer service. Customers’ feedback is considered seriously. Besides its promise that customers can enjoy their food within 25 minutes, the package of the take-out order is so good that no food will seep. It pays great attention on building customers’ loyalty.

Pick up your phone, just tell Ming’s Garden what you want to eat and you can get the delicious food within 25 minutes.