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Reviewed by: Johanah I. on: 3/26/2013 9:36:00 PM
Next to Shabu House this is one of my new favorite places for hot pot. It may sound too generous but everything about this place is the best. The food, the service, the quality, the place definitely has gotten my attention since the first time I came here.Today I came here with a few friends (us being a party of 4) got sat down in a corner rectangular table. What I love about this place is you have your own pot to cook your food in, instead of having one big pot in the middle like other restaurants and share. They give you a piece of paper (like dim sum restaurants) and you write down how many plates of veggies, sauces, meat, etc. that you want and play the 'waiting game'The food is fresh and delicious. After the 'waiting game' most of our dishes were already on our table. The rest is mouth heaven history.Come here during Happy Hour, which is anytime before 6pm and come with a empty stomach. I say this because the price is worth it considering you can order as much as you want and also they charge you if you waste ANY food. Think before you order! I can`t wait to come back soon.By the way, I LOVE the music they play in here! It`s a mix of 90`s music and some old school hits! They don`t play any mainstream music so that`s why I like I coming here for the music! I hear songs I totally forget about too.
Reviewed by: Elliott N. on: 3/25/2013 3:50:00 PM
Accessibility (Parking / Wait Time)1/1 Star: plenty of street parking and parking lot parking. No wait time._____Service (Waiter / Cleanness / Ambiance)0/1 Star: I was at one of only two parties there and it takes forever to get more food. It looks like they want you to pretty much finish off everything on the table before try serve you more. The floors are very sticky and disgusting. Everyone gets their own hot pot with their own flavor broth which is nice, but when they come around to refill the pots they just fill everyone's pot with the same liquid that kills the flavor of your broth._____Taste (0=Not Edible / 1=Edible / 2=Good (average) / 3=Must Try!)2/3 Stars: This place is not bad when it comes to taste. Their selection is pretty good. DON'T order "pork belly" it's straight up just strips of bacon like the kind you eat at breakfast and it's the super low quality fatty ones. The lamb was pretty gamey. More than half of my party that went there before all got miso flavor. I got the chicken and pork broth and it was good until they refilled it with mystery liquid._____Overall Experience3/5 Stars_____Pictures_____Last WordsDON'T order "pork belly"
Reviewed by: rich n. on: 3/19/2013 1:49:00 PM
If I could give a negative I would.I could make this an essay of all the reasons I would never go back again and would why you shouldn't. But I'll try to make it short and sweet.1.Service was terrible. We had ayce but we had to go to them to order food. Not attentive at all2.There was a cockroach in our vegetables.3.We ordered food and they never brought it to us.4.Our server said 25% off beer even though happy hour clearly says 50% off5.They gave us the bill and tip was on happy hour price. Then after already running our credit card they said the tip should be charged on regular prices so they reverse our credit card they already charged and charged us more. WHO HAS EVER HEARD OF CHARGING TIP ON A DIFF PRICE THEN WHAT YOU PAY???Ridiculous. Obviously we will never go back again.. .. .
Reviewed by: Karen S. on: 3/15/2013 4:48:00 PM
I have been this place twice during Christmas 2012 and New Year 2013. I like the way they serve it individually, everyone can choose different soup base.I will suggest that you order meat first, when you almost done, then order veggi. You can order as many as you want, but you have to finish all your orders.
Reviewed by: Philip K. on: 2/15/2013 12:42:00 PM
Love the individual pots and their selection of meats and vegetables are fresh and clean.Best part is the dessert cart which normally serves fruit and their delicious almond jello.
Reviewed by: Amy Y. on: 2/2/2013 11:43:00 AM
They're offering Happy Hour on Saturdays before 6pm for $20 all you can eat hot pot. My boyfriend and I rushed in before 6pm, probably about 10 mins before 6pm. We were instructed to sit at a table near the entrance right away since there weren't too many customers.At the time, only two waitresses and an older mid age lady (i think she's the owner) were working.Ok, going fast forward, we finished eating around 8ish pm. We asked for tab and realized we were charged for full price. We asked why? The owner said that we came in after 6pm so the discount wouldn't apply. I tried to explain that we went in and sat down before 6pm and she kept saying that's not possible. I felt very disrespectful being accused a liar.Even though later she reversed the charge, I can tell by her attitude that she thinks we were a couple of scammers. I have never felt so insulted in my life. I will never go back to this place, and I will tell all my friends and family not to go!
Reviewed by: Edna L. on: 1/20/2013 5:45:00 PM
Been to tons of hot pot places and gotta say this one stands out the most because each individual gets their own pot so there won't be any debate about what the base soup would be. Another things is that it's not jus a hot pot place but u can order food too and cocktail soju! Would go again
Reviewed by: Dennis W. on: 1/14/2013 8:15:00 AM
Steve and Johanna are always nice to me. They cook delicious food and serve it to their valued customers. Go there before 6:00 PM and you will get 20% discount on your food. I always order 2 Siu Mai and 1 street ramen with wonton. LoL.
Reviewed by: Lilian R. on: 1/12/2013 10:01:00 AM
I love this place. I have been coming here since before it's grand opening. The owners are very sweet. The decor is great and the atmosphere is relaxing. The music is different but when you are enjoying your meal and with great company you can hardly notice the music variations. I typically like to come when it's not busy during the week. Either when they first open or the best time is is late at night. That's when the party gets started with sake bombs. I mainly enjoy this place because they have lots to choose from depending on the mood. I enjoy the pokkie roll and seafood curry. The best part is the dessert station. That's my first stop. Love it!
Reviewed by: Christina K. on: 1/10/2013 2:32:00 AM
My cousins and I stop by this place because we wanted to hot pot.This place isn't the greatest but it was alright for 26$ all you can eat. This place is different from others since they give you each individual pots (more sanitizing) and unlimited alcohol if you add 12$. The meat isn't as good as SHABU HOUSE or MUMS, but it was decent enough that I could eat it. Though I would rather go to hot pot garden for their meat.The nice thing they had was another little bar section with fruits and dessert. It wasn't much desserts or anything, but nice to have.Oh ya, be sure to check your bill because we only had 5 people and they charged us for 6.
Reviewed by: George F. on: 11/14/2012 8:47:00 PM
We made reservations earlier in the week for a party of 12 for hot pot anticipating the turn in the weather. When we arrived at 7:00 pm the line was out the door. The reservations put us in a private room with a TV. The entire restaurant was packed, I was surprised with electrical system held up with so many induction hot plates going full blast at the same time. After getting seated we switched the TV channel to the Notre Dame v Boston College game. Luckily we had the TV to keep our minds off of the slow service.We choose Little Fire Pot for its AYCE $26 per person and the additional $12 AYCD beer, sake and soju. We ordered drinks and food but, it took for ever. The first two pitchers of Kirin beer were gone in about 5 min. The soju didn't ever start getting to our table until we were half way into dinner.I understand that they were slammed late night but what was to be a 90 min dinner turned out to be a 3 1/2 hour affair. The kitchen couldn't get the food out fast enough and the bar could not fill the pitchers of beer fast enough. Every time they would bring 6-7 plates of meat they were gone and we had to wait another 15- 20 min. Each carafes of soju would go around the table once and it would be done.The food was good when it finally came but Little Fire Pot is victim of their own success and the cold weather. They are lucky that we had the AYCE and the AYCD because there was no way they could keep track of all the plates, pitchers and bottles our group had last night. I don't think we will try to have as many people go to Little Fire Pot anymore.
Reviewed by: Connie H. on: 11/14/2012 1:13:00 PM
It's a pity that this place could not hold up on the service end... That's the reason for the 2 star review. Food wise, I think their beef was excellent. Selection of sides was quite abundant (fish balls, lobster balls, veggies, etc).. Shrimp was very fresh! The price for all you can eat of $26 is very reasonable. Unfortunately, the service wad soooooo slow. We had to wait for at least 20 minutes in between each time we ordered something!The other saving grace was that although the service so slow, the servers were very hospitable and gracious, keeping their calm and friendliness through the evening. Hopefully, they either add more meat slicers, staff, or get more organized... Or SOMETHING!
Reviewed by: Lindsay C. on: 9/6/2012 7:28:00 AM
I LOVE THIS PLACE!I have been going here since they opened, the owner even recognizes me. She is super nice.Siu mai is the best I have ever had, cheap and they even sell it frozen to go.Hot pot is awesome, and now much more affordable. Tuesdays they even have $20 all you can eat (usually $26.)I really like the crab won ton soup, siu mai, bbq pork buns, and the hot pot. Definitely try the shrimp paste and the heart shaped fish balls, mongolian broth, and get the sesame and ponzu dipping sauces.I have bought friends and they always rave about it. Bonus points for the dim sum and hot pot not making me feel sick like other places. I think its probably from a lack of MSG and fresh ingredients. My favorite hot pot and dim sum restaurant!
Reviewed by: Mabel B. on: 8/26/2012 4:40:00 AM
It was a friend's birthday a few weeks ago and we selected Little Fire Pot as our dinner venue.My boyfriend and I were the last of our party to arrive and the table was still not set. After about 5 minutes, we finally got our seat. After a quick look at the menu, we decided on a pitcher beer, passionfruit soju, an array of meats and veggies and sauces. It took quite a while for our broth to come out, our *uncooked* meats to come out, and even longer for our sauces to come out. Finally we got all our items, the food was okay, I guess...We also had 20% off our AYCE and there was a dessert table.The service was nice but it was a bit laggy.
Reviewed by: Malong L. on: 8/19/2012 12:12:00 AM
I will Never come here again. The food is too less in the plate and it was not that fresh. Also, they didn't offer exchange! Shit!
Reviewed by: Chris E. on: 7/30/2012 10:49:00 PM
7/18/2012(me)You got to watch out on your tab...when they say its "on the house" its not on the house..they will be sneaky and put it on your tab..so double check your bill before you pay for it.Comment from Steven C. of Little Fire Pot 7/24/2012Dear Chris, sorry for your confusion... the bill you paid is to our Promoter Netties, and she is not the owner of LFP... and after we found out too much drama from this Lounge business, we've decided to discontinued with our business relationship with her...again, thanks for your support!steve, you know i am NOT confused. stop making up stuff, you need to own up! nettie & her lounge was SUPER chill, cool, and fun!! it was AMY (waitress of LFP! not lounge) who put extra items on my tab saying "oh, it's on the house". she also 1) ordered drinks for herself when i don't even know her and 2) helped herself to my soju bottle on the table. WTH? good thing i double checked my tab and knew how much i was gonna pay for too. she goes around doing that to a bunch of other people. i heard complaints. that is NO way to do business. LFP's shady ways!!!! who can put up with that? nettie & her crew LEFT! you guys actually ruined a good thing... amy also tried to pass for nettie's angelz saying that her name was "beautiful". AMY IS NOT ANGEL MATERIAL FOR BEING A DECEIVER, A BAD SERVER AND A LIAR.*** another thing, LFP's beef carpaccio is not fresh...GAVE ME THE RUNS! and i love eating carpaccio. ***
Reviewed by: Shelley L. on: 6/10/2012 4:05:00 PM
I've been here many times.Service is hit or miss.Parking is plentiful.My picture recently got removed from Yelp. It was a picture of their ribeye and the plate was half fat. My mother got the same result. It seems like their service has gone down a lot since they first opened.I used the http://restaurant.com certificates to make it more worth it. My family loves the all you can eat dessert area, but be aware there is only about 2-3 items you can choose from. My favorite is the coconut/almond jello.The good part is that on the weekdays, if you arrive before 6pm, you get 20% off you entire bill. Your whole party has to be there to order. One time I order 5 mins after 6 and paid full price.Only one TV to look at.It's interesting to hear 90's Korean music playing sometimes.
Reviewed by: Jenny G. on: 4/11/2012 8:23:00 AM
I've came here twice within the same week and was disappointed with the 2nd time...I liked the fact i get my own soup because I never really like the common pot idea where everyone's chopsticks are dipping inside. They have a wide variety of meat and veggie to choose from which can be a bit too much. They do have combo meals to choose from which comes with meat, veggie, and a side dish. The soup base was very bland, I honestly have a better tasting soup base hot potting at home than coming here. There weren't anything special in it to make it stand out from the rest.This place isn't too big, they have a bar seating area when you walk in and another one inside. Just a handful of tables and 2 rooms towards the back. The service here isn't all that great either.. My 1st time here, our server was very friendly and nice. The 2nd time coming here.. oh man... I am not coming back again. Our server was super rude and takes FOREVER & A DAY to get us things. We waited 15 minutes for our check to and we decide to just walk up to pay ourselves instead of waiting..
Reviewed by: Erica B. on: 3/4/2012 12:46:00 PM
Shady Math! Our group of 6 did the AYCE that supposedly has the 25% discount.If you are going to give a discount than do it, but don't try to nickle & dime me to make more. You got to love that there is a paragraph of rules governing charges behind the menu.The Good:Meat & Vegetable was fresh.The Bad:Heavy MsgSpotty service. Asked for menu to re order item. Waiter never appeared again, we had to chase down people to get refill for food items. Smart to extend time 'cause on the menu it says 2 hr limit if over than $5 per 15 minutes over.THE UGLY$4 extra per person for common "popular" items such as shrimp paste & fish tofu.Mandatory 15% tip, but the kicker is that the tip is based off the regular price not discount price. On top of that the tax is also based off the regular price not the discounted price.Note: Being Asian, I couldn't resist calculating and can report you that by doing that they made an extra 5%.
Reviewed by: Liana L. on: 3/1/2012 11:18:00 AM
Sneaky, snakey people run this hotpot place.First, it's expensive at $29.50 per person for AYCE. This doesn't include the good "premium" cuts of meat that is usually standard at other hotpot places such as fatty beef, pork belly, kurobota pork, etc. No, only for $4 more can you request those items. For the regular AYCE, you only get pork or lamb shoulder, and dry, lean beef.Second, service is non existent. Our small cups of tea and water were never refilled.We were fooled into AYCE by their 3 year anniversary promo (25% off everything until the end of February) only to be slapped by an automatic 15% gratuity for a FOUR person party at the end! We ended up paying $30pp... some promo THAT is!We didn't fight it but I really didn't appreciate that the tip was HANDWRITTEN into my charge slip after they swiped my credit card. Alright, I know how to add and you already charged my card to include the gratuity... so if you're worried about your customers being shady and stiffing you on tip, then maybe you shouldn't be shady yourselves!The only redeeming factor was that it was a relatively clean place with large flat screens and each person gets their own hot pot. We were given full reign of the TV too since we were sitting right in front of it at the bar.Ugh, shame on me for being too lazy to drive out to the Pots or Hot Pot Garden in the Sunset for cheaper, better eats.
Reviewed by: Melinda C. on: 1/14/2012 2:04:00 AM
A little hot pot/shabu shabu restaurant in the heart of the Daly City/Westlake region.The decor is your typical Asian hodgepodge of items: cheesy water fountain feature, lots of dragon statues, & Chinese character posters...your usual Chinatown kitsch.The food selection is amazing...but I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. A complete mishmash of Szechuan, Cantonese, Taiwanese, & Dim Sum snacks... It's actually pretty decent. You don't necessarily have to choose a hot pot dish. I'm sort of impressed.But.....I must say that the service is absolutely impeccable!! I love the wait staff!! Everyone is so friendly, enthusiastic & always carries a bright smile. I cannot say more positive things about the wait staff & the service!! Bravo!
Reviewed by: jackie88 on: 2010-08-11
This restaurant is very economical, the pot with friends is a good place to the party.
Reviewed by: 508-239-5684 on: 2010-08-11
Content: Very classy restaurant with exceptional food, service and atmosphere at very reasonable prices. Friendly staff who remember your name and preferences. One of my favourite restaurants around...
Reviewed by: 510-839-2136 on: 2010-08-11
Taste Good! It's The Best Restaurant I've Never Seen One Like It!