470 WESTLAKE CTR, DALY CITY, CA, 94015-1432 
Dim Sum

People all over the nation are finding out about hot pot, that’s why when Little Fire Pot opened in 2009, foodies just had to have a try. With 100 seats in its 3000 square foot interior, the restaurant offers a safe hot pot experience. The exquisite hot pot choices are wide-ranging enough that hot pot veterans will be able to find what they are looking for and delicious enough to make fans out of people trying it for the first time. By offering individual hot pots, each patron can fully customize their hot pot to what they are looking for at the moment. The owner, Mr. Cheng has also created a menu that features Southeast Asian style snacks that blend well with the hot pot choices. One reason why this restaurant has been so successful is Mr. Cheng’s management prowess. “It’s actually quite simple, 50% of my focus is on the taste of our food, 25% is on service, and the last 25% is on environment. You have to give customers a good environment to dine in so they can really enjoy all the nuances of your dishes,” Mr. Cheng tells ARN.