6127 Mission St 
Daly City, CA, 94014-2002

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Reviewed by: Ryan R. on: 3/12/2013 5:35:00 PM
3.5 Stars!I was recommended by a friend to come her in search of my quest to find the best chow mein. I have not had good chow mein in years, so i was open to try this place. Was it the best ive had? No, but it was one of the better ones ive had in recent years.LIke most chinese places where they soak it in msg and oil this was perfectly cooked and not greasy. It lacked alittle salt so i added soy sauce and hot chill sauce. I had the shrimp version which also came with chopped salad mixed in. I would order it again, but i wont end my search.I also had the chicken wings. The best part about the wings was the crispy skin. The chicken itself was slightly over cooked since the meat would completely come off the bone. I dont like the sauce since its sweet. A lot of wings for the price.The place was fairly clean but incredibly plain. It looked like they just moved in or moving out. Service was a little slow and un-attentive since we were the only ones there.I would recommend this place for cheap chinese food. Probably order over the phone and pick up.
Reviewed by: Bob D. on: 3/5/2013 8:55:00 PM
Where do I start?Visited this place for the very first time. I placed my order at the counter instead of calling ahead of time. It was 7:50 pm on Monday March 4, 2013. Only two other guest at the restaurant at the time. Ordered 4 dishes: BBQ chow main, Won Ton Soup, salt & pepper chicken wings & SHRIMP FRIED RICE. Cost was $29.25 and waited almost 30 min for my take out order which is unusual for Chinese take out.Drove home only to find out that we got Shrimp chow fun instead of shrimp fried rice. Called them back and explained the situation and to have them have shrimp fried rice ready cause we were going to drive back.After getting to the restaurant, the owners were hesitant on giving us the correct order because WE DID NOT BRING THE CHOW FUN BACK TO THEM. I asked them why would I do that? Are you going to resell it? It's been touched by the customer and must only be consumed by the customer or thrown away.Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the customer ALWAYS RIGHT? Shouldn't the owners have apologized for making a mistake on my order and have offered me compensation instead of giving me grief on not bringing the other dish?I told the male owner that if this is how you treat your customers, then I am never ordering food from here again. I may be only one person out of hundreds who order food here but in this terrible economy, businesses need every customer they can get.As for the food:-bland, greasy and overall not tasty at all and I was starving having not eaten all day.- they put the take out orders in plastic trays and not in traditional boxes. What's wrong with that you ask? Much smaller portions!!! I'd say 30% less then packing it in a box.
Reviewed by: Robert Q. on: 3/4/2013 4:35:00 AM
I love this place! I'm a regular, and the staff knows me well. My favorite dish here is the salt & pepper chicken wings. They take about 15 minutes to make so you have time to yelp like I'm doing right now. LoL I will say this about Chinese food and it's that I'm very very picky and this is one of the very few places that I recommend. So many good dishes!
Reviewed by: Irene L. on: 2/18/2013 12:42:00 AM
the main dishes i order is broc beef over rice. it's alrite i guess. the other dishes i tried were chow fun with beef, and fried shrimp. those were alrite. the beef isn't really beef, it's like they use pork with the chow fun. I'm not really sure what other dishes are good, but it's a decent chinese restuarant . food are basically marinated and oily, greasy Chinese food. typical chinese restuarant. the woman who answers the phone could be a tad polite, you don't have to hang up right when I order. but it's okay, I'm not knocking you for that.
Reviewed by: Brenda G. on: 1/2/2013 9:35:00 PM
Chow mein, fried rice, shrimp mixed veggies over rice and the shrimp won tong soup is the best here!! Akways fresh.!
Reviewed by: Carms R. on: 1/1/2013 2:26:00 AM
Open New Years Day! They give good portions of food for the price you pay. The restaurant itself doesn't get overcrowded. The food is always hot and fresh. I don't trust many restaurants because I work in the Pest Control Field and I have seen many little creatures in the kitchen and poor sanitation at many restaurants. This place passes my "inspection".
Reviewed by: Annonymous-Me-In-SF… on: 12/27/2012 12:58:00 PM
The best fried chicken wings ever! It's a must try!
Reviewed by: Ryan M. on: 12/20/2012 7:14:00 PM
Been here quite a few times, always for take out. The male and female who take orders and work the tables are always very nice.Had the peking spareribs, salt and pepper spareribs, salt and pepper wings, beef stew, and general tso's chicken. Can't go wrong w/s+p, or the peking spareribs (over it's more bastardized cousin, the sweet & sour pork). The beef stew was good, but not great. Will not be ordering the chicken, however. Some pieces were dried and the chicken was a little hard overall.Portions are good, vastly better than Egg Roll King, which offers rice with a few pieces of whatever you ask for. Am and will be a regular customer here.
Reviewed by: Fran O. on: 9/5/2012 10:00:00 PM
Likes: Great service, reasonable pricing, delicious food, easily accessible in Daly City.Dislikes: Leaving the restaurant smelling like food.My aunt introduced me to this restaurant when I was in search of good Chinese restaurant in Daly City. Of course, my first go to spot, was Mr. Chan's. But my Aunt suggested that I try this place and to my amazement, I love the food here. The owners are very friendly and the service is great. The food is fresh and is cooked quickly. I highly suggest you try the Ginger Beef and the Chicken Wings. Why? Because they're THAT good.Check it out!
Reviewed by: Sofia B. on: 8/6/2012 12:16:00 AM
I have been going to this restaurant for years. ALWAYS get the chicken pan fried noodle (bomb), chicken broccoli, orange chicken!!! That's the stuff right there, NO JOKE!!!! Try it, but the lady is kinda mean.
Reviewed by: Jay M. on: 7/21/2012 10:47:00 PM
Stick with the chicken wings; you'll be alright.
Reviewed by: Romy R. on: 7/11/2012 12:51:00 PM
All Good with ME :)
Reviewed by: Andrew S. on: 4/7/2012 8:34:00 AM
I'm going to preface this review with a word of caution: I'm no expert on authentic Chinese cuisine. I just know what I like, and that's about as far as my expertise extends.-Background: I decided to pick up some take-out after my workout at nearby 24 Hour Fitness. I'd seen the sign for this restaurant from the Downtown Berkeley BART station and finally gave it a go.-Ordering: Slightly awkward. I stood in front of their counter (apparently I'd come in a back entrance so I wasn't even sure I was ordering in the right spot since no one greeted or directed me). I couldn't find any take-out menus except one that was covered in grease that I wasn't even sure was officially available. Ack.-Wait-time: On the long side. The guy behind the counter quoted me 15 minutes and I waited about 20 in total. He did apologize when my order came up, citing being busy. Given there were only 1 or 2 patrons in the restaurant and no phone calls came in that I could see during my wait, I doubt it. They did make my order from scratch though, and I didn't have anywhere to be, so it wasn't a huge issue. Could've been though.-Payment methods: I was told cash only, but I had to ask. I do think I saw the notice in huge letters on the sit-down menu but not on the take-out one (or on the door, but again, I came in the back entrance).-Food: Really good, actually!I ordered the sauteed garlic broccoli, broccoli and mushrooms, and vegetable chou mein.The only one I wasn't a huge fan of was the broccoli and mushrooms, but my girlfriend just raved about that one, so I'm guessing it was more a taste preference than anything.The chou mein had great flavor. It's some of the best I've tried so far in the Bay Area, something I've been searching for.I also had to wait 2+ hours from the time of obtaining the food to actually eating it due to my girlfriend's schedule. It heated up and tasted really good.-Price: Pretty dang cheap for downtown Berkeley. I believe the two vegetarian broccoli options cost me $5.55 apiece and the chou mein was $4.75. With a tip, I still got out of there paying under $20.-Parking: Metered and on the street was all I saw, although there might be actual lots around. BART's a few feet away though, which is a plus.-Rating: 2 for service, 4 for food = 3 overall.I'll definitely be back.
Reviewed by: Masterself K. on: 1/10/2012 4:42:00 PM
The food is freaking delicious. Don't expect much Feng shui in the restaurant, but hey, almost all hole in the wall restaurants are the best. The workers are decent, they won't treat you like crap, but they won't treat you like royalty either. They are just there to do their jobs.All in all the food is very good.
Reviewed by: cynthia h. on: 2009-09-21
This is a very clean restaurant. I really like the noodles it has a special kind of sauce that is really good. the prices are not that bad and the people are nice. ...?