5649 Saratoga Blvd., Corpus Christi, TX, 78413 
Full service

In 2010, Yalee’s Asian Bistro was established as an additional dining destination for Asian cuisine enthusiasts in Corpus Christi, Texas. This roomy 3,700 square feet restaurant offers a wide variety of Americanized Chinese food items, and Thai, Vietnamese and Korean cuisines, primarily for dine-in, but with also carry-out service.


The owner, Yalee Shin, always insists on offering patrons exquisitely prepared food. Customers have confidence in the hygiene of the restaurant, as they can see the chefs cooking through the open kitchen. Among the large amount of food items, Thai Chow Mein, Thai Curry and Rice, House Special Beef and House Special Chicken are several of the most ordered ones. “I’m never satisfied with the present situation and I want to move forward constantly. New dishes are promoted periodically to satisfy the emerging needs of customers,” says Yalee.  


Service is efficient in here. The dishes can be cooked in a fast speed by the sophisticated chefs while with tasteful flavors. What’s more, the staffs are so friendly and ready to help that many patrons like them to help order, and they will always like the choice made by the staffs.


Sitting in the comfortable chairs and enjoying the delicious food, what a marvelous experience!