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61 S Main St, Concord, NH, 03301
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Where would one find a meeting of the minds say, between Beijing and Tokyo? Yep, it's in Concord, New Hampshire where you will find one unusual cross pollination between two of the world's most loved cuisines: Chinese and Japanese. At Beijing Tokyo, owner Mr. Lin has made art out of Asian fusion.

The 4000 square feet restaurant comfortably accommodates 80 customers and Mr. Lin approached it by creating the house into a contemporary and cozy establishment. The neatly arrayed tables, the elegant pendant lamp, and the descriptive paintings contribute to a homey and heavenly place, and the lingering soft music complements the already laid-back settings.

The creative menu with a bounty of tasty alternatives is what the restaurant separates from others. Incorporating both Chinese and Japanese cuisines, the restaurant is a great appeal to both Chinese food fans and Japanese cravings. Adhering to the natural and fresh quality ingredients, the restaurant receives rave online accolades. Among all the delectable inventions, General Tso’s Chicken and Orange Chicken are the highly acclaimed entrées. The chef has the knack for making this seemingly ordinary dish into an extraordinary creation. The secret sauce always speaks.

Never miss the Japanese gourmet food! The dizzy menu with the plentiful choices of Japanese sushi, rolls and other options would dazzle the customers that they could not tell exactly what is their favorite. The knowledgeable staff would guide you through the long string of numerous menu items. They are professional to detail the characteristics of each dish and give helpful suggestions.

Part of the business is takeout, and there is an efficient computer ordering system installed to guarantee their speedy service. On average, an order can be finished within 10 minutes and delivered within 30 minutes.

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