Chef Lee's Peking Restaurant


6100 Bradley Park Drive, Columbus, GA, 31904

Type:Full service



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Chef Lee’s has been a favorite of the Columbus community for years. Opening in 1984, the restaurant has witnessed the ups and downs of U.S. economy, prospering through thick and thin. During these years, it also developed a large cadre of fans, and was rated as one of the top 10 Chinese restaurants in the nation in 2008.
Although nestled in a booming business area, Chef Lee’s doesn’t get lost in a sea of restaurants, as the beautifully and uniquely decorated building isn’t forgotten easily. Actually, it is a pleasant surprise— a garden style restaurant with good aesthetics and imperial taste. Stepping into the restaurant, you will find yourself transported to a faraway ancient Chinese palace 5000 miles across the Pacific Ocean. Even the chairs reserved for waiting customers in the waiting areas are polished mahogany, and are much like the rare antique treasures a lucky shopper might find in an antique market.
Covering a massive space of 10, 000 square feet, the restaurant is divided by a glass center hall. Interestingly, there is a glass walkway before you walk into the dining hall, and outside there is a koi pond, where you will find you are gazing at a school of koi cruising majestically through the water while flickering lights shine up from under your feet.
Chef Lee’s continues to amaze customers. Besides its classic and splendid décor, the food here is a delectable treat. The Mongolian Beef and Dried Sautéed Chicken with Garlic Sauce are some of the strongly recommended dishes. They are all delicately prepared and beautifully presented, their exquisite taste flirting with your taste buds.
Come to Columbus, Georgia and stop by for a dinner at Chef Lee's Peking Restaurant; you won’t be disappointed.
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