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Reviewed by: jck2511 on: 2018/9/14 17:30:09
I am trying to call , the phone is continuesly busy , we order almost an hour ago . Where is our order, you said 30 min
Reviewed by: chris on: 2015-05-26
Howdy, love the food and fast delivery! I'm a regular customer and will continue to be. Please fix the lunch online order delivery fee issue, please. It is set to $15 instead of $10, so I usually have to call in.Thanks,Chris979-574-3642
Reviewed by: argwyn2365 on: 2015-04-15
I was at your restaurant tonight 4/15/15, and asked the ingredients for the sweet and sour sauce because I have food allergies. When they didn't understand me I asked if it contained ketchup and they brought me ketchup. I really need to know what is in it because I had a minor allergic reaction to it. I have to watch out for corn and tomatoe products. Please let me know. Thanks April Boyle
Reviewed by: chris on: 2015-03-20
Web app is not letting me place lunch orders with a $10 minimum as advertised. It is requiring a $15 minimum.
Reviewed by: rogerw on: 2015-02-17
I swallowed something hard and non food-like that felt like bone fragments, and found several white flecks of either hard plastic material or bone that were mixed in with my rice. I'm severely disappointed in a nice restaraunt like this... I'm not going to be ordering from you guys again after probably 8-10 previous orders over the past 4 months, unless this is answered for!
Reviewed by: rogerw on: 2014-10-31
I have loved every meal here - my wife and I love the soups - wonton and chicken corn soup. We have always received great service and delicious food!
Reviewed by: nordicminy on: 2014-10-16
Had an order I wanted placed for delivery at 9:45pm... they didn't take the order and hung up on me. I realize it was 15 mins before close but it was well within closing time. Also from previous times I have not been too impressed with the food quality, for the price Pei Wei is much better. Pei Wei would be making a ton of money for me if they delivered. Would not recommend.
Reviewed by: joe on: 2014-10-16
I would like to speak to the person in charge of sign maintenance. Your sign has some outages on it. I can be reached via email or phone. Thanks!!Joe Orrjoe@joeorr.com979-575-6563
Reviewed by: David.leland87 on: 2014-10-09
Why does it say you have a lunch ten dollar minimum... when i tried to order thirteen dollars worth of food at twelve thirty p.m. (Lunch Time) it still required a fifteen dollar minimum.
Reviewed by: laurakate36 on: 2014-09-29
Ordered a bit before 10:00...... I still have no order and it's 10:58. I tried calling the store, no answer of course. I will not be ordering from here again. Instead,I shall stick to Chef's Chao. It closes sooner but orders arrive promptly and if I call there is at least an answer. I realize J&J closes at 10:00 PM, and I expected my delivery to take a little while. However, if they aren't prepared for the orders close to 10:00 and responding to their clients that place them, they need to make some serious changes. I cannot comment on the food (though I would like to be able to do such) as I have not received it yet.
Reviewed by: rogerw on: 2014-07-29
When I first visited College Station, I was driving around and very hot - the A/C was incredible, food delicious (Chicken and Corn Soup) and I plan on trying this place many times!
Reviewed by: kp.packwood on: 2014-03-13
My name is Kennedy Packwood and I am the 2014 Vice President of Public Relations for the Texas A
Reviewed by: Cabot W. on: 1/13/2014 4:38:19 AM
best hot and sour soup in college station, excellent service, and your food is prepared and served quite quickly. They recently had a flat screened installed so you can watch television while you eat.
Reviewed by: Dianneheitmann on: 2014-01-13
We had a late lunch today and really enjoyed both the food and service. After moving from Houston with Chinese restaurants on every corner, we have been searching for a non-franchise place that can serve decent basic entrees. We will be back again.
Reviewed by: K D. on: 12/28/2013 4:12:35 AM
We were told this was the best Chinese in College Station. I really hope not based on the food we received. The sweet and sour chicken was large chunks of chicken in a not very good sauce. The chicken and pork pieces in all the dishes were too large and the breading too thick. Beef was alright I guess. The egg rolls and lo mein were average and nothing special. We will not be ordering food from them again.
Reviewed by: Mike T. on: 10/12/2013 2:31:46 AM
I rate this as a 5-star place because it's the best Chinese food I've had in College Station. It is reliably decent, and has a fairly wide selection. I'm a bit picky for Chinese food, from New York, but I like it, and other "foodies" tend to like it.I definitely recommend their lunch specials, which go till 4pm on all days (including weekends), and comes with a few items (and is pretty cheap).
Reviewed by: John M. on: 8/20/2013 4:11:34 AM
Wasn't terrible, but just wasn't great. The chicken was big balls and was different consistencies. Either it's really cheap or not all chicken. For what I paid I should've gone to Pei Wei.
Reviewed by: Danny M. on: 8/3/2013 8:19:29 AM
Excellent service and the staff was very friendly.http://instantpaydaynetw…
Reviewed by: Cynthia S. on: 7/6/2013 10:42:38 AM
Had potstickers and basil chicken both were outstanding.Not close to my side of town but will definitively be going back.
Reviewed by: Richard F. on: 6/29/2013 2:53:34 AM
My wife and I stopped for a late lunch today at J & J. We ordered the Kung Pao Triple Delight and the Happy Family. The restaurant was very clean and modern, a nice atmosphere. The wait staff was friendly and responsive. Our meals looked like works of art as the added orange slice was peeled to resemble a flower. Both dishes were excellent and plentiful, we took enough home for another meal.We've tried Chef Cao and T-Jin....this place separates themselves from these competitors in every aspect of the dining experience. Enjoy, my friends.
Reviewed by: Emily M. on: 2009-01-12
Maybe they had a different name, but this restaurant is now called J&J's Asian Bistro. It is simply superb! The food is delicious, they give you a ton, and it's the same price (but better) than the other asian joints around. ...?